Easily decorate and beautify the nursery and some feng Shui Art Tips for the hotel room bedroom, kitchen and living room

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Bonsoni-Kids-Print-Tent-Blue-Patterned-By-Fern-Taylor-Goran-30There are certain things you need to consider when decorating a child’s room. There are some rules – you can interpret as you like, and experiment with them as you wish, but learn the rules first, then break your taste. There are some prohibitions and respect in terms of decoration, so here are some tips for getting the perfect place for your child.

Chalk a basic plan and sketch. Note requires the dimensions of the room, the window size, the location of electrical outlets, etc. These are in the current design. Search the web site interior design, reading magazines and visit the shops to find out what kind of room you want for your child. Make sure they are involved, to know their interests and artistic styles – like their space, their opinion counts. Hear what they have to say about wall stickers for kids murals, wall stickers room decor and child. The discovery of personal style is very important. Bring a subject with your child and decide in the center – that is where the question of increased attention – perhaps a certain wall, bed, or even the desk. Take a decision on the color – choose a primary color and a secondary color and coordinate the rest of the room with her. The colors make a big difference, and a palette of soft colors works wonders. Coordinating fabrics and colors soils, consult professionals regarding paint colors. Keep the colors in mind when purchasing and coordinating furniture or curtains.

It should also allow naturally in a room – not cram the room with furniture of all kinds – how is your child goes to the door of the bed? Arrange the furniture with a little planning. Be sure to install the applications and features of previous agreements of rooms and furniture. It is child’s room, where he studied? Then you need to take steps to enlightenment. The decor of the room the child is very important, so use the principle of repetition. Look at it this way – if only blue to use when in the room, perhaps near a particular area – that almost seems like an afterthought, but if the blue book close to the case, near a wall is used, wall stickers children near the window, and the cool of the child – to contribute to the overall color scheme. And remember to buy the best furniture you can afford – not not skimp on this – you want everything for your child that will last at least for a while, right? Then do your research, learn about high quality materials that increase the lifetime of the furniture – ensuring that in the long run, you are a better buy.

Try different types of textures in the room -. Rough, smooth, polished, etc. This is the most interesting space unattractive parts Touching down, and focus on the interesting parts. constantly reinforce the theme with appropriate murals, furniture and accessories. If these basic points are kept in mind, all of you put your child to give the best room, he / she could have hoped for!

Bonsoni-Kids-World-Tent-Pink-Patterned-By-Fern-Taylor-Goran-32Alternatively, it may be advisable to use existing works of art, you have at home, or parts of the interior and exterior remodeling. The purpose of the artistic use of Feng Shui is to achieve the most favorable flow of energy in their facilities.

Feng Shui for life will be different from a kitchen, the bedroom or the court. First, it is necessary that every room in the house door to ensure the right combination of shapes and colors. This will help attract and retain positive energies and eliminate the negative effects. Here are some tips.

Feng shui art room: The golden rule it is Feng Shui and annoying bright colors to avoid oversaturation of space, which can affect your rest.

You can download a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom with muted shades of purple, purple, yellow, blue, white and gray create. You should try to avoid too sharp edges and geometric shapes in the room. Choose a bed of wood instead of metal, the metal conducts electricity, repels the positive Chi energy. Choose soft sheets and comforters in pastel shades. Consider using crystal balls, nice curtains and drapes, and decorative elements red (pillows red or candles). Red is the color of love and warmth.

The roof can be decorated with stars. Try to avoid large plants, aquariums, fountains and devices (computers, televisions and game consoles).

Feng Shui Art The kitchen should not have too much red, pink or orange. These are the colors of fire element, which can cause controversy. It is best to use light, cool colors: white, light green, light blue, etc. The kitchen combines the elements of fire and water. Consistent with this, the best color is white because it compensates for the fire and water. kitchen appliances and stainless steel also add to this balance.

Some kitchens are fluorescent, which is popular due to its ease and low cost. However, the fluorescent light is bad for the kitchen, since no stops blinking and negatively affects the eyes and nervous system (which can be increased intraocular pressure and blood and cause headaches). If you can not do without the fluorescent light in the kitchen, you must add at least one standard bulb.

Feng Shui Art Salon: It is important to balance your living room. You can increase the use of glass, creating a sense of depth using mirrors and improve the flow of energy through plants, wall lights and bells.

If your living room is the most active part, and increase the active yang. If it is a resting place, and then increase the quiet Yin. Optimal is a combination of rest, rich colors, smooth and dynamic forms. Try using natural light, but that should not be too bright. Artificial lighting (table lamps, chandeliers and sconces), it will be possible to adjust the light intensity depending on the mood.

Around the room, choose furniture with rounded corners smoothed. Plants (including climbers), wall hangings and accessories also help soften the sharp corners.

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