Ear Infection Treatment – 7 mistakes that people make the treatment of ear infections

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Bonsoni-Morrisons-Double-TV-Bed-Frame-4ft6-Black-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-31There are 7 common mistakes that are made to ear infections for treatment. These errors can delay recovery and in some cases can lead to complications such as chronic ear infections, a ruptured eardrum, otitis, mastoiditis and hearing loss.So you can go through these common mistakes;
Error 1 – No rest of your body
The first mistake that people do not fall asleep when he was diagnosed with an ear infection. Symptoms of ear infection may include ear pain, fever, swollen glands, fatigue, nausea, loss of balance include ringing in the ears and hearing loss. Despite these symptoms some people try and fight and continue to work, school or college to take a house, running to their families.
Now, this is crazy. If you do not give your body a chance to rest and recover, it will extend his rest and feel pretty bad while doing it.
Error 2 – Not getting enough sleep
In continuation of this first error is the second error – not enough sleep. Your body needs good quality sleep especially during recovery from ear infections.
It is during sleep that your body produces a hormone called growth hormone. Growth hormone is the hormone body repair. Now go to bed too late, ie, after 23 hours, your body will produce less growth hormone. So make sure that on the bed and fell asleep after 23:00 children, should be much sooner in bed and also benefit from a nap during the day.
Before going to bed, make sure you are not watching TV, playing computer, caffeine or running before bedtime. Enter a routine unwind before bedtime. Having a relaxing bath, read quietly in bed, meditating or chamomile tea to enjoy bedtime are good ideas that can be tested.
Error 3 – The lack of potable water
Now, the third error, which is probably the most common mistake I see my patients do not drink enough water to kill viruses and toxins from your system.
Your goal should be at least 8 glasses of fluid per day. The fluids can pure water, herbal tea, lemon in hot water, broth, soup containing vegetables and fresh juices. Its liquid must not contain tea, coffee or alcohol that dehydrate straight and make you feel worse.
Ears and neck of some people can be very painful and swollen so it is hard to swallow. In these cases, an aid hot lemon tea and honey to relieve these symptoms and make it easier to drink. Is sucking ice cubes can to relieve pain and fluid in your body.
Error 4 – poor diet

for the treatment of one of the most simple and cheap ear infections, it is with good and healthy food. As the functions of the immune system is closely related to what you eat.
If you fill your body with all the wrong foods, such as sugar, white flour products, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and excess fat, then there is no way to make a good recovery infection. Your body needs vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids that strengthen your immune system, reduce fatigue and help your body deal with stress.

Proper nutrition for ear infections based on good food, such as fish, organic chicken, lean red meat, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes. Each meal should have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables – at least 80% of the plate should be fruits or vegetables. Add in some essential healthy fats such as fish oils, avocado, olive oil or linseed oil cold, and has a good balanced meal, treatment of ear infections effectively help.
Error 5 – not be aware of their allergiesA large number of recurrent ear infections are promoting due to allergies, inflammation and fluid buildup in the ear. If you think you may have allergies, it is useful to do some tests to eliminate these foods from your diet. Common allergens are milk and wheat cow. Luckily, there these days many alternatives that you can try – Foods such as goat’s milk, soy milk, milk, nuts, bread without wheat, pasta, cookies and cakes – so you do not make yourself your favorite foods are starving.
Error 6 – Do not use the proper nutrients to take to strengthen your immune system
One of the fastest ways to treat ear infections ways, there are some additional nutrients to your diet. I give all my patients ear infection vitamin A, C, E, zinc and selenium, with good results. B complex and magnesium are also helping a great fatigue and sleep well at night.
There are also some large to treat ear infections herbal. These include olive leaf extract, echinacea, garlic and astragalus.
Suitable nutrients that vary in age, severity of disease and the amount of food you eat quantities.
Error 7 – resumption of activities too soon
To return to the exercise of functions or painful day too soon in a safe manner, it will set up a place. I can not tell you how often my patients began to feel better, and ran to their sports or previous work, only to find that they get a relapse and start to feel terrible you.
The best advice I can give here is to take things slow. return to work or school for half a day maybe and see how to cope. If you have small children, keep them out of the pieces, long days of school or anything in this busy away. Progress has been slow to take for a few weeks after your body time to rest, eat well and drink plenty of water.
Avoiding these mistakes if your treatment of ear infection will ensure that a full recovery.

Develop your inner strength and energy

How many times have you wished to have the inner strength, will and self-discipline?
How often feels it has sufficient strength and resistance of internal reaction, what he was doing?
Most people are not born with inner strength, but can be developed.
Inner strength is the will, made self-discipline, self-control, endurance, separation and concentration ability. In this article, we will focus on two ingredients, will and self-discipline, which are important and essential for success in all walks of life tools, and can be learned and reinforced that like any other jurisdiction.
Will is the inner strength to make decisions and control to take action, and to handle any task or goal and perform regardless of internal and external resistance, discomfort or difficulties.
It offers the opportunity to overcome laziness, temptations and negative habits, and take action, even if they require effort, are unpleasant and tedious or are contrary to their habits.
Self-discipline is the ability to instantly or rather pleasure or reject a higher goal in favor of something gratification. It is characterized by self-control and inner strength to adhere to actions or plans, despite obvious obstacles, difficulties or disadvantages.
It is one of the pillars of success and power, inner strength and gives full force to focus on your goal, and persevere until it is accomplished.
These two skills are necessary for effective management of all activities and decisions. They are required to do a good job, to change for the study to maintain the structure of a company, to lose weight, weight training, good habits of respect, self improvement, meditation, spiritual growth, conservation and implementation of the promises and almost everything else.
How to develop the will and self-discipline?
There are simple and effective ways to develop them. To begin rejecting requests to meet unimportant or unhealthy, and do things that normally move or resist. Through inner strength to overcome to develop inner strength and power.
Deny and habits and desires unnecessary, harmful or unhealthy rejection, and sometimes contrary to act consciously habits, sharpen and strengthen your inner strength. Through constant practice your inner power grows, just like your muscles work in a gym, muscles are strengthened. In both cases, internal or physical strength, that are available and available if you need to.
Here are some exercises to strengthen their internal powers, use normal everyday operations:
– Avoid reading the newspaper for several days.
– Take a walk a few times a week, even when watching TV or prefer to stay in bed
Up the stairs instead of the elevator -.
Park your car a little further from the target, so you need to go -.
– Well, then do not choose to see one of their favorite TV shows.
Reject the desire to eat unhealthy food -.
– Read a book you find it useful and informative but boring.
These are just to show some examples of how you can develop your inner strength. These exercises put the inner tank force that can be used when needed. These exercises develop their internal muscles like weight lifting develops physical strength.

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