As you write your life story: The day getaway

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Bonsoni-Howden-Oak-Three-Drawer-Bedside-100-Solid-Oak-Furniture-32Perhaps your to-do list a mile long and without drowning keep too deep for you and your feet in the water. It is a list that has been growing for months and more after trimming give themselves, the more it grows. One thing leads to another, for example, a feeling of exhaustion. Day after day, they move along, quite satisfied with his life, but never feel you are doing.

Perhaps the good news is that you never finished. Try other stack grows as hard as possible on the things that the longer want the list. So, what are you doing?

Take the list and give a holiday. Take a day week.

Have you done lately? It is something that can be written. What resulted? What had happened? Why throw all, the whole list and just take off.

It could have been an afternoon or morning. Maybe you stay at home and spend an afternoon authorized to read a good book, that is, during the last three months to collect dust and sitting at his bedside, you were too busy trying to erase.

Write a story in your day getaway can bring a memory, so you actually get two break experiences rather than one. The first and second experiences fact, writing your story, that helps you discover and enjoy the best moments again.

Recently I had a weekend day. It happened by chance. Sunday morning I woke up early and went to the farmers market. I was in the stables on foot. The day was sunny and well. There was a musician formerly known as the 08:00 game in hand drink a cup of hot coffee. I bought beets and chard and potatoes and Asian pear round very brittle and some of the latest fat tomatoes.

I went to my car. I was on the hunt.

But when I got out of the car and on the street, caught on the way to church and gardening and house cleaning opened pulse and turned right on the road instead of going well.

Forty-five minutes later in a cafe with a beautiful pastries and morning newspaper in a small town in the wine country I feel. I looked through the paper and then had the opportunity to take a deep breath and look out the window curly brown colored leaves in front of the pavilion where a band plays back summer afternoon.

It was an escape from week to escape the tasks. You could wait for another day. I finished my coffee and pastries and a walk through the city. I went to the library and sat down on a chair and took the time to read the beginnings of several books before I made my decisions on what to buy.

I walked a little more, I went to an art gallery. At noon, I found a small cafe on a side street and it seemed that with people rather than tourists, although they have filled most common in the city. I was. They had a sandwich with smoked duck on the menu for only $ 12. I asked the server about it. He said they have done there in the kitchen. I asked and was not disappointed. He was thin and delicate, and melted Swiss cheese some cheese on whole wheat bread, so it was mouth watering. I had a thought?

Very happy with my adventure, I felt relaxed and ready to run the risk of the house.

he has to wait for me to the list. But I can cross a lot of things out of it and read instead of my books on the couch.

By reading this, you probably remember from your own getaway day. It could be, if it has been removed and went somewhere or did something impulsive. You could make your story now!

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