An Appreciation Of Van Gogh’s Starry Night And His Famous Paintings

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Many fans of the art considered Van Gogh for the “great work” of Dutch post-impressionist tragic. He painted when he was confined to an asylum in Saint-Remy in June 1889, just before the chest is depleted, a wound from which he died two days later. The table shows the view from your room. The original painting hangs in the American Museum of Modern Art and has been for over 60 years.


The foreground image is dominated by a cypress tree on the left side. This item has a number of other works by the artist. It is in “Road with Cypress and Star” (1890), “Cypresses and Two Women” (1890), “Cypress with two female figures (1889),” Cypress “(1889),” including cypress (1889) and “The poets Garden IV “(1888).

The painting is technically demanding. This raises the question of why it is so definitive. The simplicity of a child reflects in short strokes could appeal to us with the inner child. “Starry Night” is one of the most coveted stamps of the world. It was created at the end of the artist’s life, a moment of deep inner restlessness that was confined to an asylum.

made intelligent use of so-called “Chiaroscuro” a way to use light and shadow of Van Gogh depth product at a table. Translated literally, it means Italian “black light”. One way is to revive uses chiaroscuro still life of flowers in a vase again. Examples, all painted in 1886 in Paris, is “Vase with Zinnias’ ‘Vase with peonies and Mysotis” Vase with Zinnias and Other Flowers” and “Vase with Carnations’.

Perhaps another reflection of the inner hell of the painter is how you can make a simple flower vase becomes a blazing inferno. This is seen in red and orange vases of gladioli that erupted appear painted during his stay in Paris in 1886. “Vase with Red Gladioli” and “Vase with Gladioli and Carnations” almost on fire before the viewer.

He was an expert come to life in the mundane and bring a character expression. “A pair of shoes”, painted in 1886 in Paris, shows a pair of old boots that are very worn, sitting in front of a pool of light in a dark room. The viewer sees evidence of a long hard day of work and a man sitting by the fireplace with your feet, enjoy a well-deserved rest. the only colors the artist uses are black, gray and green hues of light.

An example of one of its most dynamic art is. “Geometric fragments Fourteenth of July Celebration in yellow Paris, red and purple dominate the top half of the screen, called” Fireworks “dressed in black under the breath of the public in the center of the explosion .. explosions of color are colored with darker shades.

“Skull with Burning Cigarette” should have been continued by the company as a figurehead for the insolent campaign against smoking. You can see up close and personal with the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. It was painted during the winter period 1885 to 1886 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Accent Color and Accent Lighting as Home Decor Essentials

Accent lighting and accent color are important aspects of your home decor. Whatever your preference of color, a touch of bright color in your home can be used to accentuate a particular area in a room, or to brighten your life. Here are some ways you can use the accent color and accent lighting make an ordinary room into something special.

  • Room decoration

Home d & eacute; Horn used in a living room tends to be fairly standard. This is not always the case, but if you’ve visited 10 homes, it is likely that their living rooms are traditionally decorated to find, unlike stainless steel, chrome, glass and bright yellow; cor. It is possible brown solid oak, cherry or mahogany furniture with traditional fabrics and pastel colors black, leathery use.


The type of filling blue or deep red, which many would like to use, can not be considered as an accent color into consideration. Accents occur infrequently, and not as a color for a particular house style used d eacute; cor. Examples of accents in the original house.

  • Examples of accent color

For purposes of example, it assumes that your living room is decorated with a white ceiling or pastel, neutral walls or wallpaper and carpets with more traditional or even lulled designs. Your sofa and chairs are available in traditional leather black, white or brown or tissue in a neutral tone based. In other words, it is a nice living room is furnished and equipped as a rule.

Then you can select a color to accent the house to provide a contrast. The focus is attracting attention, and accent colors tend to be orange in yellow, red or bold. Even a bright blue could be used as an accent, but is less popular. Where blue as an accent would be in a room decorated with a theme yellow. In this case, a bright yellow color would correspond, and therefore no accent color, while could be blue.

  • accent piece

Red, orange and yellow are the most popular accent colors. So where they will appear? There are two types of decorative pieces, and while the word “accent” in each is the same as that applied, is completely different. It refers to a particular type of unusual furniture, while the other refers to a colorful element that immediately catches the eye. How to use an accent, to accentuate the other.

It contains a vase of red or orange with contrast shadow of flowers, is a perfect example. You walk into a room, and pulled his eyes immediately to a vase of bright yellow with lots of beautiful red aster. Or maybe a glass of orange daffodils and bright yellow and white daffodils.

His eye is designed, furniture accentuate the vase on bleachers – you do not miss! A beautiful Moroccan carved inlaid table with incredibly complex. The simple trick of using a color accent in a traditionally decorated rooms otherwise, they were sure to enjoy the best this room has to offer.

First impressions count and his first impressions of the room in which they are introduced is only extremely positive. Regardless of whether the intention of the owner of the house, was very successful.

  • accent lighting

Accent lighting can also be used with an accent color to highlight a region of space. As another example. You walk into a room at night, and the lights are off. Many people prefer subjected chandelier lights too bright raucous night.

His eyes are directed to an illuminated only by the light blue area. This could blue lamps on a table or light blue LED lights. Because it is different from the lighting in the rest of the room you are forced to see naturally. You will see a beautiful large aquarium full of beautifully colored fish. Some bright orange stripes on their sides, while others have a beautiful blue fluorescent, enhanced by ambient lighting.

  • Home accessories can break the ice

They are trained, now on what the owner has determined. Admire the aquarium, and is a topic of conversation. A great ice breaker! Unlit may or may not draw your attention to the tank has, as they have noticed no table of Morocco without the vase and flowers,

The accent color and accent lighting are designed as follows: to emphasize something. To call attention to it. Use an accent color in the trash – but you are on your table beautiful Morocco! O aquarium, to break the ice with your guests!

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