Facts about English Garden and Good hotels in Costa Rica

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Bonsoni-Morpeth-Rattan-Arm-Sofa-Corner-Unit-In-Cappuccino-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30If you like nature, with its fragrant flowers, ornamental plants, shrubs and trees, you may like to establish a flower garden in the backyard of your home where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air and people close to you. It is no secret that the flowers add beauty in our lives that are very important, not only for those who are lovers of flowers, but also for those who work in a noisy, crowded cities, where the environmental impact of pollution, however, if you want to make a beautiful flower garden and give a picturesque view, then you might be happy to discover some facts about traditional English gardens.

The first thing to know is that these gardens that provide real combinations of flowers and ornamental plants, large natural landscapes that every garden can give a beautiful view, but organized. These gardens are also known as Roman gardens, since they were created first by the Roman conquerors of Britain. You should know that the first of these gardens were designed by the symmetrical patterns to plant flowers and low box hedges.

Today, people can easily create their own English garden created by different tips and ideas found in the specialized websites that can compete gardeners offering different options on how to improve the overall appearance of their gardens.
What you should know is that this type of garden full of greenery is the creation of different types of flowers, decorative and aromatic plants, shrubs and trees, the royal gardens landscapes.

A common aspect of all kinds of English gardens is the presence of pink. Fortunately, because these flowers in various colors and sizes, one can easily make his / her choice in the type of roses to plant and grow in their gardens. Roses are also chosen to beautify the garden fences with their climbing styles. The landscape colorful and fragrant flowers are placing great decorative items in the garden as well, thanks to the fine screens give. The channels are also important in this type of garden and usually follow the sinuous lines.
Last but not least, objects ornamental garden as tables of metal or wood and chairs, benches, fences, ponds and statues of the things you should not miss to place in your English garden, since embellish both the look of your garden and make functional space.

Bonsoni-Marrakesh-Lounge-Rattan-Armchairs-(Set-Of-2)-In-Cappuccino-(Flex)-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30Costa Rica After the visit, I have compiled a list of hotels that are worth mentioning. This list is not exhaustive and far from complete, there are very few hotels I’ve been in one or had to deal with pleasure.

Arenal Volcano Inn
Arenal Volcano Inn is 6.5 km north of the Catholic Church in the city of La Fortuna. Arenal is a must for a holiday in Costa Rica destination. Many hotels surround the Arenal Volcano, but few offer such well planned and distributed rooms as Arenal Volcano Inn. Distributed on a hill, surrounded by nature to ensure guests a breathtaking view of the Arenal Volcano. The rooms are warm and welcoming guests comfort and tranquility while enjoying the beauty that surrounds them.

Hotel Grano de Oro
Located on a quiet street just off Paseo Colón, the Hotel Grano de Oro an oasis in the heart of the city. Converted from a Tropical Victorian mansion, the hotel maintains the warmth and comfort of a private residence.

The Grano de Oro gardens are both internally and externally. A rooftop terrace offers a relaxing jacuzzi and a place to sunbathe and contemplate the isolated stars. The service is of the utmost importance, and the staff always smiling Grano de Oro welcomes time and back home.

Mawamba Lodge
Mawamba Lodge is located in the northeastern region of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica on a sandbar between the Tortuguero Canals and the Caribbean, with an excellent location, direct access to the pristine beach and the channels available to them .

Nestled in the lush rainforest, this is the ideal place for nature lovers and the perfect place place to discover the wonders of Tortuguero National Park. The Lodge is a beachfront property of 15 acres on the right side of Tortuguero, offering a beautiful view of the Laguna Tortuguero and channels they offer.

Monteverde Lodge
. Tilarn located on the mountain chain at 4600 feet above sea level on the edge of the best known of the low cloud mountain forest in the world, experience Monteverde Lodge traveler.Guests essential destination for demanding nature Monteverde Lodge can enjoy the gardens ferns and bromeliads; providing a stream, a pond and small waterfall habitat for shorebirds and a variety of reptiles and amphibians birds. carefully placed benches provide a comfortable place, offer privacy and / or panoramic views of the cottage for wildlife viewing, reading, writing, or just to drive only time
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Punta Islita Resort
Guanacaste is one of the richest cultural regions of Costa Rica. His artistic, culinary and musical traditions are rooted in three different ethnic currents, Hispanic, African and indigenous Chorotega. His aesthetic influence is reflected in the architectural sculpture, ceramics, furniture, and the garden of the Hotel Punta Islita.

Hotel Punta Islita is a secluded paradise of spectacular ocean views, charming luxury, and exciting underscored by a genuine commitment to responsible tourism activities. Discover an enticing variety of environments and perfect facilities for outdoor dining, relaxation, soft adventure, exploring authentic cultures, and beach activities.

Rafiki Safari Lodge

Rafiki is a project Tented Camp luxury wilderness and conservation focused on adventurous sustainable tourism. The hostel is located in the jungle 842 morning along the Savegre River, 30 km south of Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Customers can see a variety of activities such as rafting, horseback riding to waterfalls horseback riding, hiking and bird world class. You do not have to be an avid bird watcher or eco-tourism to enjoy this unique home and natural beauty.

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