Children table and chairs: Preparation of a special workspace

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bonsoni-mdf-lacquer-aztec-5-drawer-narrow-chest-white-31Everyone needs a job, even children, or indeed, especially children and a table and chairs child perfect workspace. They need a place where they are drawing, writing, painting, complete puzzles and crafts, answer an activity book. This is your job, because it is only through the game to learn.
Therefore, a table and a child seat, the important thing in a nursery as a crib or a drawer of clothes. While children are not demanding, they will win the game anywhere, and probably their posture and comfort suffer when using a table that is too large for them. His shoulders are rolled, arms only reach the surface to reach, with his legs dangling uncomfortably in his chair (or are forced to the chair in the squat to compensate for the height). This does not help their concentration and can actually lead to back pain. Worst of all, they may lose interest in the business and if not go something like television programs and the opportunity to get your creativity to develop care and other important skills you never miss.

The choice of table and chairs child
There are many factors that a table and a child seat for their children when choosing. Check to identify issues that their needs and preferences, do not worry, you are bound to find a set that is perfect for your family.

Size. How old are your children? What is the height of the chair should be, and the width of an area they need? Your feet should be able to reach the ground, and should be able to rest their arms on the table, but not bend shoulders.
Stability. The president should not hesitate, and tables should be able to take the weight of the child bends without tipping over. Look also at the foot of the table and pushchairs. Insurance?
Surface. Asked been sanded tables and chairs child? You do not want splinters or rough spots that can scratch the child. If the wood is protected with a good polishing? Children are water and spilled food on the table, so they want something to take the wear and can be easily cleaned. Also make sure that the tables and chairs use a lead-free paint.
Design. adapt to what kind of design would be the pattern of the room and the personality of your child? Also ask yourself if you want to use special features. For example, art tables should have a bar where you can get the long rolls of paper, drawing and making simple and clean color. Others have shelves for art materials, tools and books.
Location. Do you want to keep the child and chair table in the same room or outside? And the amount of space you have in this area? Those who require little space probably a more compact child table; others want a larger child table where the child snacks while playing in the yard.
Number. Get child table and chair sets that have more than one chair, ideal for dates. You can also find a table to a large area, so your child has plenty of space for equipment and materials of art or pieces of a big puzzle.

There are a variety of styles for table and chairs, all adorable child, it can be difficult to choose one that suits you!

colorful patterns. A little athlete would be a secondary table and chair love sports grounds where the backs of the chairs are similar to the different types of balls drawn. Adventurers high table and chairs would be designed to look like airplanes, cars and other Kindertransport. Animal lovers will enjoy jungle theme, Noah’s Ark or farm themed table and chair sets child, while the dancer “jump” budding sight of something with a pattern dancer. Would you like to be a scientist? Absolutely you love the cute bug theme (microscope not included). Firefighters want tables and chairs designed to look like fire hydrants (and red is so easy to clean, too).

classic wood. If you prefer a rustic look, there are many tables and chairs children in white or pastel friction are removed, or to keep the surface of natural wood. These children tables and chair sets blend perfectly with all furniture and can be kept in the living room without tripping over the “adult” furniture. They have also looks beautiful in a Victorian nursery and can be used for years, no matter how many times your child’s room redecorating.
light bases. You can choose colors that appeal to young children from even “classic” basic primary colors, but in chalk. The advantage of these colors is that they are relatively easy to match, and a touch of life and dynamism to any room.

Coordinate with other furniture

Children really need a table and chairs for its activities child drawing and writing, but no other accessories at a theme or similar to a fully furnished nursery can buy color is no limit.

For example, can an ottoman where you can put your feet up while reading a book or watching a favorite video. Unlike the chairs for a worktable, these Turkish are designed to allow your child, perhaps to relax, to resolve a nap.

Libraries are important for storing materials for children read while toy store treasures breast (and stay on the floor, which slides on them, or worse, on it). If a table and chair set for theme, you must obtain the furniture that matches the pattern or color scheme.

Guidelines and tips

Let your child choose the table and a chair, after you have narrowed down the options. Too many choices is overwhelming child, giving it the “last word” on the table and chair you want to own child.
Your child should be responsible for the preservation of their workspace. Carry save art materials and pieces of a puzzle, and let it spill or spot clean.
Remind your child about safety rules. should not be placed on the table or jump or climb on the table and chair child (not to be used as a stool).

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