11 easy ways to manage stress

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Bonsoni-Morrisons-Double-TV-Bed-Frame-4ft6-Black-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-30One of the singificant human problems with the general population faces, to manage stress. As life and career expert, columnist and acclaimed Board, I have eleven of the main ways together in order to reduce stress in your life. You can not always be able to do that stress dissappear, but you can deal with very simple techniques.
1. Talk! Do not keep your feelings at all! Talking about your feelings of stress with a trusted person that you listen without judging or pressure on their own terms. Even if you can not change the immediate situation, talk
helps to relieve tension might feel. complete verbalization with something physical: writing, exercise or pillow hit.

2. ACT! Be prepared to take risks and make changes, regardless of size. Try to change the stressful situation, or at least a part of it. feel the future in small ways to help you with possibilities and in control. Put one foot before the other a positive direction to enter. Soon the voltage.

3. Listen to your body! If you learn how your body reacts stress, you can also learn how to deal with this stress. Learn to listen to your body signals and to find ways to reduce stress, even if it’s just “five-takes” to organize his thoughts. Relaxation exercises (eg yoga, meditation, exercise also helps).

4. Free! Find out what you need to feel good and get their needs met. Another way to reduce stress is to find an interest, hobby or activity where you feel accountable and responsible. If you really feel out of control, not remain silent and alone! Let someone who is qualified to help you through obstacles and move forward again. If you can not find someone qualified in your area or feel as if you can talk to someone “in person” test a qualified consultant Internet. If you want to talk ME (sister Alison Consulting), you will find information

5. suffocate do yourself: When you are stressed and overwhelmed, maybe you’re trying to manage. Getting rid of the additional tasks that are not necessary or important. Learn to delegate and how “no” to say without feeling guilty. Ask for help when needed.
6. escape: Sometimes a change, however small, the miracle can do on your own. Forget it for a while – escape! Do you want a new place for a few hours or days, if you can afford it. Otherwise, it may be useful only to “come out” in a hot bath for a while! A good article on how to create a simple home spa experience is:

7. Prioritize: You may not be able to handle all tasks, to avoid the obligations you have now, but you can learn to complete them without rancor and consciously choose how you will.

8. EXTEND A: Make to make your own life better by improving the life of another person. Give yourself. Voluntary! It feels empowered, positive, important … and will! Visit and choose an organization that you believe!

9. Success WAY! If you can not change the world, change! Learning to love yourself as you are, as you work toward your goals. Then make a commitment to improve things about yourself and start your life (thought) need. Instead of an immediate and dramatic change, learn the way of life to enjoy self-improvement. You’re still at work. For advice on life and career, visit ALISON ASK – Manage your life and career: love and relationship advice, visit SISTERS relationship guidance tools for the winner Website

10. Socialize: Spending time with family and friends for love and support. Do not be afraid to have fun! Enjoy the friendship and let others know that you care about them, too. Love does not conquer all, but it’s a start!

11. Learn to be happy: Something life together winners have a sense, welfare, positive and realistic goals. Focus on the good things about yourself, and in your life. Nobody is perfect. Learn to appreciate the “little things” that make you happy. Count your blessings. Every day is written on a piece of paper one thing that is appreciated, if only a sunny day, a call from a friend, happy purring cat. This “blessing” in a glass with a dollar or more. Accordingly, during one month. At the end of reading all the papers and you realize that life is better than you think! Use the money to make really special for yourself, or donate to charity.
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Construction activity in men

And ldquo; All men want anyway and rdquo ?;
Yeah, I get that question a lot these days, and no, I & rsquo; t meet and ldquo; Sex & rdquo;. (Yes, men want sex, but that and rsquo;. It is not really the answer to this question)
They continue to hear that and ldquo; Men are simple & quot; and that and rsquo; really it is not true. It & rsquo; s, but what you believe, sex is often the only answer. In fact, men are very rich, varied and quite complicated and ndash; as well as women. As with something as simple as and ldquo answer to a question; Sex & rdquo; It is quite immature and downright misleading.
I’ll try to dispel the fog a bit. Men want:
Interest. Sorry, what girls they are evil. Do you think that being distant beings, indifferent performance, evasions and generally a pain-in-the-ass, who somehow intended to attract kids. No, N & rsquo; and t. If we don and rsquo; t feel any interest quickly, most guys are moving on to greener pastures and ndash; just as quickly. Why climb through a window when and rsquo; It is an open door?
Moreover, most women are too subtle! Herring and men rsquo; t exactly subtle creatures. If you think and rsquo; to mourn again, and rsquo; It is probably correct.
Availability. This is to win the least understood aspect of children and women. You & rsquo; things like listen and ldquo; Men want Puzzles and rdquo; and ldquo; Men love a challenge. & Quot; Of course yes, but not in our women! What we want is available to you, for ourselves as well as provide. Yes, this means that in every way.
Fun. It is the biggest single women mistake! If you and rsquo; Re not fun to watch, yet another experiment to test in a tunnel inside a mountain with a nail file, which chip away and rsquo; They are not really interested in you and see ndash; after sex is completed.
Take the girl that is fun, happy, interesting and ndash; and he is interested in the things that we are. You can hardly get enough of it! I & rsquo; ll bet even know this girl. It & rsquo; s that and rsquo; Friends who hated the idea that his friend again; It is always connected with your ex and rsquo. Yes, you have to compete with him.
It & rsquo; It’s the girl we and rsquo; They also look a day!
BONUS: If you want if you know and rsquo; back there? It’s simple: Look at the lines around the eyes. If there is more between the eyes (eyebrows) and corners (laughter) and that and rsquo; Re not likely.
Another advantage: it can be used whenever you want to be! And now?
Partnership. We know we can and rsquo; t do anything. a great woman, more than I can count on our team to help us. We count on you for your assistance. Now here and rsquo; S interesting: we give up without a fight, and we and rsquo; It is even better for you. No, I & rsquo; really!
Drama. Well, actually, IT & rsquo; s lack of drama of our partners we want. Very few people have the drama and those who do, very few do very well. If things start to get dramatic, we and rsquo; will call and they say to our partners: & ldquo; Label, and rsquo ;! Re IT & rdquo; It & rsquo; It is unfortunate (for us) if the person to create the drama you. We do not have to do differently.
We not only have a very low level of patience for drama, usually don & rsquo; I get it. Women are an artificial drama in a relationship sometimes it expresses create uncertainty, anger, need and many other things. These may be clear to you, but rarely for us. We see the drama to solve it as something that is not a symptom of something else. If you and rsquo; s something else going on, can of & ndash must tell us; clear and precise. It really matters to us, but we won and rsquo; t constantly chasing a moving target.
Support for. Men need help, but not the same kind of support that women want and need. We hope you and rsquo; more our biggest cheerleader. We want to believe that you believe in ourselves and what we do. We want respect and ndash; like you.
Now here and rsquo; It’s the best news: we have this, and Dale rsquo; It is a mountain that we won and rsquo; t rise or sea that won and rsquo; t swim for you. We and rsquo; Again, this competitively. We and rsquo; They will try to further support they give us to give.
Not a bad deal, huh?
Sex. Oh, yes, we want sex. Now here and rsquo; although s the important thing to know: we want good sex, but won and rsquo; t tell you when and rsquo; re good or not! (Why risk less or worse For more information, see: & ldquo; 10 Ways Women lousy Bed & rdquo be;) Well, if you really have the skills and rsquo; It is a big problem but don & rsquo; t hit a great lover of makeup to be in love with us. What is an avid do, however, keep your man enough time for it to work its magic and ndash; and keep them when something goes wrong in the relationship, so we can work together to bring.
Opinion. I know, I know. Really jaw drop. Yes, men want and ndash; and the need of the figures; Women and rsquo; Reviews. Some of us even know how to apply them. But how aren and rsquo; t looking for tons of unwanted comments and ndash; and especially intended ldquo; They make us better people and rdquo;.
We know you have another way of seeing things and & rsquo; why you want.
Communication. Women communicate better than men? Women more words than men (according to a recent study, women use an average of 40,000 words a day, while men only use about 7000), but that doesn and rsquo; t equals directly and ldquo; Communications & rdquo;. Just as we often find men and rsquo; s coarse and brutal communication, we often find boring.
We want to communicate with you, however, and often in a very profound way. But how can we do this in several ways, often new ideas and new ways of thinking is required to achieve this. It & rsquo; s desirable training, but.Love. Yes, most people want love and for love. something that probably didn and rsquo ;; Here and rsquo s t know: sometimes we don & rsquo; t as we are, if we and rsquo; in love again. Love sometimes means vulnerability and limitation, but often has to do with ourselves partners and more.
Love ISN and rsquo; t & ldquo exactly; And rdquo normal state; for men, but with the right partner, in a way, we can get through.

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