Congress – Coalition of the will or capacity

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Bonsoni-Kingston-Rattan-7-Seater-Sofa-Dining-Lounge-Set-In-Chic-Walnut-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30From the moralistic fervor to the extension of the tax rate decreases raging, and we breathe is likely to go more dollars in our own pockets, we have accelerated our nation on the path of self find -Destruction. As addicts committed to maintain a drug-induced state of euphoria, we need more and more doses of the elixir of choice. Congress substitutes prefer guilt is a united coalition in spending to reduce aversion refusal to raise taxes and his inability to continue to develop a coherent justification for the agreed price. Otherwise, recognize that we have a problem we jump headfirst into the altar of debt and worsen our situation.

Given the variety of arguments for and against the rich, the poor, the working class, entrepreneurs, financiers, Wall Street speculators, politicians and each of us use still prefer symptoms rather than the root cause (chairs Titanic’s turn).

Our main political and economic system is built, and over two hundred years dysfunctional to the point of disaster. In a foreshadowing system to be autonomous, we removed the governor and is fond of unhappiness. Every man for himself!

The founding fathers understood as people who have an interest in government were much more likely to cooperate and work together to achieve their own interests. A system of government to promote the interests of people and only by the power distribution among citizens, when he could always work possible. Only apply to liabilities commit resources more intelligently and. have invested people in government, it would be carefully and deliberately weigh all costs associated wanted all the advantages.

For various reasons, some good and some not so good, the United States increasingly centralized and false within the federal government power. Where once people make decisions about the direction of their lives through the markets and communities that controls the federal government have now virtually every aspect of the economy. The power of life and death and taxes is in Washington.

This concentration of power to govern divorcees and responsibility for liabilities arising increasingly obscured. Government policy interests of citizens to promote metastasis in special political interests. The principle of representative democracy 21st century has become a competition of special interests – price. The stage of this competition is the capital of the United States. The vast majority of citizens relegated to the role of spectators, so that only those who have a lot of money or large blocks of voting to commit affects the game.

With this system, we can deal with the special interests, will benefit from the money flowing from Washington, while our responsibility extraction. We finally found a way to create something out of nothing. Our representatives do not consider the US bank hard-earned reputation for integrity and industry and choose instead a culture of indulgence to promote.

Congress is that we, the people, as the coalition of the will or capacity. I do not want that we can not change the facts that direction. The maximum debt matures. It’s time to change the system.

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