Are CDs and DVDs Still Good for Data Storage?

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Both CDs and DVDs, and provide important information secure yet easy without costly investments to secure. Let’s take a look at it in more detail how you can use, and safety issues when these optical storage media can occur are used for data backup.


Once so popular CD (compact disc) and writing versions of CD-R and CD-RW are for some time. First CD-R was 35,000 cost for Yamaha CD-R recorder made in the late eighties, around $. The technology is cheaper with time, and now the same recorder costs about $ 20. While DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) came into use later, he still has not completely replaced CD. There is even the most advanced technologies available today, such as greater definition DVD, called Blu-Ray, but they are for specific applications and probably can not generalize, because new technologies above.

It is known that the DVD contains about 6 times more data than CDs, but that does not mean that CDs are no longer needed. The good news is that both devices CD and DVD reading and writing have become more versatile, allows different units in the same system. Since both is so widespread, there is no risk that CD or DVD drives disappear.

  • The cheapest of all media

An advantage of using the CD or DVD for data storage, is its low price. When buying a CD or DVD in the crowd, a DVD-RW could cost only 40 to 50 cents. Non-about three times cheaper rewritable discs. This means that costs a data storage GB only 3 cents (4.7 GB) DVD Store. As history has shown, the data storage costs can not be cheaper.

CD and DVD, which is also known as optical disks are easy to transport, and can be easily moved. They provide a simple and economical way to protect your data against fire, theft and other local accidents. Certainly, external hard drives, USB flash drives and flash memory cards also have the same purpose, but are much more expensive.

To select backup media tailored to your data, it is also necessary to consider the reliability of a particular environment. What are the risks associated with CDs and DVDs? They are very popular among users, as when a disk is accidentally usually works well so that it can not be said of external hard drives. This is especially true if the CDs are stored in the protection. Optical drives are technically very different hard disk and can not be damaged by strong magnetic fields.

  • Increased risks related to CD and DVD

Some sources mention the damage caused by direct sunlight and high temperatures. Even more problematic is that the CD extremely prone to scratches. A deep scratch can damage a disc, since it is unusable. Store discs in a protective case or solid boxing is the safest practice. Many experts have expressed concern about the long-term reliability of optical disks. Of course they are no more than a few decades, but with data from more than 15 years in our experience of the CD still works quite well.

“The capacity of DVD and CD might not be the best to keep a lot of RAW image files and movies, but still need to consider whether you have backups of your important files and folders to do throughout the day. Keep CDs protected from scratches, avoid direct sunlight, and you can use your valuable data safely for decades.”

Basic Computer Parts Information

First, you must know the role of all the important parts of a computer before you go and get your party if you want to build your own PC. It is easy to connect these components of the computer, not to have to worry, as you can probably implement your own PC. Here is a simple list of personal computer components that you need to consider, especially if you plan to build your own computer. This can help you in the parties decide to buy, especially if they are in these new fad or have no idea what these parts are for.


Motherboard: You can choose the right motherboard of the same style, if it determines the amount CPU.A features to consider when a CPU needs, such as how to buy many PCI expansion slots You, and if you mounted a video on the separate motherboard or missing. Today, almost all motherboards are inclusive of sound and video on board; However, if you then use your PC for games of chance would be a discrete graphics card is recommended.

Hard drive: If you select a hard drive of your PC, you have to wonder how much storage capacity you should have. If your PC does 40GBs mainly the task or research hard drive will be enough space below for your use. However, for those who use their PCs for video editing and other, then they should acquire 250GBs or more memory. a hard disk is recommended high speed, even if you need to get analog video using your PC to avoid dropped frames.

CD / DVD: You can always easy to find the CD-ROM, but very reliable be on the market these days, but as the CD and DVD are generally used as a medium of exchange for the data and a rewritable combo drive first class it is better than a simple CD-ROM option. Any rewritable combo drive is very helpful especially if you want to share personal movies to your friends and family. It is much more convenient to use a little more money for a car, the DVD and the CD and CD only.

Floppy: There are many people that have removed floppy drives on your PC. While there is a way to ensure that your PC is infected with a virus, but can also be a good antivirus software and facts used as computer correctly they are resolved. Another reason fewer people are using floppy disk is because Flash Drive has become even less ability to perceive the costs of incredible size data corresponding to the plates.

Graphics: If your personal computer for heavy game and a good graphics card to use is required. You can always matches with the use of games built on the motherboard in the video, but for the best gaming experience, buy the most remarkable graphics card that can be purchased. Remember that the memory card is the best for games and more. People who perform image editing or video enhancement also prefer the advanced graphics cards.

Modem: If you’re still stuck then a dial-up modem 56K is achieved. You can find your modem while lower costs today. You can also make ISP in place. DSL broadband and are cheaper today than before. If you are planning to buy a DSL or broadband, you must make sure that the motherboard if it provides a built in LAN card system. Otherwise, you need to buy a sample.

Housing: PC box has all these things modern one. computer cases these days not only were built in the same types of perforated air or box-like holes to the tower. Compact box type and different types of computer cases can be found in the market today.

Food: the main fears people who set up their own PC is the power supply. You can filter the case of the ideal computer you want that you paired with the PC chassis drilled with food manufacturers. Sometimes I see most of the time, you can also find a PC box, which is amplified with less than 300 watts of power. If you are a player, a power source that produces 450 watts or more you are needed.

case fans: You may need to complete the set a few accessories. Neon lights or additional fan cooling your case, the personal computer only like included. Your PC hardware components (such as processor, motherboard, graphics card, hard drives, etc.) can generate much temperature rise and affect the status of your PC when you are using. A cooling system first class may be able to keep well your team to work. Excessive increase in temperature in the equipment can also be a shorter Overheated system components due to personal computing problems such as frost or collapse performance. Parts cooling fans ensure adequate ventilation for the principle of heat decreased, provides aeration or other gaseous transport.

Memory: also known as computer data storage. This is the PC component that contains the data or digital information. It is one of the essential parts of all modern computers. The most common form of semiconductor memory is known as random access memory (RAM), which also refers to the main memory. Other forms of high-speed memory, but the eyes are made of optical disks, hard drives and other, identified as secondary storage.

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