5 Hindrances to Spiritual Growth

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With regard to intellectual growth, there are internal and external obstacles we all face when to achieve our goals. Internally, we slavery and spiritual idols occupy but a few. There are also some external factors that prevent us from spiritual growth.

Germany, Cologne, Young man holding seedling

Germany, Cologne, Young man holding seedling

Spiritual growth is not an easy task. It happens, certainly not overnight and many believers are misunderstanding what is spiritual growth. To start, grow not only mentally. They were. To receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans3: 22) And that’s a good thing, my friends!
spiritual growth being closer to God and mature in their understanding of self and God. (Hebrews 6) With this development will bring peace and freedom through the revelation of the Word of God and overcome the misuse of God for your life.
{For example, the fight against some believers to read the Bible because strict or hear an angry God condemns. This is wrong, and can be fixed by reading or voluntarily modify their own voice.}
As in life you have to make all the decisions. When it comes to spiritual growth, we must make decisions that reflect the choice of growth or stagnation choice. Internally seems the most convenient carry forever be the best idea, but if we have chosen to stay home; Pain, idols, bitterness and slavery built just above the other, as we go through life harden our hearts.
If we choose growth, then we can allow God to shape our hearts and keep your hands in the process. (Hebrews4: 12) finds solace in God, as he guides you through its growth must be the only time I feel comfortable on this trip. Why have you not heard? God is in business to make things happen! unpleasant faith that it is better to have faith, because spreads confidence in unexplored areas. (Matthew 14: 22-36)
If we honestly real benefits of spiritual growth is peace, freedom in Christ, the discovery of knowing your purpose, why should we avoid it? Consider some of these possibilities, and discuss how you overcome.
1. With respect to the truth of who you are ….. …… or what you are, is not pleasant.
While it may be right in the sight of God, we must understand that spiritual maturity is not given. To grow spiritually or maturity, we must seek God first. Developing a relationship with God through prayer, worship and sometimes fasting is only the beginning. There will be cases in life, in which he will face internal and external conflicts. “Internal” refers to spiritual slavery, patience, trust, idols, etc. Can cross internal conflicts in our relationships and help create conflicts and external.
When we experience conflict, first understand if the punishment of God in any way. Conflicts are warning signs that should be something that developed on or off (relations). In most cases it is both. Never let a conflict blows through your life without increasing it, even if it means, the sad truth about its nature against. I know it’s hard, but look with wisdom, God is trying to tell you something about yourself? The answer is always yes.
2. Change maintenance is not possible, if the environment is not set up to consider the change.
Have you ever fills junk food to keep trying an organic diet in a house? Epic Fail.
The same can be applied to spiritual growth. It is virtually impossible to keep his maturity when the nearest town that are not always evenly. What about your church? You do the right to food has fueled its growth to meet?
3. 40 days is a time for the adoption of a new habit of working, or to break old habits.
Scientists say it takes 40 days to break a habit or take a new one. Even Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert. Well I guess what? Spiritual growth is a long process of life. If they are together, God allows to achieve their goals all the time, but should never stop growing or desire for closeness to God. Rest assured, there is no time limit for maturity in Christ. to capture life with zeal the wisdom of God is the way you never tire of seeking God.
4. You really do not know where to start.
Certainly I remember the first time I just wanted to know God. I sat on my bed, raised his arms and cried. “I heard God !!” And you know, I have not heard anything, so I totally understand if you or when searching for a good place start. start with identifying what you want to accomplish with God or have not come to you. Each of us has a vision for our relationship with God, and if you come to think about it, this vision can make a list, or to find your starting point.
5. They were trained to believe that your peace, freedom and purpose the amount of money you make, relationships, homes and lifestyles compared.
The economic recession has ruined perhaps only temporarily definitely the American dream for some. In fact, I read an article yesterday that suicide rates have quadrupled since the beginning of the collapse. Marriages end up spending more and a multitude of young people to fight for the big races of money to leave behind the idea of strong family ties and parenthood. Now, this is not critical for those who have nothing bad, but there will come a day when these things do not feel emptiness in your heart. And from what we see, alcoholism, suicide, disease and a host of other ills, the Company and its proximity to influence.
In this sense, there is no easy way to simply disable the concept that equates these things your joy, happiness, freedom. But it occurs to me: Fasting.
Fasting is not just food and hunger. You can Internet, television, radio, the same social circles quickly your trigger hope in these things. It does for 40 days. You can start with an hour a day all the time you need to get away from this idea Ween. Use this time to read, spend time with your family or in the privacy of being with God. If you look at their hope mentally rehearse these things quickly choose to think differently: Matthew 6: 19-34.

Never Go To Bed Mad At Each Other

America & rsquo; # 1 Love and Marriage Experts.
broadcast on the Today Show a remarkable segment. It is noteworthy, not because it was good or informative, but because it is not and rsquo; t. In fact, it was downright misleading and irresponsible, based on research data, and we want to comment.

A psychologist and good cleaning editor on the Today Show was announced that the concept of and ldquo; Never go to bed angry at each other & quot; It was a myth. Imagine, a myth, call such a secular concept. Listen to the fact our skin analysis and here and rsquo; Therefore and ndash; Credible studies so they said.

As many of our readers know, we have successful marriages research for nearly 30 years. We surveyed thousands of couples successfully in 46 countries on six continents of the world, learn a lot, which makes the work good marriages.


Towards the end of our interview protocol, that makes these wonderful couples, if you have three tips you can share with the newlyweds. And I guess what the number one tip you gave, and is more than three decades of research, a constant, is and ldquo; Never go to bed angry at each other & quot !;
Remember that this advice comes from thousands of happily married couples. The advice given ISN and rsquo; t designed to impact the media with something unusual or out of the ordinary. These are the pairs of words with proven experience. Frankly, we felt when we saw the Today Show that the purpose relate to & ldquo; Never go to bed angry at each other & quot; a myth was a place of the saw on a TV show to get there very early! But the sad truth is that his message was to send a terrible message newlywed couples. Our fear and ndash; They could hear the advice they hear on TV and that would be a big mistake in court either.
Occasionally you hear so-called experts take the information as if it were a scientific fact. People feel as if it were gospel. The problem is that much of what no scientific basis or research is heard.
The good news about the concept of and ldquo; Never go to bed made the other & quot; & Ndash; Is based on the search, be the best and ndash; the happily married and happy successful from 30 to 60 years!
Married couples have occasional disagreements. They fight for big things and little things. That does not hold things and rsquo; t matter and the things they do. But this is what we have learned research and ndash 30; Once the rare successful couples go to bed without a problem, to resolve their differences, whether large or small. Many report that remained tried to end a theme throughout the night, which separates them. You know that the resolution is much more important than a good night and obtained rsquo; The dream. And remember, issues that are not visited during the night often red and only seem to get worse in the morning.
Do not be fooled by those who tell you that is not important to solve division problems before going to bed. They are simply misplaced and advice they can give to make it their relationship is dangerous. Accept the advice of those who know and ndash; the people whose marriages are happy and have stood the test of time.
Love and marriage in simple things of importance. I love!
By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz’s and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
For hundreds of tips to improve your relationship the doctor and rsquo; s bestselling book and multiple building of love, which is winning awards: The seven surprising secrets of successful marriage (Jossey-Bass / Wiley 2010) is available wherever books are sold.
winner of the gold medal INDIE Book Awards for Best Relationship Book
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