1940s Furniture. An Ode To The Victorian Era

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The decade of the 1940s was not known for their aesthetic development or cultural revolution. Is the time, known as the First World War took place. For the first half of the 1940s, the outbreak of World War II in the shade all. It extended its effect on human consciousness, to all parts of the world. As for the second half of the decade there was a time when the effects of armed conflict stopped at. The circumstances surrounding terrible 1940 was a stark contrast to the bright world, the furniture of the 1940s employed.


The furniture in the 1940s in the United States was in a field where bright colors adorn the walls and floors. American decorative style of the decade clearly does not reflect the current war: it was bright and cheerful. Furniture together since the 1940s in American homes of Victorian antiques. Camas, regardless of size, carved heads are complicated. In the office, we are a matched pair of tufted Queen Anne chairs. find chairs with upholstery and elegant dark stain in the dining room color. A main room, even in an antique brass chandelier 12 arms. All the furniture in the 1940s are often locked in a room with pastel curtains, carpets and pale colored walls. Obviously, the homes during this time do not release into the atmosphere of tension caused by the fighting raging in the fields.

Most of the furniture in the 1940s often found in dark places. The furniture often reflects the natural color of the wood from which it was taken. The dark shadows of the furniture in the 1940s is a good thing because it adds to the brightness, which dominates the room.

1930s Furniture. A Silver Lining Of The Decade

We can pick up the furniture in the 1930s as a light at the end of the tunnel. In effect created during very difficult periods in the US, furniture during this period it served as a welcome ray of sun in such a dark period in history.

Modern, which has been popular since the 1920s, remains an important part in the establishment of the 1930s influence, there are many pieces of furniture were clean forms had been simplified. historical styles such as Tudor, Jacobean and Georgia, became popular. Art Deco, who also appeared in the 1920s, it was still a great style of the decade. Furniture of the 1930s came as red, black and silver in bright colors. For the more conservative tastes were subtle colors: pink and pale shades of blue, green; Coffee, brown and beige.

In many ways, the furniture in the 1930s was similar to that of the last decade. The elegant furniture in the 1920s remained a fixture in the 1930s Boxy forms has also become a standard for furniture. For example, in 1930, at which he surpassed brown leather chairs a key element, it was something that later became too tight. The use of chromium has been selected in the last ten years.

However, there were also new things that were originally in the 1930s, was first Bakelite: a type of plastic in the creation of all light switches used in phones. In addition, three-piece suite, is unique to the furniture of the 1930s, a consumer, a sofa with two or three bedrooms with two armchairs, which can often have a velvet woven wool.

Although 1930 started in 1929 in a disastrous economic situation caused by the stock market crash, there were still people who had the opportunity to offer visually interesting home with furniture from the 1930s.

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