10 Ways induction MYCOOK Blender can save your time in the kitchen -7 days From Chris thinness last “swolecat” Janusz

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20cm-Stainless-Steel-with-Bakelite-Handles-and-Lid-Saucepan-by-Protege-Homeware-30What makes MYCOOK a device to save time? MYCOOK makes the best for you and all who love cooking work. Their traditional way of cooking and eating consume all the time that you have more time for other things left to do. Rancid cooking times mean nothing guaranteed time for your family, and no extra time for themselves.

Here are 10 ways MYCOOK induction Blender can save your valuable time in the kitchen:

• Cutting time very fast, frozen foods, meat, fish and vegetables
• The level of excitement is very soft, as the leader himself
• every two mixture
• To control the cooking time
• The temperature is at your service, and that can be adjusted step by step
• provides its own recipe, so it is stress
• you can plan a meal in seconds
• the establishment of minimum food
• knife constructed so that it is not necessary
• very easy to clean and very safe

MYCOOK resolve any problems that you find in your food preparation and cooking. With this gadget only time pleasant and nice nothing more. leave enough time for family and gives a healthy and undeniable sense of the good life.
Devices lives of people are invented to make an extraordinary factor of existence, and they are blessed with this kind of technology so that everything can be controlled by our hands. The innovative technology makes it easier for life. It is comforting to know that a product like MyCook, the miracle is on our kitchen table finally working in the market for everyone.

With a dimension of 42x 30x 26 cm, which is big enough to share favors in the kitchen. It also comes with a recipe book and DVD, so you can easily learn the recipe, step by step as shown here.

MYCOOK that much help you can use food, chopping, blending, mixing, cutting, crushing, grinding, chopping, mixing, weighing, but especially cooking, purees, whips, and more. It also comes with a manual that allows the machine easily acquired in a short time, as it gives details that are easy to follow for the first timer. It is a type of device, food can keep up as it is always fresh. The temperature can be adjusted from 10 to 120 ° C ° C also has a maximum capacity of 2 liters.

Only for the benefit of consumers MYCOOK is for the good of all concerned, and done nothing else. The MYCOOK an amazing little kitchen will surely love. MYCOOK will take all the problems of your life. Get it now and finally to lose something so important in your life.

Will this work for me?

The “things” included here learned to competitive bodybuilders prepare for their shows through support, but whatever the relatively thin form (abs can see if they are bent) can benefit seven days of preparation of this course. This increase in the days of Brace physically works well for those who prepared the lake, a large barbecue on weekends, parties, meetings, first impressions of the date, the strip performance show or for any other occasion you see you want the best.

If you are a bit like someone who is not so visible that is relatively larger lean and can not see, abs, effects and final results are already. Remember that this is a prorgram “fine tuning”, not a review!

Well, you have to prepare a week. What can be done from now best 7 Days to search? Now, let me share some important techniques we use to happen and what they want to achieve. Hopefully, as is already thin, it has some sort of base tan. Nothing shows a thin hard physical like a beautiful bronze color. Seriously, it is the difference in day and night! If you do not have a tan, and hang out with Casper, you can still use an application through auto counter. Make sure you try it first, so you do not end up looking like Sunkist orange or Freddy Krueger. You want to pay attention to this event, yes, but not because you’re the laughingstock!

techniques used

1) depletion of carbohydrates and load – to absorb Here we will take advantage of the ability of our muscles to one and half times more muscle glycogen after being in a state of exhaustion. With our techniques, water safety and skin tightening to follow, very large muscle bellies, complete with cuts and scratches will be created. CARB invite with very little sodium, and literally muscle bellies full to ensure no subcutaneous water (water between the skin and muscle) to blur the definition.

2) water loading and depletion – Here are our bodies silly to drive excess water to thin skin seem to carry the paper so that the muscles explode almost bursting through! During the first three days, the water load. The last three days will gradually reduce the water as we continue carb-loading in an environment free of sodium. We are in carbohydrates during the loading phase sodium and carbohydrate loading during the sodium depletion exhausted. It is understood why as we go along.

3) sodium loading and depletion – This goes along with water stress and exhaustion. Pump up the sodium in the body at very high levels for a few days to get used to. In recent days, when the water is cut, they will cut all sodium. It is literally impossible to eat sodium zero, so the objective of sodium loading. They appear absolutely nothing to do some sodium in the diet, and three days of very high sodium consumption. The result is subcutaneously to leave your body the release of all bits of dry water, fine paper, and tore the hell! water are also reduced as the days progress, but is still selling rate for water charging. This is the key!

There are some supplements that are also needed, and all of them can legally obtain over-the-counter. Many other medications diuretics, prescribed use during this time, but that is not enough, nor is stimulated. You can use almost any type of “clean water” over-the-counter diuretic. This information will help you achieve the desired results, so dangerous drugs simply are not necessary.

The countdown begins!

Our hypothetical case is Saturday, so start eight days before, because there are some pre-7 technical days we use the last day to make very effective. So for our event on Saturday, we started the second Friday before.

All additions are taken every day except carbohydrates in the same way. protein shakes and bouillon cubes (for sodium loading is used) must be taken with water, to be assigned every day. You can also add your salt meals if desired. The amount of water, carbohydrates, proteins, etc., having to vary depending on weight. The amounts are given relative to a subject having a weight of approximately 220 pounds. You are or down to adjust your weight back. Remember, you must be in very good shape, make this process productive.

Carbon-Steel-Silicone-Non-Stick-Coating-1.5-ltr-Pudding-Steamer-by-Protege-Homeware-30Suppose you are 10% body fat or less. Here’s how to customize the program, or down, depending on weight. These are general guidelines, training and experience; their individual needs vary, so use it only as a starting point.

1) Water: you want the amount of water of about 2-3 cups per 10-pound soft adjust our hypothetical example. Then I recommend two liters a day, because I’m 220 lbs as an example of a guy. A 230-pound person would consume two liters and 2-3 cups. If you weigh 210, he drank 2-3 cups of at least two full liters.

2) carbohydrates: The days of exhaustion would be the same in relation to meals. To determine the amount, you should eat a lot of grams, which is about three times its own weight carbohydrate carbohydrates during follow-up phase. In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to eat 600 grams of carbohydrates. It will be different, depending on body weight, but is fairly accurate.

3) Protein: While the depletion phase will start from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. During the loading phase of carbohydrates, you can focus on carbohydrates as a center of gravity and closer to your weight protein as possible. During these three days, you can eat all the weight of the body (or less likely) the focus is on carbohydrates. Just enough protein for maintenance is needed; to build or rebuild now not all.

4) The sodium / salt: while loading salt phase, all sizes benefit bodybuilders using all salts of food and water bouillon cube, morning and evening. I’ve never seen based on the size, so there are no recommendations on the amount of salt, you should have. The key here is that the body thinks a ton of sodium, which is needed. After the loading phase, expected sodium as close to zero as you can get three or four days. It is impossible not to use sodium, so the sodium load makes the body “thinks” that is received at all, since it is used in extremely high levels.

A little confused right now, I know, but everything click, because we left for the day. Let’s start!

Friday – Run a short two-set-per-body with high reps (12-15) followed a session posing subcutaneous water that all “out”. the following exercise have some sort of MRP (powder meal replacement) with about 25 grams of carbohydrates and 50 grams of protein. (Remember to change these numbers if you weigh around 220 pounds.)

For the second post-workout meal, half a cup of oatmeal and two chicken breast. Take 300 mg of R-ALA and 50 mg of vanadium (VS) sulfate with MRP and posttraining the second meal. (The ratio of carbohydrate to protein is different from the normal rates after exercise, as usual, there are two parts to one part carbohydrate is protein.)

Perform 40 minutes of cardio in the morning, just enough to get a sweat going – Saturday. They should stimulate cardio quads. The only carbs you should take today, half a cup of oatmeal and planning needs presented after training at 17:00

Again, 300mgs R-ALA and 50mgs VS apply to both carb meals and all similar carb meals on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. You should seek their water, bouillon cubes, ALA, VS, diuretics, rice cakes, honey, Raisinettes (yes, candy) and other accessories shopping today.

Sunday – This is the first stage of the carb depletion phase. Fill 40 minutes of cardio in the morning. After heart, take a bouillon cube in hot water and drink fallen. There are usually about 2000mgs sodium in each cube, which is pretty strong! Our sample 220-pound man receives two liters of water today. two gallons of water will be used to drink their broth.

They have half a cup of oatmeal with three bullets minimal or no whey protein carbohydrate. only three, four and flax meal and protein powder again two meals will be oil and protein meal meat flaxseed. A walk through the arms (3-4 sets, many repetitions) at 4:30 or more and have an MRP as post-workout meal number one and a half cup of oatmeal and chicken for post workout meal number two. Meat should be 8-10 ounces and relatively thin. At this stage, trim excess fat.

in all aspects of their milkshakes, they have three balls of protein, or about 60 grams of protein (again, for our book shows 220). The use of water from the two gallons in smoothies. Do you use other bouillon cube at night, even the water from the two gallons. Drink all the water. This is very important! Do you want full flood the body with salt water and today.

Monday – This is the second stage of the carb depletion phase. Fill 40 minutes of cardio in the morning. Today is not going to eat oatmeal in a food, it is enough lean meat. Having a bouillon cube with flour with water again in two gallons. Two meals are flaxseed oil and protein; Only three meals of beef; and meals for four people, which will remain flax and protein powder.

Its formation is today the chest and shoulders (3-4 sets of each, many repetitions) set at 4:30 or so with the front. MRP to have your post-workout meal and a half cups of oatmeal and chicken for post-workout meal number two. Here too, the bouillon cube at night.

Tuesday – This is the third stage of the carb depletion phase. Fill 40 minutes of cardio in the morning. Without a lean meat porridge alone again. Having a bouillon cube with a gallon flour 2 associated with water. Here are two meat meals is four flax meal and protein powder will be three flaxseed oil and protein meal.

Its formation is today for back, traps, and calves (3-4 sets of high repetitions each). Consume no carbs after training, a little carbohydrate protein shake or non-regular (not flaxseed oil) for post-workout meal. For two post workout meal, they have only beef. Take a bouillon cube and drinking water use dropped two gallons.

Prepare the chicken and sweet potatoes for the next day. You will use fresh chicken breast, not the frozen variety drowned in sodium broth. This is a time to be cool!

Wednesday – now entering the first stage of the loading phase in carbohydrates and no sodium. Complete 40 minutes of cardio in the morning (last session of the program!). Water distribution is a Gal Today. Meals should be eaten every two hours. Drink water to prevent swelling during each meal.

Cooking chicken in distilled water or cooking simple and tear. Add the mashed sweet potatoes and make meals. Alternatively chicken with potatoes, just potatoes, chicken with potatoes, etc., for your meals. Start time 08:00 on food is as follows: 8:00, 10:00, 24:00, 02:00, 4:00, 6:00, 08:00. Take 300 mg of R-ALA and 100mgs VS at each meal. Take the root of dandelion and B-6 (or whatever diuretic supplement you chose) to one, three and five meals.

Thursday – This is the second stage of Phase carbohydrate loading without sodium. No cardio today. Meals are every two hours. Water distribution is now half to three liters. Drinking water after meals to prevent swelling. Chicken and sweet potatoes are produced in the same manner. Meal times are 08:00, 10:30, 01:00 and 3:30, 6:00, 08:30. (6:00 and 8:30 both have the chicken.)

Taking diuretics at meals one, three and five times. If you look very swollen for some reason, it is duplicative of the late afternoon and before bedtime take another double dose at night. Do not panic if the next day is when you really attract and dry, provided you follow the above instructions exactly.

Friday – We go now to the third stage of carbohydrate loading phase without sodium. Again, no heart. Meals are every three hours. Water distribution is now a quart. (Yes, they suck!) To prevent swelling of new drinking water after meals. Preparing food in the same way. Meal times are 08:00, 11:00, 02:00, 05:00 and 08:00. The chicken is eaten at every meal.

Be discreet as how much you are using a diuretic, and to use the amount of coffee instead of water to act as a diuretic. (The protein at every meal adds a diuretic effect as well.) A glass of red wine in the evening and some excess water can help drive at night, before your “event”, but try not to get a buzz here !

Saturday – Today is your day! It’s time to show! Now look at yourself and ask, “What I can get away with” a kind of solid starch carbohydrates, once or twice, preferably two smaller portions of chicken with the first meal bring faster than sugar? .. Action before your event in the car on the road or on arrival at the event. that is the game of vascularization bring and muscles absorb carbohydrates help. Take just keep your mouth moist small sips of water. chewing gum dry cotton prevent ~~ POS = TRUNC. Raisinettes and / or red wine seem to carry vascularization good enough, try one or two. do not go overboard with Raisinettes and prepare to stun the audience!


Preparation time seven days does not look like fun, but I guarantee it will look good. It is these last seven days really show the hard work, you can show during lifting and nutrition. The average weight loss in this last week of five to eight pounds. Those who hold more water and have “thick skin” tends to lose much more. Some simply drink more water than others!

I recommend you practice once or twice before your event, so you know exactly what works for you by tinkering with the amounts.

If the event is more, the transition to water / salt / slow food, not because they want to shock your body. Your body will absorb all of these nutrients at an accelerated pace, and they will have to pay attention to edema (swelling very bad ends). To make things easy, and should be adequate.

Remember to take pictures of yourself on your special day, so memories that will last a lifetime! Now go knock ’em dead!

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