Brits are overwhelmed by technology

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A new research conducted by UK telecommunications leader BT unveils that one in three people in UK are ‘overwhelmed’ by the technology they use in day to day basis.

Based on the research, which was conducted by the University of Cambridge, users get overwhelmed by the communications technology, social networking, such as Facebook, texting and email.

Brits are overwhelmed by technologyThe study, which included inputs from 1,269 individuals, showed that individuals who felt overpowered by the technology are also significantly less pleased with their day-to-day lives on the whole. Consumers who are in charge of their usage of communication system are much happier with their lives.

“Essentially, the study uncovered that technology is not really the issue. Comparing it to food. To remain healthy, you have to have a well balanced diet. This is also true in relation to employing technology; you have to look for a balance which fits your life-style,” said Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT Retail.

BT pointed out that 65 % of the individuals that were questioned prefer to have face-to-face correspondence with their friends and family whilst 36% adults take actions to lower their use of communication technologies.

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