Alpaca and the Spanish conquistadors

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Ivory-Beaded-Flock-Hand-Made-Cushion-by-Protege-Homeware-30The alpaca had thrived in Peru and Chile for thousands of years, living in and around the Andes, the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century as the conquerors were accustomed to animals and native agriculture, when they arrived, they brought with them European livestock for meat and wool. Among them were sheep, including the Merino, known for its excellent web known. Unfortunately these imported sheep and other animals caused rapid damage to natural habitat and alpacas were forced to leave the best grazing land in difficult conditions more than 4,000 meters above sea level, where the sheep did not venture out. Many animals were killed by people who invade due to the fact that they were spoiled by the Incas as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Small herds that had survived the remains of a huge population; it was the ability of the alpaca live in high mountain regions inhospitable that kept going off.

Fortunately for those of us who love the nature of animals, and fiber they produce, over time, the alpaca population grew again. That is, of Inca expert breeding some extent was lost, resulting in a slight deterioration in the quality of fiber most animals. The alpaca is recognized worldwide today, and better improve animal husbandry in some herds fiber quality. However, by far the softest fiber and the finest alpaca clothing for dates of young animals. The shearing of the first year is known as baby alpaca, which is the demand of all kinds of clothes, baby shoes Bedsocks. The beautiful garments in alpaca is nevertheless of King baby alpaca. This amazing baby alpaca fiber quality, recognized by its small number of microns and luxurious atmosphere. Very few royal baby alpaca wool is available – was reserved in the days of the Incas, woolens of this rare and precious for the use of royalties.

Although wool young animals is the most luxurious alpaca clothing older animals also many of its distribution of benefits contemplated. People with skin allergies or are sensitive to wool alpaca clothing able to use because it is free of lanolin, and because it is not the guitar, the texture of the wool itchy another. Even newborns benefit covers available gloves and alpaca Cardigans areas. Those who wear items of alpaca or house to buy (such as pillowcases) rarely look back and are more than happy to find your next product alpaca. Animals attractions capture the hearts of many. Its unique fiber when woven by the responsibility of generations needed to produce high quality clothing, seems to be the natural choice. The alpaca has overcome the challenges of the world of the 16th century to become a beloved animal, for the inhabitants of the Andes, and materials for the most demanding customers in many countries of income.

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