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Bonsoni-Sherborne-Oak-Sideboard-Top-Two-Door-Two-Drawer-Made-of-a-High-Quality-Grade-of-Oak-30Bay tree has been sacred since ancient times. Even its name suggests the size. Nobilis has brought fame and laurel branches were woven spiral of victory. the temple of Apollo is said to have its roof, all bay leaves to protect and laurel wreaths were subsequently used in architectural moldings. The genus Laurus Laus is derived from Latin, means praise. But this wonderful system will also be given a prominent place in the kitchen, wonderful flavor many dishes and laurel wreaths are still so beautiful craftwork made to decorate our homes.
The Bay Tree, also known as sweet bay or Laurel Bay, originates in the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, but now cultivated in many temperate climates. Does not tolerate strong winds and very cold temperatures, so that container gardening is an alternative. In nature, the tree can reach 60 meters, but outside its natural growth, it can not achieve more than 10 to 15 feet. Do not get pot plants usually more than about 5 meters high, although this is more than enough, since more and more cooking. The leaves can be used fresh or dried for culinary purposes. For crafts, branches can be woven into garlands, flexible, green, nice and dry and how to protect time. If no plants treated with poisons, crowns are perfect for use both as decoration and as a convenient place to take a bay leaf, if you need to cook.

Bay leaves are important components in many spice blends, like the bouquet of French herbs Garam Masala and some mixtures. The leaves themselves are very rigid, with a strong vein and stem. Remove to avoid choking hazard before serving leaves court. Garam Masala for all ingredients are milled, so that any vein or rod which is easily removed has been sprayed. The bouquet of herbs used together in a package and removed before the shell is used. Some dishes that typically use a bunch of herbs Beef Bourguignon, ossobuco, bouillabaisse soup and French onion Cassoulet, among others.

Simple Garam Masala

One tablespoon of each:
coriander seeds
cardamom seeds (beans removed)
black peppercorns
Bay leaves, crushed
Cinnamon crushed,

Heat a dry pan and roast until fragrant spices each separately, remove a plate to cool. Putting it all together in a spice grinder or coffee grinder used to grind spices and powder only. Remove spend all parts of the vein or trunk bay leaf, or a sieve before putting it in a jar with an airtight seal.

Bouquet Garni: There is no specific recipe for a bunch of herbs. It is said often based soup or a stew specially prepared. A common basis the bouquet garni, bay leaves, thyme and parsley. These are well tied in a bundle or wrapped in gauze and dipped in the soup pot to remove later.

Other fresh herbs are usually used lemon thyme, sage, chervil, marjoram, oregano, celery leaves, tarragon, savory, mint, rosemary, chives. For a chicken, is sprigs of thyme or lemon thyme leaves lovage or celery, bay leaves and tarragon. For a pork dish that could try to mix thyme, mint, rosemary and bay. Make your own combinations.

In addition to its use in spice mixtures used in marinades bay leaves, stocks, soups, stews and sauces. Moreover, the use of potato or other cream soups, pies, curry, hunting and fishing poached liquid. Boiled in milk and cream flavor are rice pudding. The cooks instinctively add the bay leaves in Creole, French and Spanish cuisine. They are also an essential part of pickling spices. They are great in combination with pepper, saffron, garlic, chili, citrus, mustard powder.

Bay leaves are also said to relieve indigestion, flatulence and relieve stimulate appetite. They say the kitchen bay leaves insect prevented. While there is no concrete evidence, many still keep a bay leaf in his food tray or rice and other dry goods consumption. While this may or may not work, it is best to have a pantry to keep clean not invite pests.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. I hope it has been informative and helped along their culinary journey. You will find many more recipes and tips on my website. I am on Facebook a harmony of flavors and a recipe or every day for fans of inclination that has similar content. I hope to see you soon.

Bonsoni-Howden-Oak-Two-Door-Sideboard-Top-100-Solid-Oak-Furniture-30A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house and a woman of the house known as beautiful kitchen that keeps them. One day begins with cooking water to drink in the morning to eat sweet foods before bedtime. Interior kitchen should, to organize your eyes and stay calm. The kitchen is not just for cooking and food, but also for cutting vegetables while sitting. While your home furniture, the kitchen is the most important position in the eyes of person, this unique piece used for cooking and eating, but most families there is discussion in the kitchen.

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How many times a year and furnish your kitchen. This is probably unimportant question. We built our dream kitchen and we want to keep for long. Therefore, here is sustainability in the image. While choosing the countertop, you need to pull some basic facts about appearance, maintenance laminate and gloss work plans, cleaning modes and many other factors into account, the work of his mind, while I could cross into the kitchen.

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