CONTROL wild pigeon

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bonsoni-brown-small-daybed-includes-a-circular-bed-with-a-thick-base-natural-biege-cushion-and-matching-scatter-natural-biege-cushions-rattan-garden-furniture-30The Wild Pigeon is a descendant of pigeons in Australia from Europe. Pigeons live 3-4 years in nature and do not migrate. They stay close to their birthplace, which can be at home. wild herds were in numbers and dominate the city by the availability of food, fresh water hatcheries and increase security. Remember, always check whether the bird is wild, where a label around the leg Dove someone belongs.Dove data
The useful life of 3-4 years in the wild, up to 16 years in captivity.
or pigeons are monogamous and a matching pair is 3-4 pups per year 1-2 eggs per person.
or eggs are leaving a white solid color and hatch in 18 days and the young from the nest within 35 days.
or Pigeons do not migrate, which is near his birthplace (which can be at home).
Identifying a dove
Standard of wild pigeons is usually:
or blue-gray with a white hull.
or iridescent feathers on the head and neck.
o Two large black bars on each wing.
or a wide dark band in the queue.
o They can also be white, brown or gray plumage screen.
Does your property have a problem with pigeons?
Many homeowners do not know your building has a wild pigeon problem. Factors that show a pigeon problem on your property are:
or has one or two pigeons often the building?
or pigeons herds regularly visit the building?
o Is there an accumulation of pigeon droppings in or around the building?
Control Techniques
Research has shown that the simple use of lethal control methods pigeon (slaughter) are not effective in the long run. It is to implement the non-lethal control techniques, long the most effective way to reduce the pigeon population solution. These include: –
or reduced advance – Eliminate sources of food and water (food containers for pets outdoors, bird baths, bird feeders). Make sure that waste, particularly waste stored food and food dumping to a minimum.
or destruction of nesting sites
pigeon nests are very simple and often again consist of a few branches. Nests looking along bars construction, bridge supports, air conditioners, etc. windowsills pigeons are very persistent and destruction of the nest regularly benefit from a combination of other methods of control.

or correction / repellents
It is important that the pigeons have to prevent access of doors, windows, open channels, etc. sealed for perching and nesting sites This may require major reforms or can be as simple as a crack or slit materials such as mesh panels or wood is sealed.
Products such as wire mesh networks (or birds), coils of wire or “spikes” of pigeons prevent pigeons landing, or resting on building surfaces. Note that the pigeon proofing poorly designed or poorly birds can be captured become deadly cause retained. It is important that these products must be installed by a professional.
or entrapping
In many entrapments is no effect on the long-term pigeon population. The number of birds can be captured and killed during capture operations once the birds are removed, to be replaced. If you implement a program capture, remember that the power supply must be removed, otherwise the exercise trapping may be unnecessary.

or elimination
pesticide use licensed painless anesthetic agent that causes the bird to go and sleep overdose. The theory is that birds take the bait, they sit and wait to be collected and disposed of. Unfortunately, in many cases, most birds feed, and can break and die an inhuman death. Many other birds can also take the bait and die in the same way. It is important that if this tax option is used, professional advice is taken.
or shot
authorized pigeons with an air rifle to kill the number of pigeons to reduce pesticides. Each situation will be evaluated by the operator of the pest to determine if the shot is a viable option. It is important to realize that if the birds are slaughtered in the high inaccessible ledges, can not be restored sent humanely. As with all previous control methods adults can also leave kill young birds flying in the nests of starvation.
It will be the proof of ownership of adjacent land in the best interest of other ways, take the pigeons home quickly and simply move the problem, without reducing the size of the herd.

Think or uses, protective clothing
pesticides and licensed “do-it-yourself, should take appropriate measures for combating projects pests. respirators, goggles and protective clothing measures when bird sites primarily to clean those with large amounts of this waste .
Work together in controlling the pigeon
In many, many pigeons are damage to buildings due to the acidic nature of their droppings. Feathers, eggs and dead birds that pollute the environment and buildings, sometimes blocking channels, which can lead to flooding in the event of rain.
90-furniture-30Therefore, since we have to control the number of rats and mice, it is equally important to control the population of wild pigeons. No method of control offers the ultimate solution, but a combination of methods, responsibility must be shared by the Council, industry, businesses and residents. To control the following pigeons should be used:
o Reducing food sources;
o Reducing breeding sites and resting;
o Creation Dove isolation.
Some companies in the region and the Council have already committed their buildings Pigeon Race Spikes and son purposes. These repellents are effective for landing at reducing the number of birds in a rest position and in the construction of cornices, windows and ceilings. Along with that, should New look for models that do not offer points hangers and shelves for birds.

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