Avalon vases

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Kendall-Vase-or-Decorative-Item-in-Polished-Aluminum-30Clean lines, geometric simplicity of form and visible light are the cornerstones of modern and functional design. With the current trend towards sustainable production and you have the latest contemporary furniture.
contemporary design styles are not all shiny metal surfaces; the combination of soft, warm and natural materials with surfaces that are comfortable and easy. modern and contemporary theme in a home can be formal, sophisticated or casual and trendy.

This modern design is in the ability to change one or more elements of a collection of a formal setting in a friendly and casual, and family. This can be done with upholstered furniture, decorative items and tables and other raw materials.

Just change the position of a ship, like the vase Avalon Viesso can take place freely structured appearance. This vase can instantly effortlessly present an informal group awash with wildflowers, moving with an empty glass as a screen.

customizable furniture is handmade with many furniture manufacturers focus on production systems low carbon footprint and green or sustainable materials are readily available. Options framework of environmental sustainability, fabric and foam makes it easy customization.

Choose bamboo furniture, alder come from the region or other FSC-certified wood, such as maple. The use of locally removed hardwoods pull long distance, reducing the load of the vehicle. Bamboo plywood is used in bed frames, laminate and contains some formaldehyde, check the E1 or levels below the European standard is narrower than the current acceptable levels. Bamboo is a grass that produces new shoots during harvest and is self-supporting.

Furniture includes exposed wood surfaces glue and stains. Look adhesives and water-based stains without solvents, the environmental impact will be significantly lower and the amount of VOCs are significantly reduced.

dà © cor can, conversion and retention modern often are many organic materials. in its natural state Natural elements add warmth and earthy in a modern and contemporary design. The records were immersed for 100 years and planned dredging boards excellent tables. root wood cut into thick sheets with a live coffee tables and input edge. Regenerated recycled glass vases bright.

Balance and versatility at the top of the priority list when larger pieces of furniture for every room to choose from. A large bed of pure lines will be in a small apartment on the ground; choose instead of part of the pieces that can be easily moved or sorted according to specific needs. Add different textures, surfaces and optical mass during selection; a room with four chairs like a room with the same seats in the form of a loveseat and two additional chairs without armrests full difference.

Load modern and contemporary design and attract visitors in simple clean lines of a well-balanced inside. The selection of environmentally friendly materials manufacturers green with emphasis on comfort and functionality improve modern dà © cor each. Be sure to find Viesso Contact Avalon vase assembly room today!

Garnish with ostrich feathers

Lightly-Glossy-Shiny-Large-Black-Vase-by-Protege-Homeware-30You want another idea for your wedding or event decoration? Try using ostrich feathers! The quality and uniqueness of them are bound to impress your guests. They stain well and come in many colors, coordinated with a theme. Its versatility is what makes it so great.

One of the latest trends in weddings and special events are now centers ostrich feathers. They are easy to assemble and are made of high-quality products. Here’s a sample of what is needed and how to put together:

Necessary elements

Eiffel Tower vase – They vary in size from 16 “-28”. Using a white vessel instead of a transparent container so that the element will not be visible inside.
Ostrich feathers – droppers are 12 “-16” premium spring or springs 18 “-22”. These pens are available in various colors.Floralytes – they come in many colors and are used to illuminate the vase. Depending on the size of your vase to use 2 or 3 lights per piece.

Foam bouquet holder straight pin – This item is used to keep the docks.


Start with your Floralytes and bouquet holder. The lights will meet on a wire so about stem bouquet holder to oblige. Do you want to stagger them so that they reach different parts of the vase on the ship is on. Position the nose support in the vase. 20-21 using feathers centerpiece for guaranteed wealth is recommended. Just insert the ends of goose in foam bouquet holder. Start at the bottom with large feathers. is achieved by placing the desired appearance of the room in a circular motion, small springs work your way up. It’s a good idea to make your arrangements spring a few days before the event. This gives time to resolve the docks, making the classic curved shape of the cloud. Remember, most Floralytes have a schedule so if you put together the building blocks, a few days before the event, it will be until the day of the event.

Adopt a new approach to improving ostrich feathers instead of just flowers. Bouquets are fundamental elements of any wedding. Mix do some feathers with other fresh flowers or a bold statement to catch the bouquet. Another way to incorporate into your device through the cake. Be creative and let ostrich feathers produce a form of spectacular cakes.

Fun and Accessories with ostrich feathers! Place it in the hair or headband over traditional veil or tiara. Modern going? He wanted to take a right top corner of your dress or hanging from his wrist. For outdoor weddings during the warmer months, hand fan for your guests. Add some feathers to it. For a look of ancient Egypt The shortest and add an oriental fan culture for a western look. There are so many ways to use this trendy look, so let your imagination!

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