Clever Storage Ideas For Behind-The-Door

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Storage can be a big problem if you have a small house or apartment, and solutions can be very costly if you do not know what to look for. Most of us have at least a couple of doors that great ideas can become the store with the right products; and this type of multi-purpose room is a good way to save money and keep things organized. Here are some clever storage ideas for storage behind the door of the house.


  • shelving

Some manufacturers of home organization options provide racks behind doors that make a great addition to the kitchenette or kitchen. They are a great idea for storing and bedroom accessories have practical shelves hold a variety of small objects. In this way, you can make use of the most underrated storage room in the house. The doors are a good place to keep things that otherwise drawers, countertops would mess, or even a home office desk.

The shelves may not be appropriate for some elements, such as heavy or fragile items and is designed primarily for use in the kitchen. It’s a great idea for a space to add pantry, or for storing baby products such as baby food, cereal and formula. It can be used for storage of dry products to use, or a good cooking field without precious pantry.

  • bags

The most famous use of storage ideas back door, like most of us, the organizers, bags, lots of different things to keep utilization seen. This ingenious idea became popular for storing shoes, but it is also a good idea to bring your accessories in your room, storage and / or towels in the bathroom flannels to organize, or for use in a child’s room .

The bags are usually made of durable and functional plastic so you can see what is easily saved. It is an excellent choice for storing game accessories in the pressroom, such as controllers, cables, memory cards and the like, without losing all or part looking to pull a rope.

  • Do it yourself

There is an unwritten rule that says is advisable to buy prefabricated ideas behind door. Some of the best and functional ideas are that you can build yourself, and this option is often much cheaper and less time in the long run as well. There are a lot of web sites and hardware stores, prices for Do-it-yourself offer smart storage ideas to the back door.

DIY options can be a bit for someone with little or no experience in construction, but a beginner can get the hang of the building with some tips and tricks from the experts to be a challenge. This way you can get the desired material you choose, at a price corresponding to its own budgetary considerations appearance. They can be combined, add custom details such as color or equipment shelves with bags, and get a storage solution for creative and clever DIY door.

Create Distinctive Pop Art Portraits! Tips to Save Your Bank Account From Drowning

You want to make your house a home. Furniture and floors may not be enough. They want something else. So now it is considered to offer their walls to fill these unused spaces in style and decoration. But the family resources are very limited. We must wait, stop and think: “First, I go food shopping, and then pay a small fee Angie, these utility bills, then buy a new … etc.” Expenses are endless! Surely the dream of owning a luxury home with style murals, but it has already caused savings to cough “drought”. Some pop art portraits can be so expensive. But do not panic! Why waste your salary if you can make your own personal wall art? Let brightness great talent and ingenuity! You do not really need a consultant in the design to be effective. Why not pull these ideas into consideration?

If robust, energetic want images, see the portraits of pop art! Find the impressions of famous people, objects, landscapes, food or something that is widespread and very stylize all with excellent color. Apply with color, come with a collage, improve their color – you can do whatever you want! Frame and put it in his own home a place where space is more suitable. An example of pop art design is famous Warhol Campbell Soup. Do you have a quick search online to find this example and more.

Also, if you experience preferably in photography, snapshots and recover on your wall. Photos capture special moments and their loved ones. Exactly what makes a house a real home? Love. Therefore, when loved pauses and hesitates before a framed photo he or she remembers these fantastic opportunities. This form of work for little effort and instructions may be easy on the pocket. maybe you can take your photos from your photo printer and have more and created a large framed work done. Some printers offer to print your photos on canvas. So your old photos really was like a painting!

The different parts of old publications, advertisements or postcards, be sure to get this old feeling. Make a special woven tapestry can certainly also a lot of fun! Couture separate pieces of fabric gives this hippie bohemian chic! The pictures of their children also pretty wall art. If he or she loves painting too, including. In this way, all the memories increasingly pop art of a look of shock.

Make it your own fun pop art and can save a lot of money. Always remember when decorating, which comes from the heart. Art exhibitions wall, what kind of person you are. In addition, his work deep personal and emotional feelings for his family stir.

Kitchen Wall Art – The Best Decoration For Kitchens

The kitchen is where you can cook, serve, eat and socialize with family and close friends. It is considered the most special and cheap home as all quality, health and wealth for the way you cook, serve and spend time in the kitchen instead. How often do you feel that your kitchen walls are too cumbersome and empty? If you are considering with designer tiles a solution that is probably looking at solutions mid-90s, if this condition persists over the next decade. Work around the tile, where only a fad that did not last long.


Thus, the new era is the solution to decorate the walls of the kitchen is the use of wall art. Yes I am! Wall Art is not just for the lobby or hallway of his house. He has a special place on the walls of the kitchen. But the choice of theme wall art is very important in terms of look and feel that brings your kitchen. Of course you not want to hang this great work of abstract art on the walls, since. A little sense in the kitchen, where you feel rarely have time to relax and enjoy the art In general, the kitchen walls are decorated with kitchen and dining art paintings and prints. You can still use the sign of life, gastronomy are directly related, as they bring in the essence of being in a place that has food.

Even though the needs have to be very careful when prints and posters Still life choice to decorate your kitchen, as sometimes has been overused. So be patient as art for the walls of the selection and I suggest you keep a poster print art online, Web or Internet in India in the wall art, instead of going to sort offline stores where It can be thousands of works of art to see without disturbing you or the storekeeper.

After selecting the attention poster or art print for your kitchen walls framed as customized. use frame profiles that not too many decorative colors and grooves with time of all spices and food ingredients, which should vaporize all weapons tend obtained in inaccessible frames that can not be cleaned and should a worn look.

In any selection of posters and art prints is an inexpensive way to decorate the walls in the kitchen, instead of entering the oil colors and original art, which is obviously expensive. So what I think is that spending time choosing wall art in your kitchen best, you can actually make it more attractive and wall space to spend time better place.

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