7 tips on how better than any other woman to satisfy in bed

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Bonsoni-Poirot-King-Size-Bed-Frame-5ft-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-30Ladies, if you are the best of the always serious meeting – hearing. Men are not as complicated as you might think at first. If you want to defeat him and make him go mad at you, just give him the best sex. You have to give more pleasure in bed, he received from all the other women he already was. The thing is not to do to be the best in the world, better than the other women he knows. And it is not difficult because the average woman has no idea when it comes to meeting fully man.
I’m not going to say what they want to hear, I’ll tell you what really works in real life. When you hear fairy tales, you are free to go, if you want to get the results, read on.
1. Learn to give correct blowjobs. In fact, this ability is almost mandatory to be mastered. If I ever had a better mouth with a woman before it is at least expect the same quality for you. Men rarely go back sexual and it was amazing oral before it affect you want to continue. Learn the art of oral sex and found among 10% of women who fully know as a man. A large woman in bed, but has a good idea of ​​how to give oral is considered simply incomplete. Worth learning.
2. No other women. This is the second stage. To really her husband to join, you must be willing to do what other women “yukee” are “nasty” or. In full-time. If you really like this guy, it is not something you can put on it. Swallowing should not even be a question. Make all the outrageous things you can think of and let go sexually. If you constantly think “that” or “that” will have S-word think (know what), never the best at the end he could. Let go and be free, have fun with it and make your satisfaction satisfaction. Denying nothing. If he wants anal, do it, try it. Be open to new things.
3. The most submissive complete surrender. It is natural that men want to dominate in bed, so he did. Most men feel more masculine if they can take control and have sex with you around the house, take control over you and dominate. he or she “slave” Let and send sexual, let’s do it (and enjoy) anything you want to do you in bed Be flexible and open to new ideas. Be open to learn new things and experience, but not to force things to do fun things, rather than forced.
4. Start talking dirty or dirty. The right words can be like magic. If you know what to say, when to say it and, above all, how to tell your man explode instantly fun. Knowing what go crazy and say the right things at the right time. There is nothing more annoying than a woman who does not make noise in bed and when to ask if she’s dead or not.
Be active in bed, flexible, let’s go. Also – if you say the wrong and fear that may seem stupid things, is likely to sound stupid in the end. Be confident. If you believe what you say, what you say it sounds good. Therefore, it is more important how you say exactly what is said. Dirty talk with him and his “dirty” in every possible way. It’s a porn star in person, and he will thank you.
5. surprise when least expected. There is nothing worse than monotony in bed, so will be the sex out of the room, as often as possible should have. Make it memorable. Give him his head in the car. awaken with a blowjob. Sex in a public restroom or office. When he comes home, “attack” when he comes in the house. Kill the routine. There is nothing more beautiful than desired. Be attractive to him and to start things. You should not become so asked, instead of doing it yourself and do it for your own pleasure, it does not.
6. work regularly. Yes, you need to take care of their appearance to take as much as possible. Do you work regularly, you feel good and be as tight as possible. If you are light and easy to be much more satisfying for him on the bed to take your sex life. This is the cold, hard truth. And it is not because of him, because I do. By itself it will feel much more attractive in your own body and will have more confidence.
If you feel sexy in your body, take 10 times more sexual. Get fit, eat well and take care of you. soft and silky skin and a tense body, where every man just feel incredibly mentally when you go looking. Give this decision Lifestyles (remaining adaptation) and with him. You will see how you can completely change your sex life and likes a lot of the same family.
7. The role play. RPG can be great, and that will make your sex life more fun. Paper you play all the time, but sometimes spice things up. RPG is great as it gives you the freedom to experiment and be someone else, discover each other and at least fantasies to fill an imaginary form. It’s better if you do it with you, with someone else :) Unless your fantasy is to help you and your best friend is together in a trio. Now – a friend that you really like to do just to meet him.
The good news is that you have the right attitude of a “perfect bride” (or woman), and it is his desire to please be. This is a great quality and go, like everything you give, finally returns. To give, give and give some more, and will their relationship (and sex life) to transform. Start some of these tips and important application will go far. More importantly, have fun!

Take a look at a green Iceland, Taiwan
Rarely visited by westerners, green Iceland is a very small volcanic island, lovely south coast of Taiwan. Now, a holiday resort known for local Kuroshio traitor surrounding the island and its famous prison again be built infamous Alcatraz Taiwan. Easily accessible from the port city Taidong, take the ferry ($ 30 RT), if you have a strong, brave stomach or small propeller aircraft of 19 seats (sixty US $ RT) for a tour of high soft when more priced-. Always keep an eye based on the weather throughout transport because of the heavy rain or strong winds, and it is blocked simply acquire for himself. Book hotel package well before reaching actually proposed. Many hotels in the harbor, which is full, smelly and expensive. In addition, many of them older, stale musty smell and menthol, and some even have a view of the sea to give ($ 25 +). It is Shiacarl to stay hands down, the best place to Green Iceland. It is really a journey port roller ten missing time and gives you signed a scooter, a night tour, diving, boat tickets round trip, a dinner free phone, large windows containing the picture with a stunning views and fantastic owners who speak English. Seasonal positions include, but invested more than US $ 150 in the package 4 days / 3 nights in the summer. Tucked away in a small bay, skills Shiacarl rooms overlooking the mountains or the sea. The double bottom is the best place that also offered. Book, if possible.

Green Iceland is a paradise for those who want to escape the overpopulation of large cities in Taiwan and a necessity for almost every visit to Taiwan. You are seen early in the breathtaking sunrise definitely at the forefront of romantic neglect Sleeping Beauty and Pekinese puppy rocks. If Shiacarl, motorcycle or scooter north to experience a steep mountain road (thirty minutes. Cycling / min in September. In Roller). See the adapted just before the road begins to climb Confucius stone sentry around the harbor and see.

After capturing the sunrise begins northwest to the Sika deer range. About two kilometers from this Guanyin Cave is definitely worth a look, but opens a day later. Cave stalagmites protects an Guanyin something similar, the Buddhist goddess who pray the island of fishermen and sailors of security. Will soon be available in Oasis Village, have the ironic title of the most ignominious prison Taiwan exactly where political prisoners detained and tortured. The prison is open to the public and is for many customers, the historical highlight of the island. Whites nearby buildings and red-tiled roofs make the old green Iceland in connecting the teaching capacity of the Centre, which doubled in jail and pressured the labor camp for “vandals” the law of the 1960s to martial law ended in 1987 in search of lizards and coconut crabs while walking along the road around the building and get on a path of sand in an ideal way, the prospects for the beach. Since I found this area in the early hours of the morning, there was a bit of a shock to the road to get a clear and see two men victims of a pending group to graves. I think I’m so afraid, as he did to me! The tombs belong to the soldiers and political prisoners, and many consider the surrounding hills are persecuted for their ghosts. Driving down the road from the beach Cave Swallow legitimate identification, which hosts a variety of drinks and a carved into the rock stadium serving prisoner of cremation for entertainment, as well as functions. The views over the cliffs behind the tragus of the cave and competing goats are almost certain select pieces of grass and dare each other out at the edges.

Leaving behind the goats and ghosts, to the west to make a pit stop in which the rights of the park commemorates the political victims named below for the duration of martial Chiang Kai-shek, unlike the “white terror”. The monument consists of a pool H2O rain with a spiral tube to a source that supposedly means 1000 tears of the “disappeared” mourning the death or the victim. The fountain is surrounded by walls of white marble with the names of the victims, with the freshness of a large semi-covered space provided, the region has a strange effect mausoleum available. If you’re hungry, go for the people Gong Guan exactly where a cafe hotel operation and an excellent grill in its own buffet restaurant (~ US $ twelve lunch / dinner only) is.

background enthusiasts should now return to the northern tip of the island called Gongguanbi. This is a huge pile fossilized prehistoric shell by the Zung Liao San it occurred that inhabited the island around 1000 and one, 800 BC. AD All sorts of things were discovered with shells and wood, ceramics and jewelry.

Then head west back to the current prison island. You can take a picture from the outside, but is only allowed if you make a very unpleasant thing. Before the prison is Chaikou dive site has a good dive. many corals near the coast is dead (probably remain hospitalized for visitors with feet), but still a huge remarkable variety of fish, unfortunately. striking parrot and clown fish are easily locate open the eyes of the creatures less winery as eels, squid, octopus, jellyfish and even turtles known.
Near the dive site is a modest lighthouse. In 1937 he won the American luxury cruise ship SS President Hoover on the island when it struck a reef, and its crew was rescued by the local people. As a gesture of gratitude, the United States, proceeds donated to build the lighthouse, which was completed in the year 1939th

If you are tired of the lighthouse, which direct their attention to the south central airports, visitors and head Nanliao Harbor, which is pulling for the purchase and consumption of the key is passed. The purchase is fine if you need a bikini, want to choose dried venison, squid or seaweed, or are interested in bowls with plastic googly eyes imported from Southeast Asia. I designed a series of discoveries in these stores, designed as a fragile white jade necklace and a hanging wall knot rustic fishermen, but you have a hard to find when you should take the time mishmash of kitsch tourism. The sandwiches are quite wonderful in large shells and seaweed tofu milk to enjoy gelatin through the ice. Nanliao port, you can take a boat or whale viewing glass bottom when it is the ideal season. Shortly after the port of giant mushroom coral reefs, which will be in incredible diving apnea is rumored while there is a chance to see for herself.

To the south, on a proposal from the island, there is a field consisting of wooden platforms amid huge trees where you can pitch a tent. However, it really is a bit expensive for what they told me (US $ fifteen to twenty / night). In addition, you can basically a tent not everywhere a person who does not care. Throughout the campsite, right it is right on the water, everyone hot springs of sulfur / salt Jhaorih well known. Japan and Italy are the only two countries, the lakebed hot springs can boast so you never miss, especially for the sweet price of US $ 6 per ticket! And yet, when you go in the summer months, while, do it right until nightfall. Around the hot springs is the starting point for the Camino del Monte de la Cruz, which is only accessible on foot available. I was told that it is a program of walking to and from 6:00 to make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch repellent, sunscreen and insect.

So if you are in Asia, really do not make the mistake of neglecting Taiwan. Green Iceland is a good place to relax and get away from, and tends to make the great weekend. The beautiful surroundings, welcoming people, rich history, and the sprinkling of travel is the best combination for a memorable trip.

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