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Bonsoni-Contemporary-Style-Small-Double-Brooklyn-Fabric-Bed-Frame-Wheat-4ft-31Few women know the secrets to getting a kind of Taurus for you, what is your lucky day if you met this product. While men under the sign of Taurus born very earthly and give great value to material goods, but can also be very generous and kindhearted. Taurus men are usually intelligent, and no matter what you do, whether professionally or socially, they put a lot of effort to ensure its success. These are the reasons why many women prefer men Taurus.
Suggestions for individual TaurusTaurus men love women who can enter a room and suddenly the room look prettier. How to combine these women themselves and ndash; the way they dress, talk and walk is fascinating. If you can do when you walk into a restaurant, then you know for a bull style to one of the secrets.
Flirtation is also important in regard to the detection of a Taurus and rsquo; Heart. Flirting, a man as you want he said. Flirting should be subtle, and there are several ways how. Some women wear sexy clothing with seductive aromas, while other extremely sensitive issue with the person they love.
Men born under the sign of Taurus love women that are sexy and provocative. You like women who know what men like. So you want to smile and be friendly, no doubt, but make sure you do not to receive friends or you could run in the wrong direction. Use your feminine qualities, of course, and here is how you going to put your best foot forward for the man who wants Taurus.
Taurus men can be quite extravagant, and sometimes do not want to get caught at all to fight it is. Since you are a strong woman, but; there will be no problem for you, because you know that your skills and what you want most in life. It believes is all part of himself, and there is another kind of secret Taurus is doing.
Taurus men can not stand the boredom; they are always looking for a new adventure, you work hard, you have to advise and entertain. Every time you think you, let him ask, what surprises he has in store for him next. Keep your excited man Taurus is an important way of how to make you.
Sexual Magnetism: Pheromones – The Scent of Sex

Sexual Magnetism: Pheromones and ndash; The smell of sex
Al Link and Pala Copeland – 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra
All the time you have to have been sculpted muscles, dazzling smiles and fast cars that were infallible Imams baby. Well, we have news for you. What really drives women wild are naturally occurring body chemicals called pheromones. In fact, they work the same way as men go crazy, but male and female pheromones are chemically different.
The name pheromone comes from two Greek words pheran (transfer) and Horman (pass). Dr. Winnifred Cutler According to, pheromones are and ldquo; Excrete substances that affect an animal, the reproductive behavior of other species act at a distance. & Quot; Since 1870, when the French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre discovered male moths miles flying from a female moth in his lab to visit in cages, scientists have known and documented the effects of pheromones on mating in the animal species of insects. For example male cockroaches go crazy when exposed to a glass rod covered with female cockroach pheromones, and attempt to mate with her! A randy boar opens his mouth and swells like a breath laden with pheromones that freeze a sow in heat, ready for assembly. It was not and rsquo; t until 1986 however, that Dr. Cutler, director of Pennsylvania and rsquo; Athena Intstitute demonstrated the existence of human pheromones and began to document their effects.
In humans, pheromones are activated at puberty. Men and women produce varying amounts of and ldquo; male & quot; Pheromones: androstenone and Androstenol, only women secrete and ldquo; female & quot; copulins pheromone. Produced by the apocrine glands in the armpits and around the genitals pheromones send signals that are recorded only in the nose vemeronasal organ (VNO). The VNO passes these messages to the limbic part of the brain, the basic human emotions, such as Queen joy, anger, hatred, love and sexual arousal.
Although aren and rsquo; t aware of another person and rsquo; Pheromones, we can and rsquo; t & ldquo; Aroma and rdquo; in the traditional sense, they have a great impact on us. Ignite the sex drive, increase fertility and help regulate women and rsquo; s menstrual cycles.
In his early studies Dr. Cutler underarm sweat of women and healthy men, aged 20 gathered, removed the bacteria and odor and the extract is used. Since and rsquo; it is too expensive to collect and sell human pheromones, she and her team have produced laboratory equivalent processes. Since then controlled studies by Dr. Cutler and other organizations around the world have shown amazing results.

In a double-blind experiment with young women 36 percent of respondents exposed to pheromones had sex weekly during the first three weeks of the study. Among those who received placebo only 11 percent of one week had sex. At the end of the study, 14 weeks, 73 percent of pheromone users were sex every week, while remaining in the placebo by 11 percent.
In another Dr. Cutler & rsquo; s 38 Men Control groups received either an alcohol solution pheromone to your regular cologne or a straight alcohol-added solution. No one knew who had been given. After 8 weeks of Cologne reported bear 47% of pheromone users, only 9.5% of respondents compared to the placebo I had more sex.
There was some unusual tests the effect of male pheromone androstenone in women it represents. In one study, a single chair was sprayed in the lobby of a dentist with androstenone, all the others were intact. It has observed that women increasingly were treated in the chair with the pheromone. Another test involved three attached pay telephone booths. Again one of the three phones was androstenone and more women used spray the treated phone than the other two.
The Australian organization, Bennett Research, conducted a study of 306 men with pheromones. Ninety percent of them said the product had increased their attractiveness to women. Increasing female response was measured by:

* Make the discussion and ndash; 61%
* Start a conversation and ndash; 52%
* Put a concern for people and expressed ndash; 43%
* Be there and sensitive ndash; 40%
* Payment unsolicited compliments & ndash; 36%
* Manifesto Flirt & ndash; 34% A significant measure was a big increase in physical response of women and ndash; Brushing against the pheromone support (31%), others (30%) feel sexual (18%) when excited, to the expression of sexual desire (17%), and having sex with them (16%).

One respondent described his experience: & ldquo; One night in a bar a woman walked in front of me and looked at me. The second time, when she died came straight to me, said hello, I started talking, and I was very surprised when she grabbed my hand and kissed me on the lips and hellip; And rdquo;
It & rsquo; Not only sexual attraction, it appears amplified by the use of pheromones. Users of pheromone products report that people generally pay more attention to them, listen more when they speak, and are friendlier in social situations. Pheromones seem to people and to influence rsquo; s general impressions and assessments. In a clinical study, participants were shown wearing surgical masks photographs of buildings, trees, animals, men and women. His task was no friendly / unfriendly, aggressive / passive, attractive / unattractive printing and so on to assess. You were the objective of the test was to see how the stress of carrying a mask affected decision said surgical decision. Participants were tested twice with an interval of two weeks between sessions. In one of the tests small amounts of pheromones were sprayed on the mask, without the participants and rsquo; Knowledge. With the added pheromone there was no noticeable difference in the study group and rsquo; s impressions of trees and buildings. The animals were a little more aggressive. However, the most striking was the difference in assessment of people, women and men were considered kind, sensitive, intelligent, attractive, safe and good.
It & rsquo; it is not surprising that people of pheromone products not only to sexual attraction to try, but to gain a competitive advantage. Seller carry their sales to increase, use work that create a good impression and social butterflies that increase spraying on their party invitations.
As you can imagine a whole crop of pheromone products has hit the market with different formulas for men and women. Most versions of laboratory synthesis of male and female hormones are made, and how did the case of most of all is what you pay. It seems to have more pheromones in the product, more money and rsquo; pay. Some of the brands sold are over $ 100 for one-sixth of an ounce, but the concentration of pheromones is such that a sixth of an ounce that will last long.
There are scented and unscented versions. Odorless you can add to your regular cologne or aftershave. You can experiment with applying pheromones to your clothes and skin. Both methods have different implications. immediately evaporate quickly set up the body heat pheromones sprayed on skin comes into action, and ldquo; ;. Instant and rdquo Attractor The disadvantage is that the active ingredients are used up so fast. Welding and surface bacteria also tend to break tilt and washed pheromones skin. Spraying unscented products on clothing gives a slower acting but much longer lasting effect. It may take longer, in fact, as you want, you need dry cleaning or several washings to remove some sensitive materials, can never take kindly to an aerosol product. Some people go for the double whammy with a combination of scented pheromone on the skin and smelly clothes.

Now you may wonder how you can get your hands on some of this liquid sexual magnet. We have links to many of these products on our site Pheromones: #lure is unlikely that you will find these products in retail stores, not yet. You need to order online and delivered by mail. On our site you will also find additional scientific studies on pheromones in case you find more need to be convinced that they work. In addition, both Al and Pala have pheromones and work for us use. When added to the variety without musky scent of his cologne. Right after that Pala not only started, often kiss and hug him, but each of them began to say how much I wanted Cologne & mdash; she had never spoken!
Here and rsquo; A look at some of the pheromone products available:

* Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate androstenone one unique oil-based formula for men. Fragrant.
* Athena 10 times for men and women Athena 10:13 & ndash; none other than Dr. Cutler himself. The formula is a closely guarded secret
* 2000 DateMate for men with androstenone and Androstenol. FM DateMate for women with androstenone, Androstenol and copulins. 15 ml unscented. Spray.
* Primal Instinct for men only, contains 5 mg of androstenone per 10 ml vial. This baby will last a long time! Fragrant.
* Empire, men and rsquo; formulas; s and women and rsquo. Fragrant. Androstenone containing 0.05% by volume.
* Xcite wipes, baby wipes impregnanted leaves wrapped with pheromones, easy to carry in the body and spread quickly. Scented.Everyday new ldquo; Pheromones & quot; The products have been announced in the market. As you know and rsquo; going to get the real thing and not just an ineffective Cologne with much hype and no results? Now, if a pheromone product to buy, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is there a warranty? Most reputable brands offer this.
2. The product information clearly indicate that pheromones are present, what type they are and how much? There are different mixtures, but generally looking androstenone, Androstenol, and for women – copulins
3.The sound quite good results promised to be true? Probably.

There is a similarity with regular perfume, it appears that different formulations of pheromones may react differently for each individual manner. So you may want to experiment with a couple of guys. You can learn about the pheromone and products more mdash; Brands, what they do and how to get them – on this page:

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