9 tips on how to build a simple Henhouse

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Bonsoni-Black-10.6-Inch-Metal-Deluxe-Peanut-Feeder-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30If you have a new fun hobby to start raising chickens are passionate and want to know how to build a simple chicken coop, there are some things that would look better before rushing used in the woodworking shop.

It is generally a good idea to see things and have been placed in a design, you have to do in one step. After all, it was what I had to do my project in 3 days to do so.

I do not like to think about important things until I have some real help to build my barn.

It took a while, a simple check by the forums in cyberspace and I, this was exactly what I wanted to end up getting this remarkable downloadable e-book on how to build a simple chicken coop.

Here are some rules I think you should consider before embarking on.

Some tips on how to build a simple Roost:

Birds are like any other animal and how to care for your pet Welsh corgi, you should carefully consider your chickens remain physically fit, comfort and satisfaction is one of the warranty.

1. You must ensure that your chicken coop is predator-proof from all sides. Make sure all openings are maintained with the correct size of wire mesh – square of 15 mm, so that predators could not reach the cage!

2. Make sure the area around the cooperative is protected by a metal grid on the floor at least 30 cm (about 1 foot) buried under the ground level, foxes and rats Graben area. Rats were usually attracted by chicken manure in the region.

3. Make sure the cage is well ventilated to avoid (but not directly in the air stream) to respiratory diseases. Although chickens can withstand cold, they could not withstand the direct path of the wind to be.

4. Make sure the cage is easy to clean. There he is responsible for keeping them healthy and disease.

5.You had better offer poles for birds races because that’s where they sleep! Make sure there is enough space, so not in a hurry today.

6. Switch to encourage nest box 1 for every 4 or 5 birds in a dark corner of the cooperative their chickens to lay eggs. Nests on the ground a little, but less than the hanger pole must be inside.

7. Make sure the cage is large enough for migrating birds when they are inside, at least 4 square meters per animal.

8. It must be the henhouse a drinker and inside.

9. To facilitate manure removal, insert a removable plastic tray hangers positions.

These are just some of the considerations when deciding on how to build a simple chicken coop.

Bonsoni-Black-10.6-Inch-Metal-Deluxe-Seed-Feeder-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30If you have problems with it all together, you have to do what I did and documented only advice from someone who had already done, and the process in a step by step.

magpies draw

Magpies are a bit of a mixture. They are widely used, and very attractive, depending on your taste. black and white plumage is complemented by a green hue. They are intelligent and social, and easy to find in many natural and human environments. Pretty easy to draw, which can be an excellent choice for bird lovers. The disadvantage is its predatory nature times. Without proper nutrition, they resort to chickens and eggs of other birds to predation. A common concern is that, if you shelter and food for other Magpies are birds appear in their own visitors waiting to feed. Keeping well fed, you can prevent their predatory nature while discovering a fascinating birds.


As mentioned above, such urracas eat eggs of other birds, great risk. If nests in your garden, then make a false nest may no easy way to win. Use an abandoned nest, or buy or build your own. An effective technique is to take the remaining egg shells of their regular meals, and leave the yolks in them or just put aside the whole egg.
This is bound to attract a lot of cake, and sometimes a crow or two. Feeding with caution, however. Perhaps attract other birds too dangerous hold.
fresh meat

Magpies are not picky about what they eat, and are willing to eat all the pieces. They are bottom feeders and eat nests or ground. For the best chance to get that try to shed some fresh meat. They are happy to eat dog food and cat, cup or simply left alone on the floor. An effective way to feed a large group to leave gutting a rabbit on the lawn. In places where rabbits are not considered harmful this can be expensive or unpopular, however.

Keep other birds fed

As I said above, magpies power plant, the floor or a table for them is better. Try perching on a standard charger an unpleasant measure, and go on strike until they drop. they will still try and succeed if they are motivated. Cage feeders are very popular among people who want to earn free cakes alarmed birds from the charger. These allow birds of a certain size, to give the largest magpies do not try to interfere with learning during fast forward.


Satisfactory magpies are birds that maintain a semi-permanent basis. The interior of the housing is quite simple. They respond to a large aviary beak places in a tree or perhaps a well wall. They are cavity nesters, to give them the opportunity to build an open nest is the best opportunity to convince them to stay.

Magpies can be a great test to earn a garden, but be careful how they interact with important fauna. If there are nests in use, which could be a very real threat to their offspring Interested like magpies. but follow these tips and you should convince any problems visited his garden to visit.

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