Duffy Boat is an ideal way to visit Balboa Iceland

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Bonsoni-Visitor-Chair-With-Sturdy-Steel-Frame-In-Blue-By-Tipton-Office-Furniture-31The property can be enjoyed in recent years, but probably nowhere has to increase its value with Balboa Iceland in Southern California. A bay front lot here sold for $ 25 just after the turn of the century – now will bring as much as $ 3,000,000.

And just for the game. The construction of this house of your dreams on the island costs extra.
Fortunately, we have not done live in Iceland Balboa to enjoy a unique atmosphere. Today the island is a fascinating day trip for those who live or do in and around Los Angeles vacation. The island is located in Newport Beach where accommodations, restaurants and shops are all top-drawer.
The island itself has a small but busy Main Street – actually it’s called Marine Avenue – which is only a few blocks with about 70 shops and restaurants to explore. This small example of the small American town offers a wide selection of shops to suit all budgets, as well as several shops and galleries. Visitors can see this way a combination of couples and families with an unusually high percentage of geniuses style – that’s what’s in Newport Beach and other communities near the beach, where they hope to expensive clothes and cars unique luxury part lifestyle.

The mall in the city center is only part of the attraction of Balboa Iceland, a rather small island that possible around its perimeter in less than two mile walk. It’s fun to observe life on an island that remains exclusive because it is very expensive. It is undeniable that the omnipresent sun and the views make the port an oasis in the bustling city life and clogged freeways. As you suspect miight, the island is filled with colorful villas and houses, and cut each picture perfect. It is a small patriotic course, too – American flags are posted on several homes and along Marina Avenue.

But as property prices, but it is also interesting to note that people pay much money for so little space. The island, sometimes seems a bit congested houses built close together so that the right size Balboa yard really is just slightly larger than a shuffleboard court. Most residents have to park one or more vehicles on the road, and it is customary to give people the place by using golf carts to see all the cars, to take their trips to the market.

However, the island is a great escape for a morning or afternoon and senses with spectacular harbor views, incredible sunsets and a feeling that you are visiting the California version Vineyard Martha floods. In addition to the flavor is the little ferry that leads from the island to the Balboa Fun Zone area of ​​the Balboa Peninsula, only a few cars at a time. Balboa is connected by a bridge to the west to the mainland, but the small ferry that takes only pocket money in water.

Of course, another way to get to the water – and a different look at Balboa Iceland get water – is to rent a Duffy boat for a few hours. Duffy boats are in Newport Beach and are ideal for a group of people with Cruise comfort with low operating costs. We rented a 21-foot boat, which surprisingly, could accommodate 10 adults and featured plush seatting and many table tops for drinks or snacks. On this hot day, it was a relief that the ship was covered completely – but there are many open areas in the landscape to admire. It was a Sirius satellite radio – a great opportunity for us because we enjoyed listening to classical music as we cruised slowly in and around the port of Newport Beach.

Visitors with little or no experience with navigation should not worry themselves – Duffy said as our US agent in the dock: “It is what is going to drive a golf cart.” The practice of front / rear gas was easy just to go at the right speed for docking or any other maneuvers that might be needed in the calm waters of the harbor. The electric motor is quiet, smooth and gives you enough energy for a harbor cruise on the legal speed limit. Since the boats do not leave the port, the electric motor is more than enough.

When he moved away from the dock, our Duffy opened a new panorama that offers postcard views of the port in all directions. When we set off for the channel we observe the “best of the best” Balboa homes – those who were in the water, often with luxury yachts moored 60 or 80 feet, with their own private docks. It was like an episode of “Lifestyles of the rich and famous.” What moguls or movie stars owned these spectacular villas? What CEOs have seen great moment in his terrace we rest from Put-put our Duffy?

Then the channel is a little further, we find a man in a floating lounge chair installed, taken away in the channel, where he was fishing line that was in the blue waters of hanging the port. Then there was a kind of race – a small sailing boats with a couple of kids, apparently to learn in each boat, to sail. Then came the parade of pleasure boats, five or six ships each to the sea went out, and none of them less than 60 meters long.
This heads in the water before turned out to be a family of sea lions, harbor cruise playfully, regardless of the speed limit. And then he was dodging the island ferry – even though the ferry and we were so slow that was plenty of time to think about our next step. We just throttle, watched the ferry conclude its crossing and then went longest canal path.

After a few hours it was time to dock our boat back to where the attendant was on hand to catch the boat as it glided effortlessly into the reception area. The experience has given us a new image in Balboa Iceland, and an afternoon of fun in the water.

Balboa Iceland is part of Newport Beach and the wealthy beach community includes a long list of attractions that natural and artificial visitors. The beach is a big attraction, of course, and if you’re Balboa Peninsula there are thousands of wide beaches and attractions such as the amusement park Balboa Fun Zone. Nearby Crystal Cove Beach offers great tide pools and is excellent for walking on the beach, walking and cycling.

Ecological Reserve upper Newport Bay is the largest estuary Southern California – Thousands almost three years and a half long and half a mile wide. With 752 acres in total, there are thousands of birds – including many rare species – that are found in these habitats.

If you are serious about shopping, fashion Iceland is one of two shopping icons in Orange County – the other South Coast Plaza, a few kilometers from Newport Beach. It can be in the shopping window Via Lido Marina Village in Porto, a street wooded cobblestones. And there are galleries, unique shops and cafes on the waterfront located in Cannery Village.

There are also some interesting museums in Newport Beach. The Art Museum of Orange County has a program of temporary exhibitions that show the rich artistic heritage of California and contemporary art. While you are there, you go through a rowboat, which is anchored and open to the public as a museum Hautical Newport Harbor.


WHERE: Balboa Iceland is part of Newport Beach in Orange County, south of Los Angeles.

WHAT: With its colorful architecture – both modern and Cape Cod – Balboa Iceland feels like the “Martha’s Vineyard” of California, but on a much smaller scale. It is the perfect place to enjoy seascapes, sun and see instead “How the Other Half Lives.”

WHEN: Any time of year.

WHY: Balboa Iceland is charming, easily accessible and surrounded by many other tourist attractions. Several major hotels are located in the area, and some island villas for rent are available, contact local real estate company.

HOW: For more information about Balboa Iceland visit. For more information about a boat Duffy, call (949) 645-6812 or visit rent. All rentals are 21-foot boats and comfortably hold 10 adults.

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