Clarify a dark room – 7 easy ways to achieve a lighter atmosphere

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Bonsoni-Owl-Candle-Holder-30Creating additional light in a room, daylight or artificial light, is a common question in forums and in emails. It is actually very easy to create more light in a dark room and in this article I will explain how.

1. Reduce the color of the walls

White walls reflect more light than dark. If your bedroom walls a darker blue, red or green tone, so it should be used instead of white paint. This will increase the amount of natural light during the day, and the amount of artificial light at night.

2. Reduce soil color

As with the walls can be painted floor of a dramatic effect on the total amount of light in a room. black floors can be a good option seems to hide stains and marks, but has little brightness and add. Depending on the configuration of fourth theme should brighter colors like white and cream. This can be in the form of a carpet floor or painted.

3. Reduce the color of the curtains

The resident curtains at the entrance of natural light as clear. With this in mind, look for colors that lend themselves to the reflection of light, natural fibers such as white, light blue and cream. If you live in an area where street lights and traffic reflections are not a problem, then it is worth choosing fine fabrics, which allows natural daylight in the morning.

4. Sources curtains

Tiebacks curtains are small are on the walls inside with hooks window frame. They are ideal accessories that allow for window curtains perfect shape to be hook, which increases the amount of light entering the bedroom. curtain tiebacks in many shapes and sizes. Some are supplied with curtains, but in other cases, the hooks are readily available at any hardware store.

5. Increase the number of lamps

Depending on the size of the room, try the number of table lamps must increase. A provides each side of the bed for that extra light to a room overnight. This will help, even if reading in bed The optimum height for a table lamp is approximately 25 inches. We also consider the installation of lamps flexible wall that can be directed in certain directions, to increase the light in a given area or an area of ​​the room.

6. shiny objects and decorative arts.

If the room is too dark, especially if it is small, it might be worth investing in some positions in order to increase the amount of light. Glass, metal or ceramic vases with white flowers, paste both reflection and added color to any interior. white frame, ceramics, sculptures and poster art can also be used. Aluminum and steel objects are also the brightness in a room, especially during daytime added.

7. Add Mirrors

The mirrors make a small room look bigger, but also increase the amount of light in a room. If there is a blank wall in your room and think to go for a long mirror purchase also serve as a useful tool prepare for the morning. There are many decorative mirrors for sale, which can add an elegant and exciting quality to a room.

Increasing the amount of light in a dark room must not be a costly endeavor. With these seven simple steps, you’ll find it really easy to add more light in a room.

Enhance your living space with tropical plants!

to clarify their rules of your institution for spring
Really look temporary winter coats away, and facilitate the SPG and summer. Start with accessories and see in every part of your home network transformation.

Inspire new stretch fabrics of linen and cotton. botany bright with large palm pattern acquire the scene and work very well with other models, such as scratches.

Inject new energy into her pillow. fantastic new colors for spring and summer are turquoise, pink and lime green classic – yes, all! Meta brown and red away, and throw in splashes of color inside your garden.

Change the carpet in the images. Trying to smooth creamy white or blue or favorite color accent. This box also looks fantastic botanical handkerchiefs. Try to get a combination of three or more foreign serious inward.

Change the nuances of the lamps. The forms of the new brand are square, rectangular and barrel. Insert the black and brown tones for several months away, and to clarify issues white.

Get a set fresh portion. The caterpillar can expect – bring a quilted cotton with a fabulous print or tape.

Paint the walls, but do not be afraid to choose two shades of the same color and brushstroke that ragging or to get a whole new way to produce washed and depth.

Introduce colored glass objects – is the accessory is up to date and can add color photographs, keeping the light and appear bright.

Customize your dishes. attractive paper towels can have in your kitchen are trinket favorite. Add pizazz to your picnic table with colorful straws umbrella and sunglasses. In fact, making knowledge!

Acquire a sideboard or buffet-old, who has seen the day and the biggest jerk of a new coat of paint on your favorite accent color. Accessories white ceramic vases, candlesticks and compotes.

Let the sweet reward. If you have a heavy curtains, you should. If privacy is an issue, include a pure blinds or rattan.

Location small corsages in silver cups and sprinkle on the windowsill. – Leaves without flowers – will update factor. Plant grass so tall and short. Overlooking the palm fronds or leaves of iris or Dieffenbachia.

Shake – what is your pillow. These mites and fly freely on a bright, sunny day, beaten and shaken the pillows, blankets and comforters.

Take a step further and dare to go through their closets. GSP would be the perfect place for loading and facilitate time – sorting, cleaning, supply and sale. If you have not used in a year, someone else can make more use.

Tropical plants – to develop its own tropical garden
I really like the first sight. the stories of men and women first met is heard, and “at first sight in love.” It really is a very magical knowledge, and what is really happening repeatedly with more and more frequently throughout the world increasingly men and women are involved.

see people around the world of tropical plants in their natural habitat, and fall in love with her. Many more people in tropical and subtropical regions of our country traveling to discover for themselves the many tropical flowers. They travel to different Caribbean islands of the Caribbean, Hawaii and the islands of Polynesia, including Tahiti, South Asia, Indonesia and Bali and the jungles of Central and South America.

modern international travelers, as explorers centuries before them, the so-called tropical plants and flowers gems to discover, usually the first term. Bright colors, exquisite rich intoxicating aromas are like gold in the senses with browsers today.

Like their predecessors, they also want to provide them with these treasures newly discovered property. These treasures are heliconias, bananas, Costus, bromeliads, hibiscus, bird of paradise and other tropical plants with colorful leaves.

With enjoy and love them a building in the tropics, and a bouquet of appropriate tropical flowers in their own gardens, greenhouses, porches, and in each room and windows of their houses available to enjoy the sensory experience with the tropical paradise come to visit,

Many of these international travelers in temperate areas of life that would stop this type of tropical and subtropical plants to survive and / or develop. In the past, this would be the end of his story. As a young among disappointed tears, they returned home and lived a broken for the rest of their lives heart.

But you can with the new team of interior, modern, superior to provide methods and better lighting expansion approaches, the dream of a tropical garden and attractive visual intoxicating perfume in recent years a part of their reality.

Many more books and more are written for the passionate lovers of tropical plants. More and more nurseries and garden centers every 12 months and the introduction of varieties that offer much more, and much more, and much more additional destinations.

Both locally and in the network of interest in tropical plants is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. They are written with more and more books on the subject, describing in detail the best way to improve your garden and tips on how their individual tropical plants, you can take care of additional lovers and tropical plants are in their dreams.

Although outside the tropics and subtropics force live in September 10 or 11, hope springs eternal for lovers of tropical plants from around the world. In addition, you can with a good book with good solid information with a good reputation and plant nursery store or create your own tropical garden, both indoors and outdoors, in greenhouses, garden rooms and windowsills in the whole house.

Even if you can not pay any and every 12 months to travel in a tropical paradise, which will have a bit of it immediately. At home with the charm and exotic aromas of flowers

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