5 Ways to Identify Your Purpose and Unique Talent

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How many of you ‘Get’ to find the concept of your passion and build a business around him, but struggling to get there?

I understood. It is said, his passion is to find, as I said to cheer when you feel down. It is not only useless, it is counterproductive because it only made it feel even more disconnected from their inner gifts.

Wherever you are in the spectrum to find purpose through their creative experience, in you it is all you need. It’s just a matter of bringing to light gradually.


Here are 5 ways you can follow these steps in order:

1) Meditate (no matter how you can)

As those who have spent some time out with me, you know, I strongly believe personal and professional development go hand in hand. If you do not manage your account to someone else will do it for you (and believe me, it will never end well!) So how do you do that? Almost all entrepreneurs or spiritual as well as be shown – through meditation.

I know, I know, meditation is difficult. Who wants to stay in place to try (and not) nor its Affengeist, especially when so much about? When sitting still and meditating feel too heavy, try to listen to a guided meditation on your iPhone while walking. Anything your mind, even calmed down for a minute, is useful. One minute per day. We all can not prove it?

2) find ways to feel inspired

I can not tell you how many times I have an idea for a news program talking or listening to a conversation with someone I admire. In fact, this contribution was what inspired Bren and eacute; Brown this week. No matter what area you are in, there are leaders and pioneers aimed to pave the way. Read books, go to conferences where they talk, see or read interviews with them. Greatness is contagious, so it rubs shoulders with passing they got.

3) Get the input of a trusted partner

The tricky thing is that gifts are so easy to come to us, we believe that everyone has them. If in fact it is just to pay this gift that others need, and. be very clear a trusted partner as a mirror, you can find to help your talent, so it must support a large customer attitude, a friend / colleague or coach a responsibility to avoid light shine.

4) Identify the problems only equipped to solve

What is your unique gift and impact have a value in the world to determine what problems to solve and who they are. Do you know who your ideal to provide clarity, purpose and make their efforts more effective customer know. Without knowing who your ideal clients, or how to solve their greatest often challenges is the missing piece of the puzzle or independent to fight contractor, so if you can use some clarity to what is my specialty!

5) Communicate how you present to your ideal clients to your advantage

After working with you to be your ideal customer:

Do you have a successful brand –
– They feel healthier
Do you have more free time –
Earn more money –
– They have been better

People rent if they can see instantly how to do change your life, it will have a positive effect. Take the time to really clear about these benefits and make it the center of your messaging and content. I promise, which is an element of change.

I understand there is a lot of information here, and together in the right order and stick to it long enough to get results time is a challenge. When ready, the clarity you need to align your gift to get, send and services with customers who invest money and a burning desire to work with you, I would like you to help you achieve your goals.

Canon EOS 1100D, Perfect Digital SLR Camera Designed for Amateurs

Canon EOS 1100D and also very often called Digital Rebel T3 is definitely a cheap DSLR camera for beginners or entry level. EOS100D special price is $ 490 plus an EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens, this specific DSLR is the successor in relation to a previous entry level Canon digital SLR series, the EOS 1000D that success in the market. Canon position of market segmentation focused for those financial account budget, need very simple camera, yet economical. Canon EOS 1100D presented and competition for amateur DSLR D3200 as Nikon, Pentax and Sony A390 Kr.


Canon approach is quite unique is not expensive in the market segment of digital SLR cameras. Recently, the EOS has three digits (350D, 400D, 450D, etc) are for amateurs, be four digits EOS DSLR series entry will end. Just a few years DSLR Canon EOS 1000D is simply creates so easy and simple, now its successor, the DSLR Canon EOS 1100D are actually some improvements such as the resolution of the sensor / probe, the number of factors autofocus, metering module, the processor chip and the most important is a high definition movie. Some of the characteristics of digital SLR Canon EOS 1100D seemed 550D / 600D overlap. And here is the actual specification of these DSLR cameras for beginners:

• 12 MP CMOS sensor
• The DIGIC IV processor
• capacity 720p HD video recording
• Measuring capacity with 63 zones (focus, color and luminance)
• AF module with 9 points (average cross type)
• Achievement of ISO 6400
speed shooting • 3fps
• 2.7-inch LCD with 230,000 pixel resolution
• the kit lens 18-55mm. APS-C sensor with 1.6x crop factor corresponds to the focal length is sufficient to 29-88mm for daily needs.

As I said, the specifications of the same class, compared to the EOS 600D EOS function 1100D differences Canon not mega-pixel (MP 12 MP 18 against), the resolution of the real image of high definition video (1080p VX 720p) with a (3 fps to 3.7 fps slightly faster). More 600D has a LCD screen with high resolution display that can be easily folded and can be the cause of external flash. But any module AF nine points are the same in terms of design element dispenser 63 (which has a suppressed mirror and the physical structure of plastic contains) (which, as is required in the EOS 7D can) and even 6400th ISO

  • physically

Like most low budget SLR camera, Canon EOS 1100D body made of plastic and smooth surfaces created without texture. Grip probably feel a little small, especially those with a large palm tree, but perfect for women and youth.

This type of Canon EOS is related to de facto control as a button based on the digital SLR camera in the square in front of a wheel change all the exposure on and off, so the switch with a control switch for flashing button. The standalone mode button is manual exposure, such as P, TV, AV, M and A-DEP, and a range of scene settings such as Flash Off, creative auto, portrait, landscape and film. The green box is AUTO, which automatically, including ISO and flash options. There is really no change mode setting preset user on a Canon EOS 1100D, this type of device to think simply is not designed for professionals. shoe in the center, flanked by built-in flash that works with E-TTL II.

“Despite its digital SLR Canon EOS 1100D is designed for fans, but is also compatible with all Canon lenses, both EF and EF-S. Certainly, no dust to clean the cleaning system in the digital SLR Canon EOS 1100D, the mirror, which is best combined in the menus, all physically fix the mirror to remove. Located next to the lens barrel, there is a light for removing red eyes due to flash experience, with a mono microphone on top of the logo EOS 1100D.”

Unlike many competitive good value digital SLR camera, buttons on the back of the digital camera, SLR Canon EOS 1100D camera well enough organized, unfortunately for the design of most of the buttons with the physical body are arranged, generally it has difficulty growing. Planned to answer crucial for fast navigation, ‘Q’ (Quick Menu) and then there is also a button with a red dot for live view designed. Accordingly, this article work arrow to enhance the abbreviations of ISO, critical right arrow to change the autofocus mode, down to change the cursor to the area BM and the arrow keys and then left in the selection of various parameters of the unit. I think this is a great advantage, this type of digital SLR cameras, digital SLR cameras, low cost of having convenient for basic operation and yet optimal. Viewfinder of a digital camera Canon EOS 1100D offers 95% coverage, the greater the increase of 0.8 times, needless to say, is not the most efficient, but it was actually bright enough to be seen. There is a small control wheel diopter Viewfinder Focus for eyeglass wearers.

Battery LP-E10 with the storage device placement at the base of the doors when open input side is a universal remote port, an HDMI port and even a USB port, but basically do not see a connection for a microphone external.

  • power
    EOS 1100D is a digital SLR camera with a low cost, also not bad, being generally the overall performance of this camera is really very good. need to start time, shutter lag, shot to shot and find the focus rather quickly enough. they can also 9-point AF inside the viewfinder and when active can trigger see red. focus settings are available, like other Canon DSLR is a parameter taken (no moving parts) and AI together with AI focus servo tend to be moving objects themselves. When AI Servo is used to adjust, you have to change constantly pushing shutter so that it is expected that the digital camera to be always in constant pursuit of the goal. AI Servo speed and therefore accuracy is good enough when objects are looking to change USM lens while the camera application, it feels much better, why EOS 1100D is ideal for beginners.

This kind of digital SLR camera does not enter not usually the type of spot metering as the metering mode options offered only 3 modes: Evaluative, center-weighted and partial. However, this condition do not worry, EOS uses 1100D 12 MP CMOS sensor with DIGIC IV provide processor Canon EOS 1100D is undoubtedly contain higher ISO with an impressive capacity of the ISO 6400 standard, which are often relatively moderate noise so that color reproduction is not simple projections. ISO 6400 can be setup EOS 1100D ISO without extension of the optimal custom function Canon.

The overall performance during Live View is excellent, the main screen with the correct colors without oversizing seen when the device moves and EOS 1100D can also be present histogram in the upper right corner. There are three options along the autofocus mode, live viewing and video recording: contrast detection (AF Live), face detection and detection of AF phase with 9 points (goal as soon as the locking mechanism then new liquid crystal display is in a few times definitely black). These digital SLRs have 2-3 seconds to lock the lens when the shutter button pressed really about half. It takes longer when the lights are taking many fewer problems or even images of an element of minimal contrast, usually. This type of adjustment at any time injections are used to break than enough power outage and an objective of sufficient contrast can not move.

For a cheaper digital SLR, Canon EOS 1100D is certainly qualified for the resolution of the film with an HD movie in 1280 x 720, 30 fps or 25 fps. Simply by live viewing, while pressing the film begins function capable of activating the camera documentation. 9 format video recording in video format HD: The exhibition is on the screen to change the day 16 Picture Style Auto Lighting Optimizer and is also used during the filming of movie time, though I’m sorry to say that you do not have documents manual exposure control during the video, and in some cases ISO can not be substituted (with an accuracy of exposure, only balance lock). There is no documentary approach continues when the video, the digital SLR camera only center in the first search time detection. If you need to change the focus, you can do it manually through the switching ring on the lens, or perhaps simply pressing the shutter button (use that selection is set in the menu). In addition, the body Canon EOS 1100D is sold in 2 colors, red and black.

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