Essential Items You Should Bring Along During An Evacuation

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Even without a survival guide Lee, you may have recently heard a lot about survival bags and kits error. The truth is that most new accidents and disasters happening around the world, most people find this survival bags. Emergency bags are designed for critical situations, or in situations where you have to think very little time and even less time to collect all the things you need to evacuate to a safer place. Some people like to keep the kits near the entrance or to evacuate the vehicle at any time to be ready.

Tips for making your survival kit
1. light and heat resources
Always assume that you do not have a steady supply of electricity when you leave your home because of a natural disaster. In this sense, we can with different plans come to you with lighting and heating supply. Get the lights are battery powered, waterproof matches and flint. Keep batteries and parties in airtight plastic containers.
2. ponchos, jackets and a change of clothes
The clothes that you are perfect products for the home to pack in their survival kits. These garments must be able to protect themselves from the rain and cold, and can function as a pillow when the weather is warm. You should never forget a change of clothes to close, especially socks and underwear. Plastic wrap to keep dry rainwear.
Wear neon as cyclists wear to be detectable for motorists. If you evacuate on foot, that they are important to their welfare.
3. Provisions and water
It is proposed for individual use of a bottle containing distilled water in the kit. But if you are with your family safe, which can carry more it is carries one or two gallons of distilled water in order to drink the whole family. energy drinks are not recommended because they are diuretics.
trail mix and energy bars are excellent as emergency food. Anything to keep well without refrigeration and small enough to fit in the kit can be used.
4. refuge
Whether a small umbrella or tarp for two, make sure you have something against the rain and cold only if you have to sleep outside to defend. waterproof tents are recommended for this purpose. You can tilt with silicon spray a food as the most sustainable resistance. A test of water are added to the bags for children, while the larger leaves can be carried by young people.
5. cutting knife
jungle knife is needed to cut the rope, preserves and open for self-protection. You also need to make a fire when the flint is used instead of games. Adults should be carrying the knife in their pockets.
6. First Aid Bag
The kit contains remedy for headaches, abdominal pain and for the treatment of wounds. You should stock up on bandages and cotton balls. a track prepared for the case someone slips and breaks a bone. Your first aid kit should also include hypersensitivity pills if someone is allergic to your family to dust or other contaminants. Medicines for high blood pressure should be added to your first aid kit, when a person suffers from hypertension in your family. The same is true for other conditions that require maintenance tablets.

Do You Have Enough Evidence To Claim Against Your Accident Insurance?

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? Or have you driven from the accident site, where you look in the closet scrape people or take their bags looking for a pen and paper of this information. If you have been involved in an accident, you know, the shock felt at this time, it is difficult to think logically and get all the details you’ll need later to contact the person or have enough evidence when the case is taken to court.

Take the victim, provides every month for a minimum amount that you are covered by a large part of the expenses, but media companies, many insurance companies are trying to do everything legally possible to get any insurance claim paid. So the question is, even if you have an accident, you have to do in the scene to make sure you have all the elements you need both to decide a claim and use in court. In this article we will examine some of the things, databases that can be done in place, you could save thousands.

Start with the basics; Make sure that you prepared a working pen and a piece of paper track in the closet. It is important that you take the details of the other person, such as name, phone number, email address and registration number. Although witness at the scene, it is also important to get your information if the case goes to court.

If you have a digital camera or practice on your phone, use it! Take pictures of the damage to two cars and lane markings on the road and if other items were damaged, such as walls, lampposts and telephone poles. This is useful when there are differences, such as accident or what was damaged. Thus, insurance companies do not deny responsibility.

“I suggest you keep the notebook, pen and insurance documents in an envelope or bag, so I look all in one place and not to the ups and downs of these things.”

Accident insurance is that global security you need when accidents happen, but it is also important to do your part and collect enough information for you so that you can easily settle your claim or you may get your money elsewhere. At times it is unlikely that you will be able to think quickly, it is best to be prepared.

Led High-power Street Lamp Technology

the LED street lights of large-scale applications, the general concept that still needs some time. but really I think the LED lamp technology matured. Welcome to correct me.

Tell LED lamps (which actually is all LED lighting), not justify a large-scale application of the following three they are:
1 streetlights LED light output has not yet reached the level of sodium;
2, the lifespan of LED street lamps;
3 Photometric LED street lights is not ideal.


LED lamps are spoken, many people leave the controller index screen LED color as the color index high density sodium LED display much and may by public LED lighting as a standard, called independent to the standard LED street reduces lamps change, in fact, Macro Shang see hope actually sent Yu environmental change, and I think also be the current standard street lighting no change is required. It was completely replaced another reality of LED light only in the area of LED lighting efforts of the people themselves.

  • light output problems:
    First sodium light effect is high, I see a little more of the units lumen sodium food products are above 110 and well in LED 90lm / W do nothing more energy efficient. but if the efficiency of the lamp comparison, conclusions on the fact, rather than a. for general lighting are 360 omnidirectional uniform brightness, and the brightness of the LED is directional, is usually 180 from inside, so the difference is not the lamp of it. sodium lamp or conventional light output of the lamp lighting the lamp is usually 60%, LED lamps can reach 90% lighter. The effective light weighted sodium streetlights can 66Lm / street light LED lamp 80lm W and really get a / W

Second, because it is a course lamppost the only waterfall on the ground of light that continues to flow down the street you will see that the national minimum standards H = Weff example, sodium lamps better utilization coefficient of 0.3 is required, [url =] driver [/ url], if the duty cycle LED 0.8, then the current output LED light, 110W LED street lights in the box filled with sodium replaced 250W if the cost of the real technical factors into consideration to design drawn 1.2Weff words generally consistent with H =, LED lamps 250W 100W sodium, this stage will be replaced on the implementation in May. to reach 60%, while the level of energy saving has sufficient energy saving effect. 0.8 coefficient LED lamps This view of the distribution of staff street lighting design foundation, it is actually not difficult.

  • life issues:
    If you said that the life of the LED lamp of 100,000 hours or 50,000 hours, 30,000 hours, which is rather disbelieve, but remember that you are asked you ask how, if known, who had even heard when they say they are it has been measured, must be made not to test the number of hours of data for the Foundation because now I definitely do not want anyone million hours had meter test this, the future is impossible a silly way because it is not necessary. 1000 hours of data will tell you it does not matter, because a lot of tubes LED light output is increased to 1,000 hours. controller and, of course, LED, while the tube. Now the time of the test is international life 1000 + 5000 hours 1000 hours Yiqian for stability time data Hou 5000 hours life calculation according to the proof of life of over 5,000 hours of less than 5000 hours within the expected curve out of the calculation of thrust. us real test 1 + 5,000 hours of light lost 2.2% and is linear, if we consider a certain margin, which are standard products for 5,000 hours of light failure 2.5% to 50% off effect of light, the momentum life is 100,000 hours 70% of the photosynthetic efficiency of life expectancy is 60,000 hours.

But whatever the 50% meets 70% Calculation of life are not important, in fact, most of science for many national by the method used is kept low as a rule is not seen practically remained life. As maintained Go to 20LX, when it is expected that initial streetlights median average load as fast 30LX offers light effects estimate the life of 66%, so that the calculation of lifetime is 66,000 hours is. LED control when control lamp after midnight, in real time up to 100,000 hours. recognize, of course, we can really have time to wait 25 years before they know.

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