Decorating Ideas – Country Style elements

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Bonsoni-Happiness-Is-Not-A-Destination-Plank-Style-Wall-Plaque-30What are your memories of decorating country? For some it is the casual, colorful, nic-nac haven of the 1980s is … I remember that time, do you think? Or maybe holders, wooden panels painted on the walls, wreaths made of natural materials, braided rugs, pine furniture, rabbits and ducks (clothes) in the style yard.Country went ahead and may still be, enter in a comfortable, warm and inviting decor. It was the look in my neighborhood midwest there are twenty years!

Twenty-five years later, Country decor is always a comfortable and stylish look, although some elements have undergone a transformation in the 21st century in this fresh new look, wall plates and fluffed pictures may not be present, but the overall effect is still friendly, informal and casual.

ancient coins, old wood (by age or on purpose) pine, oak and maple are cases of staples to the country of origin of goods. There are many sources of news, well-built furniture, which offer a rundown – a big plus! If your preferred style, the upper circle is demanding area is likely to select new pieces of light wood finish and a traditional look as opposed to a colony became the leg, for example, has.

cute and square gingham red, blue and green are gone. Choice of fabrics should, casual and durable stay but organic model diagrams and color can vary, depending on the taste of the owner. Select to identify a range of colors from the start of the project two or three colors that make up your paddle, and add one or two accent colors. Then continue with the plan to ensure that instead stating that “arm” look.

As with any decorating project it requires careful planning of land Decorate with respect to the budget, coordinating colors and furniture, accessories and room layout. And please remember that the country does not mean messy and disorganized decoration.
Bonsoni-Rowntrees-Wall-Plaque-30Collect all the candles, baskets, figurines, small antiques, baskets or whatever your passion can be represented in a way that is more stressed than disappear into the background. How? Keep the pieces in groups of no more than five, and change the size and shape of the label. Whatever you decide to use as an accent in her rustic house, make sure it is something you like and like to have every day, and that will be your secret to success.

country decorating style is practical, so look for ways to make their pieces of multitasking, or give them a new role. if the perfect hand woven basket book found country decor from home, for example, they use it for storage. table of age when they met at the flea market, may have a place in the bathroom and a small storage unit.

His unique interpretation of rustic decor is rustic, relaxed and primitive, or updated, fresh and simple … decorate the center with pieces that you love and you will be satisfied with the result.

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