Step by step procedure in making desserts Cake Rock

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Kendall-Bowl-in-Polished-Aluminum-31Roche cake may seem strange, but this cake is loved by many children. It’s very easy to do. Ask cookies cakes to fall before filling the soft dough into prepared pan using two spoons. Flatten the dough with a wet fork, if a little too steep. Leave space between the dough.

rock cake known for its small fruit and rolls. Many children and adults – ups as its wonderful texture and sweetness.

This is a simple recipe to make a cake of rock.

· 200 g sultanas or raisins
· 100g margarine
· 75 wet grams brown sugar
· 200 g flour autoplay
· 1 egg
· 1 teaspoon of the spice mixture (optional)

mixing bowl
mixing knife
Libra (optional)
greaseproof paper


1. Turn the oven until heated to 200 degrees Celsius.
2. Mix 100 g margarine 200 g of flour in a bowl. Mix until resemble breadcrumbs.
3. Combine remaining ingredients (200 grams of raisins or raisins, 75 g wet sugar and egg).
4. Prepare the baking sheet with grease – proof paper.
5. Carefully remove the dough balls (4 cm diameter) placed in a tray.
6. Bake for 15 to 25 minutes.
7. To check if cooked, with a toothpick. The interior should be dry and the interior should not be harsh.
8. Allow to cool until hard.


· The original recipe cake rock are only half of the fruit is used today.
· Sultans are generally cheaper than raisins.
· If you do not want your cake to avoid using taste boring, cheap white sugar.
· If the dough balls, if the mixture is too dry, can moisten the mixture with the use of milk.
· To taste, top the cake with cherry and thick ice – sugar grains.
· For some people with hands it is better than electrical machines because the mixing machine to pull the dry mixture instead of mixing.
· Electric mixer is recommended to mix the ingredients.

You can also buy the look of your cake with cake decorating kits improve. colorful decorations birthday cake Add as flowers, candy, chocolate chips, ground coconut opinion and other things edible cake decoration will definitely be its attractive cake.
Pipes – types for smokers and collectors

Whether you love collect pipes or smoking, you have great opportunities there. Many types of tubes available A tube may be a manufactured machine or hand artistic director costly pipe very simple heather showing a very valuable collection. Although you piping designs vary from one type to another, a space or container in which the snuff or other smoking material are arranged basically a bar of some sort and a nozzle through which extracts or smoke inhaled.
Types of pipes
The pipes are classified on the basis of matter and form, which also has an impact on the aesthetics of a smokescreen.

briar pipes: The most common species, the Briar can be made by machine or by hand. Briar is make a very good wooden pipes. Of course, it is fire resistant and has a good ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, moisture absorbing from the combustion. Briar you get white heather burl in Mediterranean regions. Two types of blocks cut in half and the outside of the root ebauchon burl- and trays. Craftsmen prefer tablets because of its superior grain. Some plumbing supply manufacturers also use Brylon, deburring of a synthetic material with similar properties.

Meerschaum pipes: magnesium silicate only in central Turkey, can be molded into many decorative figures were hydrated. “Meerschaum” means “sea foam” in German, allowing its light weight and suggests natural white. It is very porous and absorbs snuff in the smoking process, and gradually changes color to golden brown However., Sometimes these tubes are made of foam powder collected after cutting and mixed with an emulsifier. It is then pressed in the form of a tube. Foam tubes are low-quality non-absorbent, not color, and quality of the carved block missing smoking behavior.

clay pipes Tubes fine white clay are good quality. discharge tubes porcelain slip in a way have an inferior quality, smoke impart undesirable taste. making clay pipes is an intensive process labor. All air must be hit sound, then each tube comes out before hand forms. Here they are pierced with a thin wire carefully before recording. They tend to be too hot during use, and as such, are less preferred to the actual smoking.

Calabash Pipe: Made of hollowed pumpkins, sometimes mahogany, which have their own classical form. Those are very expensive pumpkins. generally meerschaum or porcelain bowls found inside. There is also an air chamber below the trough for cooling, drying and smoothing smoke. A well finished tube is one of the cooler, drier available fumes.

metal tubes Although rare, the metal is still used for the production of pipes. It is a popular tube used with an axis of the rod and aluminum, as a heat sink. Chutes vulcanita Lucite or done. Other metal pipes Japanese and Arabic midwakh is kiseru. Water pipes have metal bars, but are classified as water pipes.

Water pipes: These are typical water tubes which cool the Middle East smoke passing through a filter chamber liquid. Many have hookahs, so many people can enjoy simultaneously several pieces of snuff mouth. The snuff used in the hookah, usually the entire sheet is dried, soaked and shredded cans or mixed with various herbs and flavors sometimes with ice, lemon juice or even milk. Moist snuff in the container and covered with a small fire stacked coal.

Although smoking makes you feel good, you should stop smoking a pipe on the health risks are. Collection, however, has harmful effects!

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