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bonsoni-brown-table-corner-sofa-consists-of-a-large-corner-sofa-made-from-three-modular-two-seater-sofas-a-glass-topped-dining-biegeTorquay is in the heart of the English Riviera, the family vacation. It is a delightful town in Devon in the southwest coast of England, and has many picturesque heather, country gardens, beaches and cliffs, and more. Here are some places you should visit during your Torquay holidays coach.

Babbacombe Model Village
This is a miniature village and railway, gives life to the historical heritage of England with miniature landscapes, buildings and vehicles. Covering four acres of award-winning gardens, this is a must – the view. Discover many fun and characters and animated films and bring wonderful memories of childhood history of England a picturesque and original way to explore. In addition to the gardens and decorative effects, there are many other special features, including a 4D theater! There are special events included all year, since the illuminations of the night, Halloween Horrors and Winter Wonderland, so there is always something new to explore here.

Kents Cavern
This prehistoric ruins are famous for being the site of the earliest evidence of people in England! For more information about the days of the Stone Age. Step back 400 million years in the oldest house in the UK in the English Riviera. Kents Cavern is open all the year’s activities and additional resources for children, including “Fun Dig”, “Cave Painting”, “The Wall of hand”, “Brass Rubbing” and “tribal Tagging face” . For a complete visitor experience allow about 2.5 hours to explore the caves and additional features. The visit to the caves lasts about an hour.

Living Coasts
This coastal zoo is very clean and conservative love Torquay. Located directly on the harbor, this attraction focuses on birds and mammals in natural enclosures developed. It emphasizes the importance of conservation of marine and coastal life in the world and has sea otters, sea lions, sea ducks and penguins in outdoor spaces and Odyssey octopus and highlights mangrove habitats interior. One of the strengths of the costs of living is the ability to walk freely with animals such as penguins. life on the coast, is open daily from 10 am and is a great way for the whole family!

Agatha Christie
Torquay is synonymous with the Queen of murder and mystery writing – Agatha Christie, who was the most famous inhabitants of this city. to commemorate his birthday in September, many of Agatha Christie enjoyed in connection with events, activities and excursions in Torquay. The Torquay museum also has a section in it. With interesting photos and personal memories

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