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Kendall-Athlete-Ready-to-Dive-Statue-Gold-and-Black-in-Painted-Polyresin-30Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. It is imperative that marriage is something very special and unique. You need to be components note of the exquisite and terrible wedding of your special day. The most effective strategy to ensure that your celebration is fantastic customize their various accessories.
Many people do not feel the cushion support ring is enough space to build a long-term symbol of their marriage. In fact, personalized with the name and wedding date embroidered couple is an excellent strategy to help celebrate your special occasion. It can be done in your wedding colors and the use of symbols which illustrate their commitment. Placing lace and ribbon makes it a centerpiece for your wedding Kuriositätenkabinett.

The book is another common element that can be adjusted on the cover the name and date of the bride and groom for the wedding. This can be achieved either by a cover or printed embroidery have. Perhaps the couple enjoyed a poem or a verse of the Bible who want to take over. Another option would be to have attached a photo of the couple on the cover or the product in the book. There are many photo books concentrated visits, authentic in every page pictures of the bride and groom are!

Like the ring bearer pillow, flower basket girl seems unlikely to adjust its place. However, these small baskets are able to carry out their monogram of the name of the bride. It could be with lace and ribbons, showing wedding colors or bright long crystals on the edges decorated.

The wedding cake and champagne flutes toasting are also exclusive pieces, where a unique ability, can be added. Service and toasting glasses of the elements can be printed with the bride and groom names and the date of the opportunity. Of all the things that are individualized usually they are certainly the most widely used.

It is possible to adapt the unity candles. The main center of the candle can have the monogram of the name printed on it, while the first initial of the bride with the cone and the man on the other cone. Not surprisingly for a couple of a verse or a poem to choose fragment of the Bible in order to burn the middle column. Another type is the sand ceremony. The bride and groom each has different colored sand and pour some of your urn directly into the glass to generate convert a common creation. This represents the unity of marriage, in addition to his personality in marriage.

A new and very exclusive replacement candle traditional unit is described as crystal unit. This masterpiece of design is an impressive indication of your event. You can use the companies that glass artists who believe that with a team for exceptional work of art. After a conversation with the artist, you can make your panes of glass in two colors purchasing selection. These crystals are supplied with enough for your wedding service time. At the ceremony of the unit, similar to the choice of sand, you and your spouse in the near future crystals poured in a container, the transition between colors. Then send the container to the artist, he or she to make something of that. For you and your new husband or wife special artist certainly capture the essence of love, which is likely to be a symbol for a long life of your marriage.

If you look back at your wedding, it is important to have individual components that create beautiful memories that capture the best moments. Think and choose your future spouse and that are suitable for you!

President of Barcelona: Modern furniture exemplary design

If you look even a collector of modern furniture, is likely to der Rohe Barcelona chair has a Mies van. If not, then you should have one. A part of the prestigious collection of Barcelona, ​​including the Ottoman and the table, the president of Barcelona, ​​the best work of Mies van der Rohe Ludiwg in furniture design and a classic example of furniture modernist style is considered.

Like its Tugendhat and Brno President, the President of Barcelona of Mies van der Rohe was as part of the interior design of your architectural project, namely the German Pavilion or German pavilion in 1929. The President and the accommodation itself were the official record of Germany in the prestigious Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 he worked often in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is the cultural rebirth of Germany after world war I. During this time, Mies van der Rohe to symbolize the designer and I have long companion Lilly Reich.

Kendall-Athlete-Ready-to-Dive-Statue-White-and-Black-in-Painted-Polyresin-30The inspiration of the President of Barcelona was the Egyptian folding chairs and chairs the campaign of classical Roman times. The President also said to complement the sculptures by Georg Kolbe, who were exposed during the Expo. During his screen the Barcelona president enjoyed immediate success, with critics calling it “the king of worthy design”. Coincidentally, the President was “assessed Furniture for the common man” in a total of $ 6281 King, in contrast to the Bauhaus school was philosophy Mies van der Rohe.

Today again made Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe Knoll in Pennsylvania, USA .. Knoll acquired the rights and Mies van der Rohe name for the presidency in 1953, and its trademark rights in 2004, is the only manufacturer you make reproductions recognized true Barcelona chair. However, several third-party manufacturers such as Alphaville Design California and New York International Gordon also produce chairs in the basic design of the President of Barcelona.

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