3 Ways How To Keep Him Interested – Dating Advise For Women

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Have you ever wondered how to keep your man? If you have asked this question: “How to keep your interest,” then you will open your mind a little self-improvement.

Why is honesty is the best policy


Let’s start with your level of honesty in the relationship. Do you laugh at their jokes, even if they are not funny? Once you have reached compliments to shower with him? If your answer is yes, then you are probably too hard. If your jokes are not funny, they do not laugh. Do not be rude and criticize the joke, just do not laugh. If it seems incredible, say. If it does not lie. They point out, what is wrong with their appearance. Instead, give a gift that look great on it. Do not buy your love with excessive delivery. The gift is an introduction to a new style, no bribes. Do not use the gifts as an excuse to see it. Question. In your apartment or leave it at the reception, where you work if you force on him gifts, give the impression of sticky or worse than they need.

To maintain interest, note that men often look for three things.

– appearance
– Emotional balance
– laugh

  • Appearance – you do not have five or have a wasp waist size, to get his attention. However, you should not use items that flatter your body. Free yourself to buy from the ponytail and a curling iron. Visit your nearest clinic counter and have a test for you. This does not mean that you buy all the products in the shop window. However, you must buy items to improve their basic beauty. The right tone lipstick and mascara gradually increase your self-esteem a few notches. His physical shape or size is not important. How to submit this size well done is what is going to respond.
  • Emotional balance – drama queens are for the theater. Keep your emotions at the same level that make you feel like you have to go with feet of lead. Men like a woman who has her head on the shoulders and can be expressed without tears or anger or self-pity. He will meet a woman who is sensitive; but it does not break into tears. Men expect women to be emotional, but they can not use in the middle of an emotional hurricane.
  • Remember to be true. If you agree with every word, because you do not want a confrontation, it gives the signal that can not think for themselves. This is not an attractive feature.
  • Laughter – Laughter is the key to the soul. Everyone loves someone who can laugh with; someone who can laugh at their own mistakes. A sense of humor shows you that you have a handle on life, and to see the positive in different situations.

The most important thing is to be yourself. It feels good about who you are. If you feel good, you give an energy that attracts people to you. Hopefully this information is helpful if you are interested in having your man to keep for you.

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