10 tips for practicing yoga at home and An interior designer can turn your house into a home

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Macau-Mini-Safety-Rail-Antique-With-Blue-Details-31Practicing yoga at home has never been easier. If you are a beginner to yoga or relatively new and want to establish a home practice of yoga, it is important to do a little ground before jumping into the fray. To avoid injury and maximize the performance of your yoga experience, careful preparation and modest investments can feasible Yoga in the country, effectively and make learning fun.
Here are ten tips to help you establish a yoga at home.

1) Create a room

Ask a space dedicated aside his practice of yoga. Make sure it is free of furniture that could be a danger to you how to do various asana yoga. His yoga space must be clean and quiet. Decorate with pictures and objects that create a sense of peace and holy in his heart.

2) Investing in tools work

If you do not have a yoga sticky mat, a purchase. There are yoga mats for every budget and taste. A carpet cleaner your carpet will smell fresh after a hard workout. Make sure that two blocks and a strap for modifications occur and consider a yoga blanket. They not only keep you warm when you can relax in savasana but can also be rolled up to help change attitudes. You may have two pads below the knees, and you probably want at least one style zafu or meditation cushion.

3) to avoid injuries

If your grandmother said that an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure, she was right. If you practice yoga at home, it is your duty to ensure that self-injury is made. Keep your space with obstacles such as furniture and toys for children and, if possible, do your yoga in a room with parquet floor. Soft surfaces can damage joints and thick carpet makes it difficult to balance. Board Life is a hard surface that can sit on the carpet to make a transportable yoga floor, if necessary.
Christel Pierron (Seva Simran Kaur), an experienced teacher of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Dance in Cape Cod warns. “Never force a posture If you change your advantage, it is better to have a teacher, love can observe and help. At home, take it easy. Not compete with your body. Your body, nourish your body and be present. Be present, hot , enter fully into the poses you know … that’s should be, should be like a home practice. difficult poses in a class where the teacher can make a safe environment for you “.

4) Choose your style of yoga

There are many types of yoga to choose it a bit intimidating at first. But instead of overwhelmed, be excited! There are many ways to choose from if you do not like one, you have to try several others. Hatha Yoga is the most common form of yoga, but there are several schools of hatha yoga to choose from. Pierron recommends that beginners something like Iyengar yoga or Kripalu yoga try to help them learn the mechanics of a pose. If the dynamic motion and deep meditation is his true love, Kundalini Yoga can be the perfect style for you. Shop for teachers and styles that appeal to you so that you know what will inspire you in your home.

5) Get Instruction

Once you find a style and a teacher who wants to go to some yoga classes. Then you can develop private. You can work with a teacher to find a suitable series for you to do at home. Pierron said: “Nothing replaces a teacher giving personal instruction.”

6) Make more research

If you can not find a teacher in your area, or if you want to be informed about yoga, yoga invest in books or flash memory cards. They are useful to have references to learn while on the intricacies of Asana. Magazines like Yoga Journal can provide inspiration and a sense of connection with a larger yoga community.
The Internet is a wealth of resources to practice yoga at home. You can go to iTunes and find a podcast of yoga that suits your level and interests. You can also buy an online yoga club such as Gaiam Yoga Club to join, allowing you to access videos, podcasts and guides with master teachers Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. You can Glo Yoga, that films can visit their yoga classes and participate in the home. I Yoga Life has many videos that you can watch and participate with that are suitable for a variety of levels.
The purchase DVDs yoga teachers instructors can help your practice to a higher level. Rodney Yee is an excellent source for teaching Hatha Yoga. If you fall in love with Ashtanga yoga and want without much time to create a strong practice of the House, a video and short forms of David Swenson it is a wonderful resource. Vinyasa Yoga is a more fluid and often physically demanding yoga, Shiva Rea, but video may be just the thing for your practice at home. If Kundalini Yoga is where your heart is, try a video of Gurmukh.

7) Take your yoga with you

Even if you are not at home, you can improve your yoga practice at home. iPhone applications are a great way to study Yoga Asana on the fly, or even practice pranayama. Many yoga applications are free and others, the time for deep breathing help you learn to control your breathing, are very affordable. Hiking in the summer months? Make some simple yoga and breathing along the route to connect more deeply with yourself and Mother Nature, or learn breathing as a spiritual practice.

8) Be gentle

“If you are a beginner to yoga, as such, to begin with, if you are fit or not,” advises Christel Pierron. Start with small steps over time. Even 20 minutes of yoga is to start areas of the body which extends in a new way. Start slowly if a yoga practice started. Yoga was not designed as an exercise routine, but as a means to achieve spiritual union with the divine and purify, to prepare the body for meditation. Enforce discipline and your body enough to give him time to adjust their practice.

9) Set the mood

For many, yoga, while good music is one of the best parts of practice. Consider keeping iPod speakers and iPod in your yoga room. the music starts gather conducive to a good yoga experience or playlist for your practice.
Spirit Voyage has an extensive collection of music Yoga, Yoga includes a series of life. Decide what kind of music it supports in your yoga practice. The love for the music of Kundalini? Try Snatam. Sanskrit mantras so strong? Listen Wah! For soft instrumentals, Deuter is a favorite. Shiva Rea has even compiled a collection of trance music appropriate for Vinyasa Flow.

10) Meditate

Macau-Mini-Safety-Rail-Antique-With-Red-Details-32The goal of yoga was to support meditation. In your yoga practice at home, do not forget the time after training to take, to meditate and relax the mind while resting his body. There are many forms of meditation. Try something simple, like sitting up straight, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. The benefits of meditation include everything from lowering blood pressure to improve your mood.
Remember that yoga is a practice of honoring yourself and your body. Take time for your body and soul in a nurturing, self-sufficient way to rediscover. Try to find time in your busy life, even ten minutes to take in your new sacred space. The stress of the day and in the world outside your yoga room can press and appears strongly, but ultimately if the dishes clothes were removed and carried out, is not as important as when you feel comfortable in your body and they are in contact with the divinity in you. Start your yoga practice at home slowly, more continuously and smoothly, and how you see your thigh route, you will see your soul.

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