5 Mind Blowing Things People Made Out of Junk Car Parts

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Some people are born with creativity to another level. They have the ability to do things, to do things you normally would shoot us. Many people are also increasingly concerned about the environment and promote, have incorporated the use of recycled materials. These are some of the ways people have used pieces of junk cars and make something wonderful out of it.


  • Couture Fashion

To encourage recycling, the brand Lexus luxury car designers incorporate flame four auto parts and turn them into couture accessories. The use of pads crank arm support what these designers had created something completely out of this world. One of the designers use valve lifters, crank bearings and hose clamps to create a series of accessories. Not only that, the designer John organic Patrick has created an entire team, including a trench coat, short, and the clutch of a harness, seat covers use of leather, cargo decks and floor mats.

  • Belt bags

The husband and wife duo, Dana and Melanie Harvey created the brain behind the line of fashion handbags belt. They even have a collection called “Treecycle” using a seat belt only recycled. One might think that these bags should be simple and boring look. However, it is exactly the opposite and bags come in a variety of colors. An idea that began when the couple was a 1950 Buick restoration brought them today with their creativity.

  • coffee table

One of the most common things that people make easy car parts. Joel Hester Texas is a kind of hoods and trucks person, making these very nice coffee tables. Use the oxidation process to create unique and colorful images. If that was not enough, it also makes bed frames, tables, desks and other furniture.

  • jewelry

Another classic example of creativity and cunning skills is the Hi Octane Industries. The use of recycled auto parts, which have created a series of exquisite jewelry. Hi Octane Industries was founded by Alicia Hanson, who is also a graphic designer for the environment. The jewelry pieces are made of recovered scrap so beautiful in design that you will not believe what they are made. If you buy one of your jewelry, you can be sure you have a unique piece of art with you.

  • sculptures

The artists have been known to use some very strange things in his art. For Australian artist James Corbett, enough pieces of old cars. The way that transforms waste into a work of art is truly amazing and inspiring. James Corbett began his career as a piece for a street Buggy run was created. From there he was able to show his work in many countries, resulting in established magazines, and in many television has even be a guest star. His sculptures are known for their unique character and vitality.

Before junkyard car to sell your old one, think of ways that you can use in your home.

Buy Beautiful Bed Sheets

If you’re like me you like to sleep and in any case ensure that’m rejuvenated for the next day and a feeling of freshness in any activity that can not be found. Obviously we have a lot of time in bed so it makes sense for us to make our luxury bedding and fun to sleep. You can do this with your bedding. It is also good if you can choose beds that improved decoration site, as it will be very pleasing to the eye.

Harlow king sheet sets: This game is beautifully designed bedding, kitchen and two pillowcases. The blade is made of pure cotton 400 thread son. Cotton high quality construction in the vicinity of the blades to make sure they have a nice sleep at night. This set is a flexible and highly resistant machine, but are washable. The whole sheet is the price of $ 180 and is available in two colors, gray and dark blue. The overall design is simple but elegant.

To facilitate the management, the most likely to want to buy sheets without wrinkling. You have many choices of materials such as microfiber sheets, cotton, flannel, wool or leaves that are affordable and easy to find. All fabrics are a good choice for a master bedroom, a nursery or bedroom. With all the colors and styles of fabrics available, you should have no trouble finding plenty of games bedding to coordinate with the decor of any room.


Once you get the bedding for children have decided that they are comfortable and durable, that the right to choose design, it can happen that the space is set for use in the. children’s rooms are fun to design and decorate, and in view of the unique design and use of color can not contain. You can combine traditional and modern reason, dynamic, neutral and simple. You may want to do almost anything to create an attractive environment for your child.

Organic leaves a good feeling and a good price-performance ratio. It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for and you can feel the difference between the yield of leaves and organic mill. There are some options when picking the leaves that are organic and I realized when I started looking for something that seemed to go well with the rest of the decor of the room.

You can with the help of metal bed frames and increase the style quotient of your single room. You can also select the stirrup and the head of your choice and preference. This bed frame are made of high quality wood and carved in relief in attractive designs and beautiful colors. To call modern fashion, you can choose modern leather beds done.

“The bedding is a good friend who is always there. Thesis blades last a long time because of its durability. They are also very affordable, too. If you look around and organic versions of these leaves, usually French or Irish linen is the way to go here. linen sheets go with almost any bedroom decor.”

Read always wash care instructions on the label proper bedding. Using hot water in bright colors can cause discoloration of color loss more consistent. When the state of the label, you should not use bleach, it is very important to follow this direction. Beautiful bright colors, which can be ruined very quickly when I washed the bed of love for their children.

The selection of the best bed and proper development of the child has to do with this type of product that your baby a crib or bassinet sleep possible. It might even be more than one point, the birthplace of kindergarten and a bassinet or crib in another room of the house. No matter what type is used to ensure that the steps are mounting plates that do not slip while the baby is sleeping well.

There are two types found in the sets of drawings flat or satin fabric. normal knitting, also called calico, has the same surface on both sides of the fabric are tightly woven and feel bright, fresh and firm grip. Satin fixed blade must have a satin side and a soft side, like silk, covers nice and bright. jacquard leaves game that can occur in a satin cloth or fabric, more texture, patterns can be woven into the fabric.

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