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Bonsoni-Brown-Lounger-Comes-With-An-Adjustable-3-Position-Backrest-And-A-Thick-Charcoal-Cushion-Rattan-Garden-Furniture-30For many years, the average person would not go on cruises, boat rides sleep because only the rich could afford this luxury. This has changed, and in today’s world, even those who may have a limited time to enjoy such a trip budget. many view entertainment, eating well, I was expecting a luxury, which is accessible to everyone. There is a charge for things like drinks bar, tours and other extras, but otherwise a price covers everything.

One can choose a cruise to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe or one of many other places where a sailboat cruise. Many of these trips are cheaper than a hotel room for the same period. Many different tours and other attractions that await one in each port of call. You can STINGRAYS feed, attend special plantations or famous places, picnic sailing and many other ways.

Food is one of the things that many people talk about when they say, their cruising experience. You can get a full meal, served with white linens, crystal and other devices to enjoy by the server with experience in courses or enjoy a meal high bridge buffet. There is always an abundance of food, which is cooked by experienced chefs.

What you find entertainment we enjoy on a cruise. Whether you enjoy karaoke or just quiet piano music you can be found all night. Moreover, there is a Broadway type shows with beautiful costumes and dancers, and in some boats, a theater showing the latest movies as well.

A cruise can be a family affair that cruises have facilities for entertainment of children. These areas are served by efficient staff, no worry of a possible accident relieved parents. Children are entertained with games and activities that keep their attention.

For the person who wants and loves reading, just a pleasure cruise, there is a library on every ship. In the library you can read a book and send it to your convenience. This will sit quietly in a chair on the terrace and completely relax with a book of their choice.

Anyone who wants to can participate in the activities of the platform, which take place every day. There is always a lot of fun for participants and spectators. Other things are also available, such as the bridge, poker, fitness center, spa and other things. Bingo is particularly popular, how many times the price is another cruise.

There are many shops on the boat, offering a wide range of products. In addition there are a number of places to play games and do other things. Do not forget that the casino is on all ships. These include a casino, but on a smaller scale. Did you take his portrait of one of the experts allows the photographer travel souvenir to take his life.

From Paris with love

Paris City of Love”. Not living in Paris once in his life did he want? There is a line in a song called Baz Luhrmann sunscreen is “live in the city of New York, but leave before it makes you hard, once living in northern California, but withdraws before you tender. ” I think it’s for Paris is perhaps the saying should be “once lived in Paris, but leave before you also French,” unless, of course French.

Paris has attracted a magic about it, people. What about this special city? Is the idea that the French are very romantic? Couple hand in hand along the Seine, sharing the bread, wine and cheese in the beautiful green areas on foot, hugging on park benches in winter, whispering in each other coffees! Or is that so incredibly attractive sound when they speak French?

I’m not sure, but whatever it is, I would like once to live my life in Paris. Paris has all the romantic attractions for me, I could imagine myself as a little walk in the streets, shopping in galleries or Lafeyette Avenue Montaigne and Faubourg Saint-Honoré for the cream of the cream. Left Bank or the right bank, which will have a ball.

Bonsoni-Cholet-Rattan-2-Seater-Lounger-Day-Bed-Set-In-Black-Super-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30Then there is the Louvre (could take complete your stay in Paris in claim come through), the Musée d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou. The park is very well preserved, the breath away and you can spend hours lying just loungers while life passes, elegant gardens of Luxembourg or Place des Vosges, located in the Marais district, in fashion and especially the Versailles castle is opulent, imaginative and luxurious, the gardens cover more than 800 hectares – with forests, ponds, fountains and statues. Picnic is definitely one of the best Parisian past moments I’ve ever met.

Then you have to look flea markets to cafes experience and tea shops, street markets, and not least the architectural wonders of the Eiffel Tower, the Opera, the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, City of Science and Industry and Notre Dame, to name a few. Oh Paris, call.

This is certainly not where it stops, such as living in Paris will give the rest of France to access, so Paris could take a year or two, and then there is the rest of the country to experience.
True good reasons to want to be an expatriate in Paris!

But what Paris will cost you if you make a career change to decide? What wins and what would have to earn to live in Paris and nightclubs?

Use SPPP Xpatulator.com team that determines how much is gained in Paris, with the cost of living, difficulties and differences in exchange rates in order to compensate have the same power outputs, and therefore have a standard Similarly, live where you live now. If you live, for example, in New York and earn $ 100,000 he needs to win in Paris to have the same purchasing power?


he purchasing power parity of wages
The application of differential costs for life on the basis of what is charged in salary, and the difference in difficulty, and the difference in exchange rates Xpatulator calculation is as follows:
Home / store 100,000.00US current content dollar (USD)
+ Cost of difference for 4.9121% $ 4912.08 (USD)
0% difference difficulty + 0.00 US dollars (USD)
Overall 104,912.08US Dollar (USD)
exchange rate of 0.7186 x

Contained in a host / New location – 75,389.82 euros (EUR)

That is, on the basis of all the above factors, a salary of 75,389.82 euros (EUR) France, Paris would have to have the same standard of living, enjoying time in the United States, New York, New York with a salary of 100,000 00 US dollar (USD). This content is similar to the total cost of the difference of 4.9121% live, with 0% difference in hardness and the exchange rate.

And the game to end the new Baz:
Do not feel guilty if you do not know what to do with your life ….. the most interesting people I did not know 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 who still do not know make.

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