Band Name Origins: Stories Behind band names

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Bonsoni-Cream-Metal-Hanging-Heart-Tealight-Holder-30Did you know that the Bee Gees were named after the initials of DJ Bill Gates calls? Did you know that the real story is much more trivial and boring as the urban legend behind the origin of the name of the rock band 10cc surrounding it? Have you ever wondered why on earth anyone would choose to name their band Chumbawamba? Here you can expand your knowledge by learning about the names and pseudonyms of origin or group of rock pop artist.

10cc: an urban legend states that the group hit’m not in love chose his name as a gesture to the average male ejaculation wrote, estimated in sperm 9cc. but actually the band name comes from a dream band manager, Jonathan King, had, in which he led a band called 10cc

Alice in Chains: Stanley Lane and Jerry Cantrell to form a heavy metal band that covers take murderer, while wearing clothes. Although the plan did not work out, it was the name of the band. Alice in Chains is a takeoff on Alice in Wonderland with an S and M Twist.
Bee Gees: The Gibb brothers had maintained first the name of rattlesnakes as a group name in mind. Later came the honor, the initials of the two brothers thought the Gibb and his close friend and one of the first carrier, DJ Bill Gates, who has nothing to do with the founder of Microsoft.
Chumbawamba: apparently had a strange dream, one member of the group, in which the public bathroom door could not decide between men and women must come characters with character and Chumbawamba were replaced.
The Doors: Psychedelic formerly known as Ranger, by a quote from William Blake inspired: If the doors of perception must be cleaned, everything would appear as it is, infinite.
Elvis Costello was born Declan Patrick McManus as. When he began his musical career, he took an alias by a combination of Elvis Presley and Lou Costello created, especially because it is exactly the opposite of the other Elvis.

The case: from the title of a novel by Albert Camus taken.

Grateful Dead: Originally, the Warlocks was named. The origin of the current name of the cult group was inspired by an old folktale English which is a series of topics saved by the spirit of a dead person who is grateful for the generosity and willingness to travel to the dead to pay debts to bury him to be.

The Happy Mondays Shaun Reiter was happy Monday that inspired and the other members of the band in the process of work, spend the day after the weekend to sleep while the others were on their way to work.

Ice-T: the controversial gangsta rapper chose the name Iceberg Slim, a famous pimp, an author of the gangsta life was later described.
Johnny Rotten: the leader of the Sex Pistols John Lydon was born. He received the name of an artist, the most suitable for an anarchist punk was a set of rotten teeth found.

Kraftwerk: The pioneering electronic band took the German translation of the power plant in the long term.

L. LL Cool J: James Todd Smith pseudonym is an acronym for Ladies Love Cool James’s.

Marilyn Manson: the driver pseudonym mixes two Americas favorite celebrities: Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. Other band members use pseudonyms Ginger Fish, Twiggy Ramirez and Madonna Wayne Gacy.

Nine Inch Nails: inspired nails attached to the cross of Jesus

The orb: Sleeper Woody Allen is not a silver bullet, caused strange man touching react. This device is called the orb.

The Pogues: Pogue Mahone initially appointed, Kiss my ass is the Gaelic, the group shortened the name to avoid censorship Airplay.

Reina: a word that attracts both transvestites and free of connotation was the name of perfect in the eyes of Freddie Mercury band.

Replacement: According to the myth, the punk rock band adapted the name for a missing band in a concert to be replaced, an incident that made them as a substitute.

Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren is responsible for the choice of name, in part, the clothing store called sex Vivien Westwood to help promote the property, which his girlfriend used to be in the moment.

TLC: the initials of the group nicknamed T Boz, Chilli and left eye. Suggests also love the acronym Cream.

UB40: the band of political orientation was the name of a kind of form of unemployment in Britain.

Velvet Underground: unknown after the title of a book called sex that one of the band members found lying on the sidewalk
Weezer, the leader was in high Weezer nickname because he was a stranger, who suffered from asthma, he made a hissing sound.

XTC: This punk was formed in 1976, long before the drug was popular. The group had its original name Star Park changed after a clip of Jimmy Durante to see, in which he declares: I’m excited!

Yes yes yes: Karen O, the inspiration for the name of the hip came from the set of New York, that means something.ZZ Top: There are two related to the origin of the group name versions. The first is the name of the band is a spoof on the name blues musicians ZZ Hill. According to the second version, the name refers to a combination of two well-known brands of cigarette paper to beat: zigzag caps and cigarette paper.

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