A Tuscan Look for Your Home

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Throwing sweet ocher, age or time in natural stone garden furniture iron, used a good time, flowerpots planters or urns, and a vine in a wooden vault is growing – Many of us time for this timeless views Tuscan rustic for our outdoor spaces.


Unfortunately, of course, no? Not really possible, an interesting aspect of Tuscany, where climatic conditions are very different and buildings built in different styles and with different materials to replicate. However, with a little effort and the right materials, you can create at least a semblance of the atmosphere of Tuscany in your garden or terrace.

The best place with the walls. Ideally, the walls should be made to give a slightly rough appearance and ocher color will be recorded in the minutes or painted later. It’s a good idea to take a look at the books on the Tuscan choosing the right colors.

Then you need to think about what was on the floor. To avoid exhausting work and the cost of existing concrete breaking and re-installation of natural stone slabs, one of the cheapest ways to use the platform locking tile options. These tiles can be simply placed just above the top of the existing surface. Do not use adhesives, because each plate effectively blocks tabsand in the adjacent plate with integrated connection “floats” on the surface. can these days cover interlocking tiles in a variety of surface materials, but for a look of Tuscany, the best choice would be the tile engagement normally natural sandstone.

Once installed tiles or pavers, then you can start decorative objects. Try to find some large planters or urns. Instead of expensive natural stone products, buy very good reproductions of cement molded an antique finish added. Note that some planters or large, well-designed polls always be better than a large collection of smaller objects.

Now you can convert the furniture. Ideally you want to use furniture in rustic iron or if you can afford the extra cost, you can choose a stone bench or two, a couple of stone seats or even a stone table.

Finally, you need to select suitable for use in urns or planters plants and the environment that just formed. You really want to use plants that a Mediterranean atmosphere and not bright, colorful plants. In general, the most suitable plants are those with gray strap or brown as leaves. If you have room, you can also install an arch or pergola and vines forming a free space and pergola. Otherwise, you could set grid plates on one wall and an attractive vine for the network to grow selected form.

Needless to say it will be an impossible night to achieve the full effect, but Rome was not built in a day. But with patience and proper planning can finally his own special corner of Tuscany, enjoy right in your backyard.

Container Garden Watering Systems

Here are some tips for effective watering plants in tubs and pots.

• Large planters, require less watering than longer.
• If you put in the shade, water demand will be significantly reduced.
• When you do water, make sure you water thoroughly, flood, water that reaches the floor and repeat on you.
• Ensure that the tubes are easily accessible; You do not want to drag them from afar every time.
• Use saucers, you can fill the dishes with water in dry weather. Are you a little more moisture is.
• The use storage materials. The water in the soil There are many varieties in your garden center. Be sure to read the instructions for us.
• Finally, if its plants are severely wilted, try to move a shaded place and then give a good watering. They are robust and survive.


Water is essential for all pots, pots and containers. It is ideal to ensure that the soil is evenly moist at all times. It could be used more than once a day with very hot water and dry, or if you have your plants in small pots.

Take the time you spend watering and make it a pleasure. The water rod is very easy to use and flood the plants; you can give a good soak a soft spray. Ideally, be sure to soak the root ball. This encourages deep root plants, allowing them to make more drought tolerant over time. Take time to enjoy your containers, watering offers a chance to deadhead, if necessary, what plants grow and can be a winners will be chosen for next year in the consideration or perhaps would do better SOMEE is She moved elsewhere.

“The best way to ensure that the planters are in excellent shape is to install a drip irrigation system. The drip system is practical or not depends on the arrangement of the containers and planters. If they close together, all on the patio or balcony, you may install a faucet and hose around the perimeter of the deck with emitters in each pot. They can create different zones so that the pots can be watered at different times.”

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your plants are well watered is to create self watering planters, pots and containers. You can do this with any of your existing or new this flower boxes. Creating a deposit on the bottom of the water container, cover with a wicking material and then the container bottom to the top. Slide a refillable cylinder down (to the right of the bottom tray). Over time, the plant roots extend downwardly into the water. Make sure the tank is filled to keep the tube or a hole in the side of the container is used near the bottom. You can buy a kit conversion hidrojardineras all necessary materials themselves are poured planters.

Do You Need Garden Planters?

A problem these days in the garden is that many people have little or no garden. For this reason there planters. Garden planter allows you to have a flower garden at home. These containers are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The pots and planters can grow plants, even if you have no garden or open space for gardening. Home gardening has never been easier with the availability of ornamental plants, which can be placed inside and outside.

If the producers of the election, it is important to consider how they would look with home and interior design. The types of ornamental plants that are transplanted into pots. Note that the planters should serve good-looking container for your ornamental plants. A proper garden planter is one that not only looks good, but is also compatible with the growth of the plant in it.

The size of the drill is important for two reasons. The first is that you can not have small pots of large shrubs, unless you want to grow bonsai. Another reason is that you can not have a big pot in the corner of a small room.

If you are planning on creating a small terrace in the garden, then a good system of buying planters should be included in your project. Before a series of boxes to buy, consider what type of garden you want to have. Even if you only have a small grove, along with planters complement your garden look decent. This does not mean you buy boxes of similar shapes and sizes. A variety of pots and containers balance has a small garden look magnification.

You also need to select a function of the quality boxes. planters bad facts can easily break under pressure or with slight movements. Pots can be frozen during the cold winter days and breaking. Unless you plan to bring ornamental shrubs outdoors indoors in winter, you may want to invest in a sturdy container plants.

Some people simply buy beautiful planters without wondering if the containers are suitable for plants. However, most plants grow everywhere, as long as it is not good soil, plenty of water, and a good amount of light.

Consider the ability of farmers porosity and drainage. A plant container should have holes to allow excess water. Containers have to be filled with water without holes and plants absorb. So make sure that farmers have water discharge means

Planters are made of different materials. Common side pots are made of clay, but modern planters can be made of steel or aluminum. Ceramic containers are also available. Pots and container manufacturers provide garden planters time, heat, frost and other harmful elements are resilient. There are also plants in containers with self-watering mechanisms that are suitable for sunny days.

Many people have little space for gardening. You can enjoy gardening, allowing the growth of a different appearance foliage. container gardening is popular for those who have little or no space in the garden. With the boxes on the right side can have its own beautiful garden containers.

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