All You Ever Wanted to Know About Biker Jewelry a.k.a. Gothic Silver Jewel

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Set: biker jewelry (Pronunciation: \ ‘bi-ker “ju-the-re \ noun) – biker jewelry, often, also sometimes known as balancing jewelry, gothic jewelry, rock and roll jewelry, jewelry rock n roll huge contrast compared to normal notions of delicate jewelry and more weight and substance bears against ~~ traditional POS = TRUNC. Gothic silver jewelry is easy to recognize by the loud statement that makes your masculine look . brand is often thick, heavy and precious metals used forged;. in particular, silver, sterling, the material of the architect of choice, it is not uncommon to see a chain of real folder sterling silver to see a book a famous biker jewelry given weighting together the combination of leather. (sometimes crocodile or snake), money and strong designs includes the essential elements of the image of banned cyclist. on the other hand does not have to be a cyclist or motorbike to experience the lifestyle you enjoy biker jewelry. The bike is simply a cultural icon representing the ability to freely roll, to feel the blisters on the skin cause the wind is strong personal style without limits to the public and to live without restrictions. Carrying the Gothic money is the ultimate statement of freedom and independence to do.


Today biker jewelry has become very complex developed from simple strings, traditional portfolio and skull rings, custom, handmade, fine art donnable pure silver and other precious metals. In the world of biker jewelry, bold designs and patterns role. The models used most often include an array of pet jewelry, skull jewelry, crosses, jewelry, fleur de lys, the heart of fashion jewelry and jewelry fire. strong jewelry lovers Biker emphasize the importance of good money instead of designs from brands like tattoo enthusiasts as big ink designs. Patina on money appears as a single bright and beautiful black contrast shiny silver background; a peculiar effect can only replicate any other metal.

Los Angeles and Tokyo are the gothic silver jewelry in the world. Known as “Mad Money” in Japan, the first jewelry Japanese cyclists were young rich to admire in Los Angeles in the 1990s, which took place directly in the magical Gothic Silver of the first designs of Gabor Nagy tourists.

The first generation of biker jewelry and designer leather Los Angeles:

GN – Gabor Nagy started “Gabor” or “Gaboratory”
TW – Travis Walker (students and staff Gabor) began Double Cross Jewelry
BWL – Bill Wall (friend Gabor) began Leather BWL Bill Wall or
DP – Dennis Pollicino started Hides and treasures
RS – Richard Stark based Chrome Hearts or CH
RM – Ryk Maverick began Starlingear
VAL – Jerry Van Van Amburg founded Amburg Hides

Popular areas of Los Angeles for cyclists jewelry: Santa Monica; Venice; Malibu; Melrose
Biker jewelry most popular countries: United States; United Kingdom; Germany; Hong Kong; Japan; Taiwan

Biker jewelry or jewelry Rock n Roll was the first of its kind in which men met almost exclusively to represent with flashy designs and bold designs, power, freedom and rebellion. Once thought belongs exclusively to the realm of cyclists, outside the law and rocker, gothic silver jewelry sneaked into the public area adequately large for men and women. Gothic silver jewelry designers and fans deserve sterling silver by the growing popularity of jewelry much credit, Men Rock ‘n’ Roll, accessories and ornaments fashion skull.

Gone are the days when the links and watches can use unique accessories are expected to men. Today jewelry has an important staple of the wardrobe of a decent man with sterling silver as the first metal of choice. The powerful combination of leather, silver and bold designs are the basic elements of the image of cyclists and men and women increasingly fashionable motorcycle inspired to be taken for casual wear. Designers are responding by developing new lines for both sexes in the call, leather jackets biker style include clothing, baseball caps, T-shirts and, of course, sterling silver jewelry. biker jewelry, regardless of what critics say, long ago, is definitely here to stay.

In recent years, prices rose cyclists jewelry so quickly that fans are increasingly market price. In response to these events, time convincing traditional labels now by small jewelers offered to provide the same sterling silver (inspired) identical or almost the same way as the original design alternatives.

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