A Complete Guide Working Mother survival and Esteem formula Think and Grow Rich

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Mirror-Ivory-MDF-Marcella-Wall-Cabinet-by-Protege-Homeware-30Working mothers often feel they are running two different strains of rats. When they are in the office, in charge of reports, meetings, appointments and what to wear today evening cocktails. When they are at home, balancing checkbooks, checking their children homework for a child over the din of Halloween costumes and planning what to serve with the laws of dinner on Saturday.

It’s exhausting, stressful and ultimately confusing instance. Things fall through the cracks. “Oh, bring me cookies this month by the PTA for the meeting?” “Oh no, I forgot the anniversary of my mother!” “What do you mean, you need a suit for tomorrow?”

Here are some tips to keep working moms on track:

* Maintain a consolidated agenda. While most working mothers have applied a calendar with dates and deadlines carefully, they forget that often include personal appointments like vaccination programs, family birthdays or soccer practice. Instead of keeping your family calendar and office planner separate, keep your notes in one place. You can pencils or color coded for convenience, use use a digital or online planner so you can review their programs properly and efficiently.

* Do not trust your memory. Even the hard work of more organized parents, all to remember that must be completed on a given day. Let the memories, where you can see and where you are most likely like to see when in its wildest. Stick Post-it on the car dashboard or in the bathroom mirror, not on the scoreboard already overloaded. Include an important document on the inside lid of his briefcase. Or better yet, make your digital planner to send email reminders or create pop-up windows on the desktop.

* Never overbooked. If you find that the task list is out of control, and its meetings tend to overlap, then it is a sign that you do not allow time for delays or obstacles. If you think you need an afternoon to complete the report, they have two if someone plans an emergency meeting. Then, delegate tasks has not given realistic time for your calendar.

* Resist the temptation to do anything. working mothers go Superwoman Myth, leave! Not only is it impossible to do it alone, you should not. time with your child, your partner is needed, and that means being of tasks that are not important. Can you bake your sister make cookies for the PTA conference this Saturday? This gives an extra hour with your child to embrace place in the slave kitchen. Can not set instead cascade me a meeting? You (and all other stakeholders) when cleaning to finish another report or backup files an hour.

* Edit this time of “Me”. When you are stressed and busy, you tend to put last on the list, just to be able to cope with their other tasks. This is the worst decision you can make. The more busy you are, the greater the need to load, even if it is half an hour soaking in the tub, or enter the room to sneak their nails painted pink. They work hard but also play hard-earned it.

It is a way to build self-esteem, which is a little different from ordinary methods. The book Think and Reich calls this method to grow in the law of auto-suggestion. In short, we are what we are because of what we do every day, we are what we do and we do what we always reinforce the behavior through practice and repetition. The universe will give us everything we want and ask, rather negative or positive; You as easy to get as misery get lucky, depending on the way of thinking.

It may seem a bit difficult to understand, you can receive as simple as you can get prosperity by thinking that you keep this statement is also true poverty that one plus one is two. What do you think is what you get, and once you start what you think, your thoughts are reinforced to confirm what we believe to be true, and still thinks the same way and continues to receive the same. You get the rich or poor, good or bad, it is because of what he thinks. All this brings us to the underlying problem of self-esteem, or to discuss the lack of it.

You must change your thoughts before thinking you can change, you have your thinking change your life to change, and the best way to keep your thoughts to change by auto-suggestion. They found that their biggest weakness is the lack of confidence, and with this discovery, you want a cure, a way to change your low self-esteem, overcome by self-confidence. Well, the book Think and Grow Rich, the solution to your problem has a formula to change your thoughts. They are just mathematical formulas used to solve math problems, so this formula is used to change your thoughts.

The Think and Grow Rich book us you have to take matters into attacking the influence of the current environment, to get rid of and build your life as you reported. To do this, you must follow the formula until it changed the way you think. From now on the two to write the following statements and then store them in the bathroom mirror or coffee, where the first thing is to see every day. You can copy and paste into a document and save to your computer and use it as an office or as a screen saver or any other method you can think of, so use you see every day. So when you see it, you will be strong and with a sense read at least twice in the morning and again at noon, and again at dinner, and again before bedtime. In this way, you are the power of auto-suggestion with and after a short time, memorize, and soon after, your subconscious mind will accept as truth. Then, as sure as the sun rises every day, going to see a change in you and in your life, and an improvement of their situation. The formula works, then do it now, and with just a few repetitions will see results, and with a week of this, positive feelings and confidence for a better experience.

First, I know I’m capable of achieving the object of my mission in life, therefore, continuous measures for its establishment, and I promise here and now demand of myself persistent, to take such measures.

Secondly, I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind finally be played outdoors, physical action, and gradually transformed into physical reality. Therefore, I will share my thoughts for thirty minutes a day, the task of thinking of the person I intend to be concentrated, to thereby provide a clear picture in my head.

Thirdly, I know the principle of Outo suggestion all the desires that I have in my head stubbornly finally sow expression in a practical way, to get the object, because of this, so I’ll devote a day tem minutes to demand even the development of self-confidence.

Fourth, clearly I wrote a description of certain important my purpose in life and I will never stop trying until it has developed sufficient confidence to carry.

Fifthly, which no wealth or position fully effective made to last long, unless built on truth and justice, so I will participate in any transaction that not everyone will they benefit, I succeed by attracting affects even the forces that want to use, and other forms of cooperation. I will induce others to serve me because my desire to serve others. I will eliminate by developing love for all humanity hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism. I know that a negative attitude toward others can never lead to success myself. I’ll make others believe me because in them and I believe.

Finally, I want to sign my name to this formula, memorize and repeat aloud every day, believing that affect gradually my thoughts and actions, so I’m going to be independent and a person who is successful.

Now is the time to act, being so busy and write the formula down, or print it and put it where you can see and use. Remember that all thoughts tend to wear their physical counterparts pulses.

Be blessed

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