Buy French Antiques and French Furniture at Brownrigg Interiors, antiques shop in Tetbury, UK

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Brownrigg Interiors is one of the best antique shops outside London and hellip;. Tatler magazine. Brownrigg Interiors has undergone many releases and magazine articles in the UK and The World of Interiors, The Times, The Telegraph, houses, gardens and more.
Brownrigg Interior and antique shop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England, on the basis of other antiques and interior showrooms in London and Petworth, West Sussex.

A Brownrigg Interiors, we are specializing in French antiques and French furniture and also a good selection of other antiquities, have Europe
Our French antiques from all over France and England and hellip; if cities like London, Paris, Limoges, Bristol, Rouen, Marseille, Tours and the Loire Valley region of France.
antique buyers in the UK are particularly interested in French antique tables in the shape of the dining table. tables French farmhouse tables or fruitwood French refectory and other woods are particularly suited to the modern tendency to use the dining room for large surfaces in the kitchen, to leave where large kitchen tables to eat in France (French farmhouse tables) fit perfectly so the requirement. types of wood used in the tables of the French house Farm, varies from the general description of fruitwood in cherry, walnut, pine and rosewood even.
In addition to these large refectory tables of French tables for breakfast, consoles and other French paintings as board of French marble table, round tables, coffee tables, consoles and old dressers and French.
Another popular feature is the French cabinet. These are large cabinets antiques or antique cabinet to store weapons originally used, but is now used as room cabinets and antique armoires. Often, these are the French cabinets in walnut and with good sculptures.
Another interesting element of the old French flag is comfortable. Originally, the French had furniture, a closet intended for rail height of the chair introduced a box of low or comfortable for 1700. Dresser, fittings gilt bronze furniture was a case of much wider as it was, including in the upper or lower legs, at the top, with or without drawers. The piece of furniture may be provided with a top of the marble slab available are selected to match the marble fireplace. Dresser has a leading position in the room, for which it was designed: it was against the pier between the windows in this case, it would often covered with mirror glass. Pair of identical dressers flanking the fireplace or take the center of each end wall.
Before the mid-eighteenth century the dresser had become a necessary good I could in carpentry, lacquered oak or walnut or fruit, with carved decoration, which is typically carried out for French provincial furniture.
In the Anglo-Saxon world, comfortable in the language of the London carpenters since the mid-eighteenth century passed dressers to describe gracefully curved walls, and sometimes formed with sides such perceived as “French” as style. Thomas Chippendale uses the term “tables” commode designs in carpenters and upholsterers address (1753) to describe.
(Interestingly, the word “comfortable” is synonymous known for rurally used for a toilet in the US .. This word is often understood in the 20th century, but it seems disgrace and has become rare rare)
Other French antiques offered often include French antique chairs as antique French chairs and French and French armchairs, chair French leather chairs and comfortable armchairs and sofas Louis XVI.
Our French antiques are also a number of French companies and French libraries and beautiful antique mirror French and old French lamps.
A Brownrigg Interiors antiques that offer a search service integrated antiques. Please contact us if you are looking for an old Frenchman who do not want can be found on our website.
If you find an article on the site, please make sure it is good, one of our three antique showrooms to visit the showroom.

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