A good start: Six Feng Shui tips for your wedding and How to create a successful online jewelry store with less money?

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Kendall-Aluminum-Drop-Jewellery-Stand-Black-30Feng Shui has many definitions, and my simple descriptors are:
& Bull; The process of our expertise to maximize an environment
& Bull; An environment that feels safe.
There are different environments: the mind, body, home, work, relationships, transport, and so on. When it comes to body, mind and relationships – IT & rsquo; s input and output; In other words, positive thoughts and to attract positive reactions actions. be when it comes to love, in love and share another, our experience of Feng Shui is definitely a tool for your toolbox.There are many types of Feng Shui. What most people think of when talking about marriage, it is & ldquo; Love & rdquo; or & ldquo; Weddings and rdquo; Region. West (Black Sect) Feng Shui; That and rsquo. Some of what and rsquo; the cover is here applied to Western Feng Shui, and some of them not.
We and rsquo; Re focuses on Feng Shui classic, which goes beyond a zone of love or marriage. In this approach, all aspects related to love and marriage. For example, northwest acts of a church, reception, or at home, the heads of people. SW affects the heads of women. North refers to communication, South affects the heart, and so on. To influence all areas of love, and if you’re a mixed family, some directions (and energies there) affect children.
Feng Shui acts is comprehensive and complete. When an area out of balance, which is love and / or marriage may be affected. If you and rsquo; Separation or divorce of energy, to be managed. If you and rsquo; energy transaction, which must be managed.
People ask me for years, as his engagement, weddings, honeymoons maximize and apartments. This article offers some useful ideas. The six tips are listed here. It & rsquo; s is provided below.
As you and rsquo; ll read below, there are some considerations for the planning phase. Timing (date picker) is the tip number one because it has a domino effect. The events begin at a daily high energy rather than the test of time.
2. Wedding
Honore people and rsquo; so that everyone can experience the personal energies and a win / win.
3. The wedding experience
Communications are equal to satisfaction. Create a plan; Join helping others, then the work plan.
4. The honeymoon
Choose a place that both supports (based on tip number two). By doing this, the pleasure and relaxation improved.
5. Your home
A Feng Shui advice for your home is a gift that lasts. The analysis yielded a plan, action, then your gift list (agents that may be required) can be sent. Question to support the good start of their relationship, health and success in life.
Like in Feng Shui, life is a journey, not a destination. You & rsquo; to restart a life together. Remember, every day thinking about what to include and rsquo; re grateful. Even if you and rsquo; s failure leads to a breakthrough.
Planning, keep these additional tips to consider:
& Bull; It is said that everything worthwhile is worth doing. As for the date of analysis, simply recommend some people & ldquo; Weddings and rdquo; Appointment. Some advise to fulfill their-Western astrological birth. Again, the analysis is more complex and comprehensive. Consider dozens of factors, so you can plan with confidence (commitment, the application of your marriage license, the dates for the customer to travel when to have the wedding to sign the time of the ceremony starts in contracts, if deposits decisions in services, where the reception for dates for honeymooners, data movement, etc.).
& Bull; Your Ring & rsquo; the design can be influenced by Feng Shui. An example is that if you are a person of the earth and your partner is the fire; the earth is yellow, beige, brown and place; the light is red, pink, purple and triangle color. You can select (or red gems) a ring with a diamond in the center of the square and the triangle diamond on the page.
& Bull; An ecological approach could be rings with precious metals or stones or recycled without work. It & rsquo; It is always a good idea to have cleaned the rings before reuse. Cleaning (or replacement) passes dirt releases jewelry. It & rsquo; s get rid of a process of energy. A ring someone tried another or used his energy. If the stone cutter (or person, ring size) was applied, is that the energy in the ring.
& Bull; Make sure the power position much coupling. If N & rsquo; t, it & rsquo; This is usually something that can be done.
& Bull; The site analysis site for the wedding ceremony and reception are very important. Even if you and rsquo; s strong negative energy, it & rsquo; It is usually a simple solution (and temporarily, because the don & rsquo; t have the site). Remember that Feng Shui felt good not to be seen. You should not be on hand trinkets and statues around.
& Bull; Consider the ceremony and reception at the ecological sites (land and pets). The use of ecological materials and decorations. In throwing a wedding instead of rice, we have grass seeds and flower. instead of buying flowers in other wedding guests brought flowers, adjust the color palette. Its originality was amazing (to its customers and rsquo; precaution and fun) and some even grown at home.
& Bull; device and follow a budget. Avoid shock and remorse, which can reduce residual images. Local suppliers are environmentally friendly, not only because they cost less, IT & rsquo; it is better for the environment.
& Bull; With respect to photography, digital. Upload pictures to a website where people who are most important to buy them. There is a difference when people buy yourself (open compared with a book bag). You can always choose and lsquo; Gift & rsquo; make a picture or two.
& Bull; Explore an organic menu with your caterer. Again, this usually means that support locally produced food from local farmers.
& Bull; The cake, how can its rings and Feng Shui rsquo; after you and your partner and rsquo; s energies.
Let and rsquo; s explore in detail the wedding party:

& Bull; The bride and groom have their own energy from the date of birth, date and place of birth, respectively. We want your energy to honor in everything we do (invitations, wedding colors, dress wedding halls, rings positions during the ceremony are eating habits, gifts, music, seat selection, location honeymoon , and we have already mentioned, and cake).
& Bull; The bride and groom and rsquo; Energy also determines compatibility. Sometimes we choose partners with similar tastes and sometimes we choose partners that require more work. Doesn and rsquo; t say it and rsquo; t work, just more work is needed. Feng Shui helps smooth out the rough edges. In one case, the data has been particularly difficult. Its elements were, so it was good for them wasn and rsquo; t good for him. It requires that the scope of the analysis (due to the complexity) to search for each day over a period of two years, and then occurs only five days to work. It was well worth the search!
& Bull; Moreover, it seems that communications – strengths and weaknesses are identified. Then we can choose to see the strengths and develop our weaknesses. This is the key component of a long-term relationship.
& Bull; The bride and groom and rsquo; s address energy determine their individual cabins. If they object, a commitment process begins. His energy also refers to the choice of the house, and if they are challenged or supported.
& Bull; The bride and / or groom and rsquo; clothing is a factor. An ecological approach could be a second-hand clothes or inherited. In this case, a cleaning order.

& Bull; Wedding and rsquo; the dress is another consideration. If (depending on their individual energy) is the game most of the fire (for example), we want to minimize the red.
& Bull; refers Party gifts for the wedding, so you can select gifts that complement your personal energy; or you can even further simplify and hellip; give gifts environment (trees planted in their name, the star bearing his name, etc.).
In view of the wedding experience:
& Bull; A wedding or a place that has a surplus of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or geopathic stress, can move people. Tempers burns or people looking for a surplus on their special day, are not pleasant experiences. Minimize these effects in joy and harmony exist, reflecting the day.
& Bull; If you have outside of receipt, flow and furniture can be improved.
On the subject of the honeymoon, now you know the time, place, pleasure and relaxation, a combination of dynamite are. In one case, we have helped a couple to express a typhoon!
As mentioned above, your home can affect your relationships, health and success; or better. Instead of elements going for a period of time of use on a shelf, you can express their gifts for a better future. Now that and rsquo; It is a great gift!
If at this point, you and rsquo; re think and rsquo; s to treat too and hellip; Feng Shui really simplifies the process. It is our duty to understand the details and submit an action plan. We hear again and again that has saved customers time, effort and money. Do it right the first time and everyone benefits.
Kendall-Aluminum-Drop-Jewellery-Stand-30Finally, and rsquo; Return of the definition of Feng Shui. You & rsquo; have paved the way for you and your partner, the wedding party and guests paved the experiences and maximize hellip; Things flow more easily. There are fewer surprises emotional or financial fewer delays or cancellations, respond fewer conflicts in general. Actions focused (efficient and effective), resulting in less stress and more fun. After all, and rsquo; Therefore, you and rsquo; reshare his first marriage.

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