alarm clock travel – Why you need to travel without them! Waking up naturally without PM

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Slate-Wall-Clock-by-Protege-Homeware-20If you are one of those people who avoid him around the world, so you know that late at night, flights can make your biological clock in the morning and jetlag. In this disorientation stay in a strange place and waking up in a strange bed, and has every reason to lose this important flight.

Reisewecker are your trusted allies, loyal during the trip. They help to sleep, it is necessary, because it is a guarantee that no matter how little sleeping asleep or how tired you are.

Travel Alarm Clock is available in different varieties, soporifically simple models that simply your call attention to the more complex models shout features you can imagine.

Some of the travel alarm clock the most interesting models are:
time zone watches: These watches are simple and sober. Show the time in the time zone where the left and the time zone. So you do not have to calculate the time at home.
His therapy Watches: When you sleep, the kind of person who has difficulty in strange rooms, this therapy alarm clock sound trips are for you. They have different types of music that convey a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility in mind, numbing sleep so quiet. These watches are available with different alarm tones.
Watches Children: If traveling with your children, you can give them their own radios. These watches are bright and welcoming with a moody music that revived the child half asleep.

Obviously, the above is just a brief list of travel alarm clock on the market. If so, an alarm clock to buy if you know exactly what you want, it is likely to be confused by the variety.

What are some of the key features of travel alarm clocks to look?

What is the source of energy: more Reisewecker be fed small battery. You might have some plug-in cables and batteries. Connect the cables are not a necessity, but the owner offer comfort for the work of awakening, even if the batteries are exhausted.

Double time: If you want to stay in touch with your base, you can be better with a clock, dual time indicators. They also show some watches, time of 24 hours, which could have a bit of confusion. Understand your needs before buying.

Alarm settings: Alarm settings must be the type that suits your personality. In modern most alarm, the alarm function is provided repeat. Make sure you buy an alarm clock that is determined to wake up!

Bells and whistles: Various watches come with several additional features. Most of them are a matter of personal preference and are not really required.


naturally and without arousing loud the alarm sounds much easier than I thought. His body slowly adapted to a quiet sleep awakening.
First, determine the exact time you need to wake up. It is essential for any day of the week. You can not say you have to get up at any time 6-7 hours. It must be true that 6:00 or 6:30 pm. It aims to train at the same time, he wakes been fixed. The key is to make effective use of the metal alarm clock. Ask awaken prematurely. Think of the time you want to wake up. Show clock with time to get up and walk screens. The technique of auto-suggestion, saying aloud: “I wake up (time).”

The amount of sleep needed

Metal-Wall-Clock-by-Protege-Homeware-30Calculate the amount of sleep you need. This can be difficult. Feeling sleepy during the day? Are you yawns all day? These are signs of less sleep. Getting enough sleep is very important for your health. that is the lack of sleep can affect your reaction time and mental performance and also have a negative impact on the immune system. It is important to know how many hours of sleep you need. Refraining from things that affect sleep, like alcohol, sleeping pills, caffeine, snuff and cigarettes. Proceed to the use of products to abstain until you find the number of hours of sleep you need. If you are dependent on alcohol, snuff or other drugs, so it will be difficult to sleep, while products abstention. In such cases, you must remove your addiction before Making Test abstentions. Do not take a nap and go to bed when you are tired. Continue for a few days to find the amount of sleep you need. Everyone is different, but all of that. More than 15 needs 7 to 10 hours of sleep per night

Plan your time

Go every day at the same hour in bed, depending on the time needed to get up and the amount of sleep you need. First, it will be difficult to go at the same time to go to bed, but it gets easier with time.
Wean yourself using the alarm. Within days bedtime and wake regular time, you should be able to wake up without an alarm clock. Note that none of these methods are 100% effective, and what can one person by another, or not. Try if you are not very important to do at some point, or you can use the clock as a backup, you can set a half hour after you want to get up. Be careful of taking naps in the middle, and marring the regular sleep pattern and make it difficult to sleep on time. If your body needs rest and that is part of your regular schedule and take the same time and the same every day.

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