6 Steps to a Proper Feng Shui Bed

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In Feng Shui, when buying a new bed is considering customers often ask me to assess the Feng Shui of your bed and share the most important factors
We all know how we feel better after a good night and rsquo; The dream. these tips for good Feng Shui bed then you can help your energy and increase the chances of cure. You & rsquo; see improvements in all areas of his life, his career health and love life.


  • Circulate the Chi: You must have a suitable bedposts, best, will increase at each corner on the floor. This allows air to circulate under chi, the type of healing of the remaining users. This fact allows the chi to flow under the bed can help with fertility problems and health.

Remove all items under the bed also helps the flow of chi. If you need more space for storage and ndash; perhaps because you live in a small apartment with few closets and ndash; You can store in well-organized boxes bedding and clothing or withdrawal drawer. Avoid storing weapons, sharp objects or anything metal under the bed
If the bed is placed in the bedroom, they should be placed so that the chi can flow around both sides. This article describes the command position is the ideal place for a bed

  • Bed Size: One Queen recommended a king or California king size for two reasons. A king does not leave room for improvement. Since you and rsquo; which has already reached the maximum level, the only way is to move down to the next bed can be moved into a single bed.

In addition, an extra large mattress in the spring of two boxes is based generally indicating a separation between partners who could sleep together in bed in it.
own header: A header in Feng Shui represents protection. It offers not only the possibility of a relationship, but also the stability of a relationship affected. The header must be securely attached to the bed frame and a piece of solid material, wood or fabric. Avoid bars or heads, the gap in the middle.
Footrests steps aren and rsquo; t necessary. Men usually Don & rsquo; running t-Boards; Some say it feels like a coffin. If you want a step should not be higher than the mattress. More footboard can limit their ability to travel.

Canopied bed to enter the room. I & rsquo; I saw many beds that actually require a much larger space than you have. canopy beds are good and ndash; Moreover, there is enough space available. Can an added sense of protection for some. Keep clean the top of the cup; Don & rsquo; t allow it to be a dust magnet.

  • Price: The price of the bed is not always reflected a good Feng Shui. One of my clients bought a $ 20,000 bed recently, only to find that he is very bad Feng Shui provided and could be a factor in a relationship is difficult.
    In other words, the stock price of Feng Shui a separate bed Buy a bed that is comfortable and feels good to you.

Whatever the cost, should your bed will help you achieve your goal of a quality, restful night and rsquo; Sleep, wake refreshed and renewed.

A Pep Talk for Single Women Over 50 Who are Looking

There are 97 million Americans over 45, and of those, 40% or 36.2 million, are alone. If you and rsquo; re over 50 years and research, I have good news. Like a good coach, I & rsquo; He pumped up!
The proportion of women and men increases with each decade, but does it really matter? No, for two reasons. First, everything is what you need, and 100% success is a success rate of 100%. Secondly, do you think if they were dated in school. How many of these guys the potential for dating only be considered? If you and rsquo; It is like me, not 50. If you and rsquo; Re sex dating a hot body and rsquo; no problem. For serious meeting, I & rsquo; has always been demanding, the Port and rsquo; t you? It & rsquo; always it is and ldquo; Hard & quot; to find the right material and rsquo; It is the same game played in a new field.

Emotional Intelligence usually increases with age; it is the & ldquo; life skills and rdquo. The elderly are more appointments, as are almost all but a few nonconsecutive motor skills. From experience, maturity and common sense, sometimes innate, sometimes acquired through the school of life, we interpret reality quickly and correctly. We know how to look at the horse and rsquo; s mouth.
Similarly, we can operate in the social world. We don & rsquo; t fumble for weaknesses, speaking at the idea of a formal dinner, he asked how to behave in an opera, or thinking about vacation planning is and ldquo; and rdquo hard. We don & rsquo; t fall apart when our hose open, and we are working from a deep-centric view is not executed in voluble and changing opinions. We meet. We Lifeskills, serenity, elegance and experience!
We aren and rsquo; t lead by hormones, which is to be the number of errors, and the good news Guy aren & rsquo; t either. After Trish McDermott, Match.com’s largest dating site, and ldquo; The only thing our research shows is always the older a person gets, the more he or she is an indication of the convenient date, more emotionally driven. And rdquo; This gives both sexes have a better chance of a good choice.
The men of our time have had the opportunity to learn what counts and what makes or breaks a marriage. As one of my clients said his ex-wife trained them in some important areas such as life, and in some cases discrimination; or use bad judgment, someone married inadequate, and learned the hard way. It & rsquo; s nothing to do with the ability to instantly eliminate things that people and relationships that don & rsquo; t work for you and if people can do that saves us all time.
Men have explored ad nauseam sexual and tend to focus on the big picture. One of my male clients recently told me about a woman he and rsquo; d been dating, and ldquo; We and rsquo; get along in bed where he and rsquo; fantastic, but we and rsquo; d Replace the rest of the fight and rdquo time. It was decided to convey.
chat with men like younger women, but the smart, only once or twice. Then they will learn. The chances that a marriage work where the man is 10 years or smaller, and remember ldquo; Practice & quot; Thing. We and rsquo; again too clever after a certain age playing with a deck stacked against us.
Corollary: IT & rsquo; s growing interest in men older women for dating. Why? Hey, this is a section for women over 50 years, and we know why. Hysteria and the attitude of women between 20 and 30 years are not attractive. If the bed is not repel, it & rsquo; Banality of theatricality and fantasies of Na IUML; go and misinformed.
We don & rsquo; t Ask & ldquo; Does my look big and rdquo end ?; or property, or indiscreet questions’, passive-aggressive, whiny, dependent. We and rsquo; instead of asking again where the Dow is, or & ldquo; How do you think Prescott should respond to allegations of intimidation in his office and rdquo ?;
We don & rsquo; t wake up in the middle of the night in front of his big sales meeting, whiners, and ldquo; Are you married someone who died and rdquo me ?;
Ask a man, 40 years old, and rsquo; And he says he wants ldquo; And rdquo ;. Companion say to a spouse, according to the AARP, people over 50 years and ldquo; Personality & quot; what else matters. Marriage ends 6 hour trip for children and rsquo; at home, and that doesn and rsquo; I want to be a fool to hear about the recent sale of the way, or what a horrible boss, or how unfair life is speaking. It & rsquo; It is also the logistics of a life well lived, and that doesn and rsquo; I want someone who is sitting on the floor, crying, when overflows washing machine.
We can manage our emotions. We love you, but aren and rsquo; t driven by them. We can also modular. And we have to take long to be able to silence. We also unlikely that men of the thing they fear most do: produce the only determining our happiness. (You will see this repeatedly in Internet profiles.)

“These are some of the latest statistics from the AARP. Almost half of the, 40-69 didn and rsquo; t has a first time last year. Statistically, people are in their 50s, 15.4% were divorcees 6.25 never married and 4.4% are widowers. This is important because people who stay after a bitter divorce and fear of participation, aren and rsquo; t datable and must carry the required mark on the back.”

If this discouraging? No. If you and rsquo; if you’re a winner has joined its act when they aren and rsquo; t Drag beyond their own back, there is someone out there looking for you as hard as you are to them.
You were looking for? Start with that normally goes (opera, theater, museums, diving, hiking) amp up easily. Church with many members are also a good choice. Just be awake when and rsquo; back. Meeting sites also highlight high. About half of people over 55 believe they and rsquo; can be answered through the Internet and in the fall, I love it. It happened to me. I know that and rsquo; It s possible. Match.com has 1.5 million members over 50 years, the fastest growing group with an increase of 65% last year.
There are such sites through a variable that could worry and ndash; Religion, age, interests, location. Of particular interest to those who were with reputable school. My alma mater made the cut, maybe yours did.
Good marriages are between equals. Except in the fairy tale, successful marriage between people with a history and similar stories. This means that if you are not and rsquo; t want to be, to get to work. Get training to get in shape and have a new look, take a good supplement and nutraceutical and improve largest and sexual organ ndash; Your brain. If you fall in love with learning, she has a broken heart. Also they make your heart and mind to others much more appealing.
Over 50 years is a competitive game. fitness, skills and a good coach is required. Tyger Woods also can improve your swing with the right coach. Your coach can give you a game plan, realistic rules shorten your learning curve, improve their skills, give perspective and increase their strength and resilience.
If you and rsquo; heard so many stories, like me, you can see trends and inputs and outputs; also successful. It really is a lid for every pot. I could quote movies or books, but I & rsquo; will return to the oldest form of enjoyment of opera. It & rsquo; s existed for hundreds of years, for a reason. Check Mozart & rsquo; s and ldquo; The magical flute and rdquo; (The magic Flute). Each Papageno IT & rsquo; It is a Papagena, for all Tamino, Pamina a. It’s so cute how it works. It & rsquo; It is a game that is won with a good coach.
So it makes good food, and good luck!

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