Decide what mobile phone suits you best

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What is supposed to be looked for in a mobile phone? What are the functions that I do need? Purchasing a mobile phone could be easy or extremely confusing. It all depends upon what do you look for in a mobile phone. It depends upon what do you need the mobile phone for and just how much significance you give for a mobile phone for the personal use. Aside from personal preferences of the brand, every manufacturer also has a range of devices produced up for various audiences. In this write-up to follow, to create your subsequent go to towards the mall and hence shopping trip simpler, we take a appear at how phone models of the mobile phones, correct from the entertainment-centric devices to a range of smartphones.

Decide what mobile phone suits you bestIMEI no

Find out if the IMEI no of your phone is same using the IMEI sticker that’s placed on the warranty card. IMEI numbers are extremely distinctive towards the specific device and no two phones which are manufactured have exactly the same quantity IMEI. They’re also generally utilized to be able to identify stolen devices from the thieves.


Also find out if the bundled accessories together with the warranty card are there and also the former is operating correctly and according to your requirements.


Ask for an official receipt for the buy of the model of the mobile phone prior to you leave the retailer from which you purchased your mobile phone.

Keypad check up

Attempt typing some thing on the keypad or the QWERTY keyboard of the mobile handset if the handset comes with one of such keyboards. A handset can have innumerable of functions functions, but in the event you discover it tough for your self to even punch a couple of messages, chances are you currently will not get a great encounter out of it whenever you really possess the mobile handset as your personal.

LCD screen

Turn on the mobile phone to be able to see the dead pixels (if any) on the LCD screen. A fast and simple method to do this would be to take a picture which has a black background or cover the whole camera lens using the assist of one’s personal thumb. Request for a brand new model of exactly the same make in the event you spot pixels which are colored or white pixels on the image.

Data plan

Do maintain in thoughts usually that in the event you send emails on a normal basis and surf the Globe Wide Internet often on the phone, you will have to think about a information strategy to suit yourself to accommodate the data plan.

Talk time

Determine how many minutes you require to you use or subscribe to for the call and messaging services. You will find two types of plans which are accessible namely: postpaid and prepaid plans. Postpaid are those which involve monthly billing. Prepaid, on the other hand, will be the kind of strategy that entails the “loading” or “recharging” or by the help of the call cards that you simply have to load that specific quantity of credit on the phone or line quantity that has been assigned to your cell phone.

Research online

Browse online to find out what other people say about the phone. You can easily ask about the particular handset on various forums i.e Bonsoni forum where most of the people are happy to share their own opinion towards something. By researching on the type of mobile phone that you’d want it’s only then you will have the ability to shortlist using the detailed specifications for within the specific models of the mobile phones. Study generally would consist of particulars like the cost and also the place of the reseller/dealer functions and warranty problems and in some instances it includes availability also.

Shopping suggestions

Shop around. You need to find out as to who has the very best deal in initial location and what are the supplied extra accessories that he might be included and also the discounted cost for which the mobile phone that’s sold. Appear in the less expensive alternatives towards the phone that might be accessible and that you simply want. If you are going to use the phone once in a while, then go for an used handset. You can easily find one on our site’s mobile section, where lots of used mobile hand sets are up for sell.


Let’s say that you simply want the brand new model of a mobile phone. For half the cost you are able to get a comparable model or rather a model which has all of the functions, which is basically a mobile phone model without the additional functions. Prior to buying, you should ask yourself in the event you truly require the camera the browser for the internet and all of the other functions which are accessible with it. It depends upon what do you need the mobile phone for and just how much significance you give for a mobile phone for the personal use.

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  1. Denise November 28, 2011 at 6:19 am - Reply

    Different brand of mobile phones have different personalities- I used to use Blackberry as I like being considered as a serious person when I am out – but the amount of chavs are using Blackberry at the moment is horrendous! Simply horrendous.

    iPhone is not a bad phone but it has a personality of girls. That is why switched to HTC Android.

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