Brits are not convinced by Facebook commerce

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Almost half of British individuals are definitely not considering choosing products via social commerce, for example Facebook shops, based on a new research

The research, carried out by Havas Media Social and Lightspeed Research, demonstrates that even though retail sector considering social commerce as the “next big thing”, 89% of individuals have never purchased a single item via Facebook and 44% are certainly not considering doing so.

Chain stores and brands including HMV, Asos, Bulldog and French Brits are not convinced by Facebook commerceConnection have all introduced Facebook stores recently.

Shoppers refer to inadequate assurance about security and safety among the major reasons they would decide not to shop via a social media.

Around two thirds of shoppers (65%) point out they would not be prepared to purchase higher price items via social networks such as Facebook and would simply be ready to shell out between £1 and £50, along with just 6% of individuals indicating they might be prepared to purchase a holiday via social sites.

Product exclusivity is paramount aspect in convincing shoppers to buy items via social sites, together with one-fourth of shoppers stating they might purchase an item via Facebook only if it had not been offered somewhere else and 11% stating they could purchase something if it was made available just to “fans” of the company.

A large number of shoppers (70%) additionally believe that focused marketing depending on likes and dislikes or purchasing habits, identical to Amazon’s structure, will make them more prone to purchase goods on social sites.

The most popular area for shoppers to get special deals, irrespective of if the offers were publicised on Facebook, continues to be on the brand’s official website.

Amy Kean, director of social media for Havas Media Social, says: “Based on industry forecasts and the level of development in this area, social commerce will probably become a possibility – but there’s still considerably more work for companies to do to help customers get their heads around it. It is the comprehension of social behaviours – not the technology – that we need to be prioritised.”

The research shows the replies of a customer survey to a representative sample of 1,007 UK social media site users.

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