Mata Salamat Umm Habibeh

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Apple-Red-High-Gloss-Polyresin-Sculpture-by-Protege-Homeware-30Miss Blanche Yvette Labrousse was the widow of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah was born on February 15, 1906 in Sète, near Marseille. His mother moved to Cannes, when he was still a baby. His father was a tram driver. He remembered his parents to the moral code in your inculcated. He received the title of Miss Lyon and Miss France 1930 beauty contest at the national level and in the same year, he went to Rio de Janeiro, to represent his country at an international event. She married Sultan Muhammad Shah Imam, 39 years old October 9, 1944 in Switzerland. She had converted to Islam before the wedding.

People called Yvonne Aga Khan or yak, but added Yak (Yaki) to make the sound better, and therefore Imam villa built 21 rooms for them to Cannes, called Yakimour. In 1946 the title of Imam Mata Salamat delivered during the Diamond Jubilee in Dar es Salaam, and in 1954 and repeated the title named Mata Salamat Umm Habibeh. In the same year the Hajj was performed, accompanied by the Governor General of Pakistan. She was very supportive of her husband together in his work during his 13 years. She has a special interest in welfare issues women. It has also developed an active interest in painting and sculpture. She was attracted by classical music, opera and ballet. After the death of her husband, July 11, 1957, he moved to Geneva, Aswan, Paris and Le Cannet. In Le Cannet, it was held in particular esteem and was known for his generosity to the elderly, through the creation of a nursing home. In 1999, the mayor of Le Cannet Rocheville presents a bronze statue in his honor in the Garden of Olives. She has over the years worked by his own OM Habibeh Egyptian Foundation to help alleviate poverty and improve living conditions in Aswan, with contributions to health care, education and income programs.

Since 1957, he had maintained continuous and direct contact with the Ismaili community worldwide. He has participated in numerous official visits Magnet presence in Asia and Africa, including in 1982, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the accession to the imamate. She was at the historic ceremony of Aga Khan University in Karachi Charter and the inauguration of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the Ismaili Centre in South Kensington, London, in 1984. Over the years has also participated in events with the Aga Award Khan Architecture associated. She continued, a guest of honor at family functions, including marriage of Imam presence in France can 1998a

No children, was survived by his stepson, Sadruddin. He is also survived three grandchildren steps, the current imam, Prince Amyn Mohammed and her half-sister Yasmin Princes. Before her death, she organized Yakimour for the family of Imam retain their use. She was also a large part of its assets to two foundations closely associated with family apply: The Aga Khan, Geneva, Foundation founded by the magnet in 1967, and the Bellerive Foundation in Geneva, created by Sadruddin 1977a

He underwent an operation in September 1992 at the age of 86, and lost sight in one eye. She was constantly with his assistants and Janine Shamsy.

Mata Salamat Umm Habibeh expired on July 1, 2000 in Le Cannet, in southern France at the age of 95. July at a ceremony Tuesday 4, 2000, she was in the same mausoleum of sandstone on top of a dune overlooking the Nile in Aswan buried. The stretcher was carried in a ceremonial boat on the Nile near Noor El Salaam. Escorted by a flotilla of small boats, floating flags of mourning at its poles, the float vessel veered in front of a tent of Aswan Governorate willing to allow citizens to pay their last respects. Governor Ahmed Amer Kamal Aswan presented Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; municipal leaders represent the people of Aswan; and the Mayor, Michèle Tabarot, represent the citizens of Le Cannet. Borne on the shoulders of the present Imam, Sadruddin, Prince Amyn Muhammad, members of LIF and staff Villa made the stretcher, a solemn rise in a chorus from the burning sun of the Shahada continued, led by Shaikh Syed Ahmed Ibrahim, who he has recited for 37 years every day, the Koran wants in the mausoleum after Mata Salamat.

In December 2003, the imam announced a donation of US $ 320,000 for medical equipment Om Habibeh Foundation as part of a series of new initiatives to develop for the benefit of the people of Aswan. These include a plan for a training center for social development, and education programs in nursing, pre-school education and strengthening civil society organizations. Aswan new initiatives complement a broad program of social and urban development under way on the edge of the history of Cairo. Governor Hassanin expressed sincere gratitude of the people of Aswan, on behalf of and committed to the support and full cooperation of the government with new initiatives, he said, responded to the immediate and long term needs and called for strengthening relations and close historical Imam connects, your family and your community of Aswan in Egypt.

ordinary objects? Or listening devices?

listening devices are among the most basic spy and surveillance equipment. It is the first thing any professional, amateur or amateur should always consider. Not hear a variety devices. They range from large buildings who believe in the 300 meters themes are singled out and still sound on, tiny RF transmitters that hide telephone wires. But the most interesting listening devices are those that resemble everyday objects, usually. They are fun to use and often weigh confident participants a false sense of security, encouraging them to disclose information you do not want to have.

devices that are seen as everyday objects particularly useful when a conversation you want to record with someone, but do not want to know you take it, or you want to hear in a conversation someone listening is another room to have (a, he or she would be present with you). You can leave the object behind it, and the person will not know you’re listening or you can use the errors in your person to send the sound of a recording heard at a later date.

Scarlet-Ceramic-Piggy-Bank-by-Protege-Homeware-30Some of the listening devices all days are the most common things like pens and phones. These are elements extending everywhere. It did not seem suspicious when you have a pen in your pocket or use it to take notes. Similarly, no one thinks twice before the mobile phone by a clip attached to a belt. These are the objects that people expect to accompany everywhere. And they are also objects that no one suspects that if you “forget” it. People are always stray pens and mobile phones.

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