A guide for ideas Cellar Bar, An introduction to wine tasting

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Have you seen increasingly as the establishment of a bar in the basement? There are many ideas line bar in the basement, but their own custom fit to take on his new bar in your neighborhood to help keep your preferences and needs. If you even have the most basic carpentry skills, you can do it. Here are some of the most important things you need to get to the basement bar and is ready for fun.

Planning your project

Like any business, do it yourself, it is noteworthy to establish a spending plan and deadlines. A spending plan is crucial because it helps to know what kind of bar and accessories that you can expect to pay. The deadlines are equally important because they do not want your warehouse to be an endless task. Note that you seek bar dream, and remember as you continue with your task.

Dry Bar Wet bar

Bonsoni-Torino-Bar-Stools-Blue-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-20Of course, one of the most important things you need ideas to put your wine cellar is a real bar There are two main types of bar. wet and dry. A rail network and drainage. A wet bar may consist of one or more drill holes and even a dishwasher. Several wet bars, they even have ice cubes, which, unlike ice, allow the ice to melt is emptied out of the water out, the remaining ice. dry bars are exactly what they sound like: dry. No water and drain connections in a dry bar. However, if the bar dream is a bar, but if you can not afford to be off immediately, plan your dry bar so it easily can be adapted in a bar at a later date.
Working with any do it yourself, it is very important to local regulations to verify the authority of the building to see if permits for the construction of the rod to add the plumbing or installation of power equipment are required.

Custombuilt purchased or business

There are two main options for basement bars-it-yourself, constructed or acquired in business custom. Custom built rods for the construction of a wooden mold is easy to support a counter, and the layer of plywood or decorative coatings, or as complex as you can imagine their skills. bars business buy a long table are the least, or as a portable bar with comprehensive integrated fridge. His perfect bar depends on your finances and time you have to build. Whatever you choose, make sure it looks real and has plenty of space for drinks too. They have a wonderful looking bar undoubtedly one of the main bars basement ideas is to consider.

Sound, lighting and television

No bar is complete without its own special touch. You can lighting in the bar, or even take a table with a hanging light. Make sure you are comfortable with electrical work, always consult a qualified electrician if you need help. Also, make sure your requirements to follow local building codes for electrical work. A simple phone call to your city or town hall to contact the good inspectors. Most bars have stereo systems or TV programs. You can add one or two at the bar. Plan ahead so you can place the TV so you better watch on the bar. You really want to mount the roof make as many bars. Also try to put your stereo receiver hand at some place, so you can easily change the music while you are working behind a bar. In fact, let want some space to dance there.

Plenty of space and accessories

The most important accessory in your bar and comfortable seating. If you intend to have a lot of people to see what has become his ideas in the basement, then you better make sure you have plenty of seating in the basement. Stools come in all shapes and sizes and can be expensive. Make sure you choose, your bar stools and a comfortable fit. Be creative with your bar in the basement; Reclining sofas and consider if you want to be comfortable.

Fundamentals bar

His winery also called for a couple of drinks. Few drinks, you probably need a good refrigerator, ice maker, blender, and of course, a set of glasses and cups for different beverages.

If you have all these things in place, then you can start your friends who come, to see how beautiful winery turned ideas. No doubt it will be as happy as it is with the new basement bar.

Bonsoni-Torino-Bar-Stools-Silver-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-20Most tasting rooms are similar to the way they work. After trying entrance of the room, a staff member of the tasting room will welcome you. Go to the tasting bar and says he wants to try some of the wines. Some wineries invite you to wine tastings and other not. Sometimes a souvenir glass is included when a tasting fee is paid. You may have another option to treat all wines on your list want, or select a range of wines to taste five wines.

Let the consultant Keller tasting. We have experienced consultants who make wine and tell us what we are about to smell and taste. Others will ask what we see in the wines. However, the latter is less common. There is some risk that the basement to allocate staff when asked his opinion. I remember an air of disappointment when an tasting consultant asked me what I thought a wine tasted and said: “leather”. The counselor thought he had the taste of coffee. Do not drink coffee and now I have a sneaky feeling that should taste like leather.

If a tasting room one day less to go busy (usually in the middle of the week), you will be able to enjoy the wine, winery and vineyards to speak. Most staff members of the tasting room are knowledgeable about the wines they pay. Almost one percent of the vineyards we visited had a staff member who gave help only the weekend and pours wine. He said he knew nothing about the wines served.

Most of the time, to be located in the tasting bar. Some tasting rooms have bar stools next to the tasting. This is a welcome addition, if you like the third winery of the day. Some wineries use tables for wine tastings. McGregor Vineyard and Winery along Keuka Lake in New York, who sits on a table. The wine consultant will bring a plate of food and bites to discuss with you the wine list. We also had an experience “sit and be served” at Gloria Ferrer in California.

The theme continued Schramsberg California “sitting at a table.” After a visit to the Schramsberg caves, the tour group gathered in a small dining room, which is set for a group of people had three tables. Our tour filled two tables. champagne wine consultant spoke, then the table is served. the an excellent opportunity for wine with others at the table. This intimate approach that left the group talking in Pine Ridge Winery and Quintessa California.

Sometimes the wineries will be on hand and give a tour and make your tasting. Our most memorable visit was in the Lenz Winery on Long Island in New York. The winemaker had us taste their wines in stainless steel tanks. He asked us what we think, and we do not agree with us often. His tour continued, the thief gun camera in hand and we tasted some wine barrels. barrels of wine tasting or tanks can give you an idea, when the wine is ready, or more aging. The wineries in Prince Michel vineyards and winery in Virginia has special drum samples. He talks about his wines and the stage they are in, if the tests.

One of our favorite tasting was at Del Dotto Winery Tour in California. The tour took our group through the tunnel one hundred year old candlelight more. Our guide stopped along the way and we taste wine barrels. When we tasted the wine, we have attached a note on the drum. After the tour, you could order the wines tasted. The wine is bottled and delivered to many destinations in bottles.

Visiting tasting room at the winery is a great activity. Try to limit your visit in one day, the number of tasting rooms. We try to visit two or three in a day. tasting rooms are less crowded on weekdays. Call ahead or check. His time on the Internet before you start your adventure

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