10 Laminate Flooring Installation Questions – Discover Hardwood Floor Solutions

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  • Million dollar flooring question: Rugs, Carpets or Lamination? 

An installation of laminate flooring should be very good in a home game where busy cleaning tasks should be as simple as possible. If you follow the instructions for installation and maintenance, laminate flooring, you will probably save time while elegance and style to your decor. Here they are answers to frequently asked ten questions Laminate flooring installation.



1. What it is laminated and can be installed the same?

If you can not afford an affinity for wood floors, but prefer not to have and maintenance misery associated with them, you will love laminate flooring. The quality of these plants are now such that it is difficult to distinguish between real and laminated wood. Grains of different woods are perfect emulated, launched with texture and time as a bonus.

laminate planks consist of four or five layers combined. The base coat is generally reinforced with melamine. This is followed by the core sheets of high-density fiber impregnated with sealant. Then there is the design of the layer, followed by the wear resistant surface layer and an aluminum oxide. The panels are resistant to stains, discoloration, scratches and water.

innovative technique was performed without glue on the development of the installation of laminates, floors popular among enthusiasts it-yourself. Plates have tongue and groove design or simply click can easily mount a quick and easy installation. Although professional may be involved soil, this is not necessary. They are addressing even a novice home remodeling task confidently.

2. What is an expansion space?

An installation of laminate flooring is a floating floor, not in the basement. Always assemble this wooden floors and extend due to changes in humidity and temperature. These changes predict laminate floors (rugs) are not built with planks easily adapted to walls or cabinets. It is important to leave a space around the perimeter. If it does, it will soon face a floor collapse.

Each manufacturer specifies the exact expansion space for their respective product required. Spacers can be used to ensure that this provision is exactly. The size of the stage to address the project in their home improvements will also dictate the size of expansion space. Make sure you get this right if you want to keep the look of your floor.

3. Can I install laminate in a room?

Many laminate flooring products are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, where there is always more of a risk of moisture. Contact your provider if you are unsure. The most important factor in this case is its care during the installation process. Each expansion space must be perfectly sealed with the sealing gun in order to ensure that moisture does not leak from the bottom of the core. Once this happens, you have problems with dents, deformation and blistering.

In the case of bathroom and kitchen floor, usually the glue recommended for use in joints. This acts as an additional means of sealing and helps protect the soil.

4. How I can finish the areas around the doors?

All manufacturers offer color settings for use in areas coordinated doors for transitions between different parts of the court, and cabinets, sinks and bathtubs. This makes it easy to ensure that the soil has a professional finish. In a door, which you will install a T-shape.

dinign room with wooden floor

5. Is it safe to install laminate flooring on stairs?

A laminate flooring installation can be carried out on the stairs. In this case, however, no need for a lower layer. The planks are glued to the subfloor with glue. Finally, noses sticks and stuck on the stairs. Just be careful when they were cleaning the floor. Moisture can cause the stairs are very slippery.

6. What are the chances of CA?

One of the most important aspects of an installation of laminate flooring, floor to transport is correct, it will be bombarded with. The use of low quality, thin bottom in a high traffic area will be catastrophic. CA qualification is to help consumers when they come to make a purchasing decision.

AC 1-5 rating gives an indication of the ability of the plates for a particular domain. In most situations residential AC 3 rating is high enough to ensure the sustainability. do not make the mistake to assume that a higher rating will give your floor a longer life. While this may be the case, a higher rating also comes with a rough surface structure, which can be hard on bare feet and socks.

7. like looking floor. Is there a laminate flooring option for me?

Install a relatively new development in the industry, laminate, is the introduction of plates with a very authentic looking stone tile or grout lines realistic. You imagine the look of tile damage is obtained without mortar love. No more tears, moldy, discolored grout ruin your hard work. Just one look at the smooth floor, multicolor clicked together in a day. This really gone decor and interior design dream come true.

8. Is laminate flooring have not a look plastic?

are using the latest technology, the days of plastics, laminates false appearance. You will be amazed at the authenticity of real wood or stone mosaic pattern. Textures can be refined to be quite realistic. The plates are bevelled coming even closer to the real thing. Moreover, the change has made the unique look of giving the rustic and warm real wood.

9. Acclimatization My laminate planks?

Some manufacturers state that unopened boxes planks should be stored horizontally in the room where they will be installed for a period of approximately 48 hours. This gives the Board the opportunity to acclimatize. Your provider should be able to give good directions. Alternatively, you can go for more information on the manufacturer’s website. Make sure you allow for that period when you do your planning. Do not rush through the installation. Follow the instructions to the letter if you do not want to void your warranty.

10. What should I do if a nasty scratch on my floor?

One of the main advantages of installing laminate flooring is that you can easily repair minor incidents, and to replace a lower portion in the event of a major disaster. It is always best to try to avoid scratches by using felt pads under furniture, keep pets trimmed nails, and avoid spikes. Entrance mats are also a good idea since. Part of gravel and sand, before catching on the floor If there are scratches, matching pins, to make them less visible.

More visible scratches, sealant filler used. Neaten the edges of the region with a small sharp knife. Fill with putty and smooth the surface carefully with a plastic spatula. Wipe off excess with a damp cloth and soil should be as good as new.

Follow the written installation instructions laminate flooring, soil loving attention it deserves, and you can enjoy its good looks for years to come.

A Fireplace is the Heart of a Home

  • Home is where the heart is

For anyone who is or has been in a house that has a chimney of a fireplace at home, add a heat radiator in the room and the atmosphere can not be denied. The camera is necessarily a hub, a meeting place for interaction, comfort and activity. He drank tea, coffee is enjoyed, the games are played and the call will take place there. Its appeal is universal.

“cooking course over an open flame is also another advantage. Make cakes or popcorn is popping a wonderful way to spend an evening with the family. For the Christmas season, stockings hanging on the mantle, is a wonderful tradition that children never forget the pleasure.”

It is no coincidence that the houses have a fireplace buyers are more attractive at home. The inherent affinity to human a house comes from a long history of collecting in front of a fire for warmth and companionship. From the time of the earliest ancestors of the caveman to modern man cave, cozy warmth of an open fire has never lost its appeal.

  • Some major changes

In 1678 was Prince Rupert, nephew of Charles I, the first real improvement in the fireplace. the armor of the gun on the floor was raised, which greatly improves the ventilation and air flow. Later in the same century Ben Franklin decided on a convection chamber to improve the fire even more, what he was doing.


Still later in the same century, Count Rumford, a house with a floor but made it big. This model has proven to be better at attracting and fumes to the outside. It also significantly increases the amount of heat of radiation projected. This design is basically the house, as we know it today.

contemporary fireplaces can be built as a traditional brick or stone on other materials. They can also be metal or concrete. On the other hand, they may be different from traditional fuels, such as propane, natural gas or biomass wood supplied with alternative materials.

In fact, some units are portable. They can be moved from room to room. The charm of a fireplace can be taken from the living room to the bedroom without problems.

There are fireplaces outdoors too. External versions are popular for barbecues autumn, winter and spring. They offer the opportunity to discuss and enjoy a hot chocolate or other drink on the terrace in the freezing weather.

  • Two phases is equal to twice the heat

As modern foot chimneys are wood masonry chimneys have a very effective and popular. They have high fire window that allows two-stage heating process in general.

The first heating stage is when the fire is burning. During this phase, the refractories made within a radiator heat radiation heat through the glass will.

During the second phase, which has absorbed heat is radiated per hour and heats the air surrounding the device. Depending on the temperature outside the fireplace, kitchen 1 or 2 a day can maintain a constant room temperature.

What kind of chimney, to go, you can not beat a romantic fireplace feel like you’re really at home.


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