7 The advantages of a high chair backoffice

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Bonsoni-Wallsend-Reclaimed-Oak-Stool-Hand-Built-Furniture-Using-High-Grade-Oak-30The use of an office chair is again a great way to support the ergonomic position to help you or your employees, while sitting. It also allows a more professional office space in style desk chair low back or student is inexpensive and seems to be casual look. The use of high-backed chairs in executive-level office has long been in practice, and are found in a wide range of materials available. No longer restricted to expensive leather fabric. Today you can see the options faux leather and soft tissue in a wide range of colors.

There are very good reasons to use an office chair instead of another model. It is often used as an executive chair, as such, was the chair of the type most commonly used by the authorities. But with more people with injuries or position in the previous complaints employment of workers returning to the labor office, these chairs can provide lumbar support and structures that provide a comfortable working environment. If you come home from time to time, at the end of a long day with a back injury, you will see a great improvement in your health with this design. They are perfect for use when you are in a car or in an executive office.

Another fact that deserves attention is that when he returns for himself or for an employee to buy an office chair with specific problems, you can also explore the field of massage chairs, which are easily available in the market. A person with chronic back pain could certainly benefit. massage chairs are usually resemble a normal desk chair; However, tools have heat or power in the back of the chair, you have back pain to provide comfort. Even without massage or heat, high-backed chairs give you the support you need, so you can carry on your body at work.

A copy of office chair also offers a wider variety of functions can be adjusted in relation to juvenile chairs on the market. This higher rate of return may be more suitable for a wide range of users, which is perfect if you have a seating system or more employees who share a rotating work. You can, if more than one person uses the same seat on a regular basis to suit each employee only the chair to fit when the day begins. Each employee will receive the best support, comfort and preventive protection for your personal body type.

If you are over or are bigger than an average staff person found office chairs that you feel you return to primary school. These often feel uncomfortable, have a limited scope in the lumbar region and the setting is easily broken. With an office chair, you can avoid these problems and feels more like an adult in the office environment. If you sit at your desk most of the day, this type of chair is the best choice. If you are a senior executive another position in a company or benefit from ergonomics, comfort and style of the chair.

President of Barcelona: Modern furniture exemplary design

If you look even a collector of modern furniture, is likely to der Rohe Barcelona chair has a Mies van. If not, then you should have one. A part of the prestigious collection of Barcelona, ​​including the Ottoman and the table, the president of Barcelona, ​​the best work of Mies van der Rohe Ludiwg in furniture design and a classic example of furniture modernist style is considered.

Like its Tugendhat and Brno President, the President of Barcelona of Mies van der Rohe was as part of the interior design of your architectural project, namely the German Pavilion or German pavilion in 1929. The President and the accommodation itself were the official record of Germany in the prestigious Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 he worked often in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is the cultural rebirth of Germany after world war I. During this time, Mies van der Rohe to symbolize the designer and I have long companion Lilly Reich.

The inspiration of the President of Barcelona was the Egyptian folding chairs and chairs the campaign of classical Roman times. The President also said to complement the sculptures by Georg Kolbe, who were exposed during the Expo. During his screen the Barcelona president enjoyed immediate success, with critics calling it “the king of worthy design”. Coincidentally, the President was “assessed Furniture for the common man” in a total of $ 6281 King, in contrast to the Bauhaus school was philosophy Mies van der Rohe.

Today again made Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe Knoll in Pennsylvania, USA .. Knoll acquired the rights and Mies van der Rohe name for the presidency in 1953, and its trademark rights in 2004, is the only manufacturer you make reproductions recognized true Barcelona chair. However, several third-party manufacturers such as Alphaville Design California and New York International Gordon also produce chairs in the basic design of the President of Barcelona.

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