A Panamonte Thanksgiving

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Bonsoni-Sherborne-Oak-Cube-Two-Shelf-Unit-Made-of-a-High-Quality-Grade-of-Oak-30Thanksgiving is not, strictly speaking, a holiday in Panama. However, Panamanians have this festival in the brightest North America and embraced Thanksgiving Day, as it is called, can be seen in many homes, restaurants and hotels. The Panamonte Inn, Boquete, ThanksgivingDay was observed by the owners of the Elliot-Collins family for over 40 years.

This year, November 24, 2011 at the 5th Annual Charity Dinner Thanksgiving is Inga Mark Collins. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Rotary clubs of David and Boquete to assist their efforts to improve health, education and housing Chiricanos. Mrs. Inga Collins announced that Corresponds personally raised by the $ 2,000 amount event. What a way to say “Thank you!”

Panamonte events are known for their elegance, exquisite decor and seasonal flowers, warm hospitality and well-known creative menus. Thanksgiving Panamonte Inn is always a matter of luxury, with a buffet of food that represents the best traditions of North America, Panama and Sweden multicultural food. The event this year promises to be even better than the year PASTA € “to start if something can imagine two buffet areas. One in the beautiful turn of the century dining and another outside the room El Salto will be met. A tented area is that the lights shine buffet and garden house through the trees, giving even during the festival.

What a Thanksgiving buffet in Panamonte look (and taste!) Make How? And what distinguishes it from other Thanksgiving buffet? “That’s easy,” says the head of Collins. Southern style cornbread dressing “The quality and variety. All three types have Turkeyâ €” All American with French bread and herb dressing and turkey stuffed with Catalan sausage and autumn fruit dressing. It is mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, wild rice, candied yams, Swedish bacon baked, salads are … “Chief Collins smiles and raises his hands in the air.” The menu goes on and on. We roast pork, dumplings pumpkin … and we have not even started on the desserts ”

The evening will begin at 18 pm with champagne in the lounge of El Salto. At 06:30, participants will be in a drawing drawingâ surprise € “Gift Baskets special home for him and her, designed by Charlie Collins into consideration. Dinner starts at 19 hours.

The Panamonte has two very special, very unique restaurants this year:
σ ± Option 1 is for a private party 10-12 in the terrace Terrace Suites 1 and 2. The Party will be served by a dedicated butler and waiter. The menu is an appetizer (special touch of the chef), a function of the cocktail hour, a Thanksgiving buffet complete (the same size of Turkey boss), a selection of fine wines and a dessert table that uses Douglas, confectioner. comfortable seating, a full service, haute cuisine … is a really fancy option for a special family gathering.
σ ± Option 2, a small (maybe romantic?) Election of officers 2-4 persons on the terrace Suites 3 and 4. A private butler to meet the needs of customers. Confidentiality, personalized service and first class food gourmet dishes five unmatched delight … which is much appreciated!

This year, to ensure customer satisfaction, all tickets are sold in advance. At the time of purchase, you can book your table part of a plan you want is available. If you have a preference to sit indoors or in the garden, grab your tickets soon, so choose the dining room, you can ask for. Tickets can be purchased in Boquete Panamonteâ € “call 720-1324. In David, contact Rotary member Rosela Nasta at 775-5485 or through their offices, quick stop of lava on Avenida Obaldía David.
Tickets for the dining room or garden buffet are $ 43.00 per person. tickets The deadline is Nov. 17.

For one of the private luxury accommodation with Sandra Naranjo at 720-1324. These are strictly limited and is only possible by appointment.

For information on a packet of Action Special thanks Panamonte including hotel and breakfast, call 720-1324 for details.

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