25 ideas beach wedding

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Bonsoni-Morpeth-Rattan-6-Seater-Deluxe-Lounge-Set-In-Cappuccino-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30If you have a wedding or beach themed planning on the beach to get married, then here are 25 things for your beach themed wedding.

1. Give your guests sweet personalized favors skirt.
2. Invite your guests with printed invitations rocker wedding, ideal for a casual beach wedding.
3. Name your reception tables of famous films like Casablanca marine, Finding Nemo and brittle cast.
4. Save your receipt to the nearest and fill it with a carnival traditional beach pier. Rental car crash, a carousel and Helter Skelter.
5. Your guests lounging on beach chairs Leave colors length.
6. Distribute pair of slippers for your guests to be ruined by the beach or go for a paddle in the sea, you can go without their expensive wedding shoes.
7. Serve ice instead of a formal dessert. You can even serve as a tricycle vintage ice
8. Put your cards on the doors clam cute tables.
9. Serve your fish and chips or plated for a meal or sit in traditional newspaper cone casual invited for a buffet. Fish and chips are perfect for the budget and
Show your business cards, 10 photo frame delicious little deckchair guests to carry out.
11. Top your wedding cake with cake wedding theme on the beach.
12. Has your wedding cake decorated with seashells, starfish and seahorses.
13. your personal name down the pebble beach and will be used as place cards.
14. Keep everyone entertained with beach games or provide buckets and spades and sandcastle contest
15. Make your own sandcastle in cubes with heart.
16 table light with small boats sailing Teelichthalter for a romantic atmosphere at the end of the day.
17. If you have to send a destination wedding invitations as your transport card or greeting guests.
Write your name in the 18 small wooden sailing ships in toy stores. It could double to favor marriage.
19. serve your guests a feast of ocean seafood, such as oysters, calamari, shrimp and even caviar
20. For the wedding favors give your customers as bikini sea theme, ice, palms or cookie flipflops.
21. Make a bouquet of orchids. They are perfect for a beach wedding with its light and airy appearance; they are the perfect choice for a wedding dress on the beach light and vaporous.
22. Make sure your guests know where with a plan, with shells and starfish to put accent.
23. Errors chat with many candles lemongrass around the reception desk and sown.
24. Make sure your customers are not placed on the way to the reception with beach signs around town lost.
25. Welcome. His guests at the reception with a sign that the float wooden hand with their names and wedding date also makes

a nice souvenir of the day.

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