4 Tips For Designing Small Log Cabin Floor Plans

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Before starting construction, to look at the cabin floor plans small log and look at the design you want for your new place. It will be your primary residence or holiday home, you want to be sure to match your needs and can accommodate everything that is down there. If you have a small space to work, you have to consider ways that you can save space in their designs. Here are four things you can consider when creating your design in order to use all the space you need to work with:


  • reframe corridors

Although courses can be a great way to give more privacy between the rooms, which also take up much space. If you are looking for ways to save room for design it is necessary to reduce or eliminate the aisles. This is the unused space that can be added to other areas of your home. Reduce programs can be a good way to do this, or you can create steps through other rooms to allow other areas to increase the area of the region.

  • wall lift height

If you have a small space to work, you may want to consider raising the walls to make it look more spacious room. By increasing the walls 8-10 meters high, you will realize that the change to the larger piece. Try a cathedral or a small tray model. At higher walls, large windows may appear with a thin width in the larger or add a skylight to add more light into the room space. These design changes can make the cost more expensive, but there are methods that can be used to reduce costs and give the largest walls of a larger space.

  • Consider storage options

Even in a small place, you want to have plenty of room to store your stuff. Consider using prefabricated cabinets or stores that keep you on your property. You should think about adding library shelves, bookcases, racks TV and more. If you add cabinets for storage, use doors instead of folding doors more space in the room to add.

  • be flexible

You can take your mind that each room has a purpose in your home, but if you want to make the most of your space, it would be wise to demonstrate flexibility in the use of each room. event rooms are a great way to maximize your space. Consider combining your bedroom and a reading room or gym with other recreational areas. If you can combine these rooms is found to have more space for everything you want in the house. For example, you can make a guest room with a folding bed that can be hidden in the wall when they are not, so you can use the space as an office or exercise room is in use.

Plan One of the most important parts of your new home, actually considering the cabin floor plans small logs, you must select and make changes to suit your needs. How these tips are used, you’ll find you. Plenty of space for everything you want in your new home Reduce the corridors and increasing ceiling heights with the addition of storage and room to be flexible, you will find that your home appear larger and be happy place to come for many years.

A Fireplace In Your Apartment

Sometimes we think that we can not achieve everything we want in a small area, making a home, can be a block of apartment or villa apartment. But, however, we can adapt existing dimensions or We believe that if we want the space we have to make a new piece of furniture that create real or maybe do some shelves mounted on the wall of the chamber.

You can even put a fireplace, an object that normally the amount of space required to complete and requires unwanted changes.

A fireplace to be placed in a corner of a room and can, for design reasons in relation to some of the mounted shelves that can total a real library.

Depending on the size of the room, we have a design sketch of the desired fireplace and wooden shelves or similar wood materials are selected according to the objects already in the room or built according to the chimney from material (I mean the pile of material on the surface, and not what is actually).

“If we have a large room, so we can build a tall chimney. In the event, it will be much growth or vice versa horizontally expand a little, we must consider maintain ventilation. In an apartment, you may need to use the common ventilation system, unless we are on the top floor. To address this issue, you must bring an expert and give the necessary calculations and drawings.”

We can think of the creative fire. Why not design a large number of stairs that serve different purposes to support, which can in the room? Or we can create spaces to store firewood, which have only a decorative purpose in a block from the apartment where the fire can cause the gas is used. But they will bring the rustic image very close, with the room with infinite connotations.

Dealing with Problematic Rooms

Do you have a problematic piece that you do not know what to do with it? Maybe it’s too long, too narrow or too large. If this sounds familiar, do not give up the room! Some elements of creative design, you can make more useful space, and they can become your favorite place in the house.

  • The rooms, which are too long

The configuration of a space that is too long is actually quite simple, since it is easy to share, to create two separate rooms. It is not necessary to build a wall to divide the space. Instead, break the natural with separators, such as a sofa or cabinets. Then give each room a different look with a carpet or other design elements. You can also allow smaller pieces of dark colors on the short walls seem.


  • The rooms are too narrow

If you have a room that is too narrow, you can make it look more creative with furniture placement. Insert the diagonal furniture is the eye into thinking the room trick is greater. You can also place the art, carpets and shelves along the short wall to make the room look bigger than it really is. Or you can use the longer walls with a cool color as this color the walls look as if they were a little lower and wider space will be.

  • Rooms with low ceilings

For rooms with low ceilings, adding height, vertical elements such as shelves, lights and long curtain may appear a larger space. Paint the ceiling a cool color fool the eye, and seems to be higher.

  • Rooms with high ceilings

If the room is too large, it may appear shorter than includes horizontal, such as strips, photos shelves and decorative elements. Installing chair rail or mold half or three quarters of the height of the wall will also help bring the shorter piece. Another option is to paint the ceiling with a warm color, since fool the eye into thinking the space is shorter.

  • A space that is too large

The rooms, which are too large can easily be divided into two or more spaces. As in a space that is too long, has not put a big wall to be divided into several rooms space. On the contrary, the possibility of organizing your furniture help define every free space. If you do not want to break the space into several rooms, you can create a cozier feel of the painting room with the colors of war. Or you can create an intimate atmosphere simply Furniture Group in a few different areas of the room.

Simply with design elements, it can be virtually any room that looks attractive turn. So they do not get frustrated with a room that is too big, too long or narrow, and not a room with a headliner are too high or too low. Instead, be creative and make the look of the room as well as you want.

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